August 10, 2006

War Videos

That you just don't see elsewhere. I don't know who this person is, but he or she, via Youtube, has some of the best videos that I have seen.

See Green Helmet direct the "Tragedy of Qana" This is from Germany.
He also has films of "innocent civilians" and their missles.
And many more.
Watch and learn.
(I love his titles)
He has 18 different films.

Check 'em out.

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July 31, 2006

Australian Man Documents Truth

Here are photos smuggled out of Lebanon by a journalist showing how Hezzbullah forces use residential areas as their launching points endangering the citizens of Lebanon as well as of course taking aim at Israel.

I don't understand how the world can blame Israel for striking back at those who are trying to kill her. Yes children and women were killed. Who put them there? Who is to blame?

Israel is fighting against terrorist whose only purpose is destruction. They don't care who gets killed or injured. They put their most precious gifts in the line of fire and then scream when they are killed, secretly glad for more ammunition for their propaganda war. A win-win situation for the terrorist---if the world allows it.

To stop this war before these murderers are caught would be like dousing part of the fire with water and part with gasoline.

I've no love of war; but I do not want to see my grandsons having to fight the same fight because the world refuses to stand against evil. The job is in our hands. Either help us eliminate this evil or stand back and let us do it.

Eliminating the terrorist is the only way.

Don't buy into their propaganda. Demand that Hezzbullah stop using their citizens as shields. Do not condemn Israel when mistakes are made or when innocent human beings are given up as sacrifices to their cause. Harsh as it may seem pity will lead to more, not less of these deaths, for they have found their weapon in the soft hearts of others and will continue to use it...using children, their own or the children of their neighbors, as nothing more than things.

Stop the pity, condemn the maddness by condemning the terrorist and they will stop, having lost their weapon, having in fact their weapon turned against them. And children at least, will be a little bit safer.

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July 30, 2006

Another Video....

Many have asked, if the war in Lebanon and in the Gaza strip was over three soldiers. Maybe it is over one terrorist, Samir Kuntar, the viscious murderer of a four year old girl who was first subject to the witnessing the murder of her father.This man seems to have a point.

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Another Important Video: What You Might Not Have Heard re: Qana

Hezbullah using the citizens of Kfar Qana as shields.

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Another Important Video: What You Might Not Have Heard re: Qana

Hezbullah using the citizens of Kfar Qana as shields.

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Bring Me His Head on a Silver Platter

We were talking, a group of women, about the war, would any group of Israelis not talk about the war at some point? And one of the women said "I wouldn't mind being brought Nashralla's head on a silver platter."

I heartily agreed; at first. Then I thought--- how much better it would be for us and the world to see him charged as the mass murderer he is---costing the lives of Jewish citizens and Lebanese citizens. How much better for the world to see him put on trial and evidence brought out to bear against his vilness, that everyone sees his cruelty, his inhumanity not only to his enemies, but to those whom he supposedly loves. How vile the man that would deliberately place babies and the elderly, the weak and the poor in the way of danger as a publicity stunt, for that is all it really is to him. A way to get him accolades, a way to turn the world against Israel. Those who are wise will protest his actions and demand he be punished for his evil.

Too many however fall into his plan and, either because they are fools or because they simply hate Israel make demands on Israel that is contrary to her health.

Those who want to protect the lives of the innocent will wage a protest, and a continous protest, against the tactics of Hamas and Hezzbullah for the deliberate attacks against civilian populations and the continued use of their own civilians as shields to launch attacks.

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July 26, 2006

Update on Last Post

Wow...this Walid is amazing, truly amazing. He states "We must stop this cycle of peace" because it send the wrong message to the terrorists. It lets them know if we do evil we will get more.

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July 16, 2006

Live Blogging the War

For up-to-date and well written about the current war in Israel head at Jblogging, LIve blogging the war

I can only give you what Arutz sheva/Y-net/Jpost tells you and my sons tell me. These folks have additional sources that I, with my mediocre Hebrew don't have. Keep up with what is happening via Jblogging...

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Just Trying To

Stay on top of the news and keep up with my boys.

The Agent, who is 19 and in Nahal Charedi, the religous arm of the Israeli army, was woken up early in the morning ON SHABBAT and, together with his unit, moved to a different base. They don't move Nahal Charedi on Shabbat unless great need, but he isn't near any of the fighting yet. The other son, The Wit has been moved up north, but not near the border.

It is odd; I hear nothing and see nothing where I live (close to Jerusalem.) It is all happening somewhere else at the moment and I feel very guilty that my life is continuing as normal and others are suffering so much.Many in the north are living in a shelter or remaining close to home and shelters which makes life extremely difficult, especially during the summer time when children should be able to run free.

Instead we are bottled down in a war that could be over 1, 2, 3. Return our soldiers, stop firing on us, dismantle the terrorist organizations.'

We pull back and out.

End of story.

I am glad that the foreign nationalists are being evacuated. I want as many innocents safe as possible. It also makes it easier for Israel to defeat her enemies. The less innocents that could get in the way, or be used as human sheilds or be deliberately killed in a publicity ploy by the Hizbullah the better.

On the actual homefront, homefront, we are enduring an attack of our own. ANTS. Blasted creatures. We have sprayed but the spray is ineffective. We don't want the heavy duty high powered knock em dead kind of spray (ie having an exterminator come in) because the reports on such measures seem to indicate a need for US to leave the house for at least a week. Three days was not enough to avoid the smell according to one family. And we have the cat and kittens to think about. So we are attacking them in bits and pieces, hoping they'll figure out we aren't going to let them alone. Natural repellent ideas anyone? The kinds that will leave the kitties to grow in peace? Barring that; anyone want to host a family of four to six, depending on when the boys are home, plus four cats?

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July 14, 2006

What's up with us

Well I guess just read the news. We are not in the north and there are no bombs flying here, but I've two sons in the army and yeah I'm worried. One was briefly moved to the Lebanese border but then moved down south again. The other is in a state of readiness.

I'm praying for the safety of my sons and the rest of those in Israel. I'm not doing anything different than millions of other moms and dads.

I want my sons safe, but I also want this threat stopped and now, or no one will ever be safe.

So...I just want Israel to go in and do what she has to do and not worry or give a damn about the opinion of any country/leader or other being, except for G-d.

My Hashem protect us and defend us.

That is my prayer and that is where we are.

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July 04, 2006

So What Is the World Hearing?

I really want to know what is the world at larges take on the kidnapping of Gilead and Israel's measures against the continued bombing of our country by those of the peaceful religion, as well as the attempt to save Gilead's life. What does the rest of the world have to say about it?

I know I'll puke if I hear another idiot ask Israel to restrain herself. Notice any other country "restraining" themselves when they are under attack? And look how far away many of them are from their enemies...

Has the Egyptian t.v. show promoting anti-semitism and child martyrdom been covered? The Kassam rocket that hit Ashkelon?

So what is everyone hearing on the news?

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June 29, 2006

Israel's Response

I am actually finding myself admiring Olmert for his actions; I detest the man in general and feel most of his policies are wrong, this is the way to go. Don't stop until our son of Israel is back safe in Israel, and do not release any of those who are responsible for his kidnapping and death's of our other two soliders, who have left behind grieving relatives and friends.

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June 22, 2006

It's a Dog's Life

Dogs in Israel take note. You are now protected from the wrath of a frightened police officer.
Especially if you are cute.

maybe we could extend that rightwing Israeli citizens, like those in Amona....

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June 13, 2006


Has anyone heard an apology from all those quick to condemn Israel for the deaths on Gaza beach, now that it turns out the Palestinans are at fault? Still hear the term war criminal in relationship to these deaths?

Israel did launch an attack on a car bearing Katyusha rockets which were on their way to being launched against Israel. Supposedly among the dead were two children, but, oddly, there is no mention, or even hint of the children's ages, and as the report of the children's death comes from the Palestinians...well, it could be. It is also not clear where the children were; in the car (and if so why for heaven's sake?) or outside the car when the second missle landed?

And I find it strange that some are labeling this as a failed air strike. Exactly what was the failed part?

If civilians died, especially children, it is indeed very sad. The solution is for the Arab civilians living in Gaza to tell the terrorist to stop using them as human shields and to stop launching attacks against Israel and her citizens in the first place.

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January 24, 2006

The Long Arm Of Justice

Has reached out and grabbed this vicious miscreant.

Hevron news, the police were finally able to apprehend,
yesterday, a long-wanted fugitive from justice - the 14-year-old
daughter of a long-time Hevron family. The girl has been wanted in
connection with an egg-throwing incident of about a year ago, yet the
police have not been able to find her - despite several early-morning
violent searches of the family home. Wilder said, "A half year ago,
someone threw eggs at Arabs and did not hit anyone, and she was seen
shortly afterwards coming down the stairs, so they issued a warrant for
her arrest."

This afternoon, she was released from prison. Her father, David
Shir-el, told Arutz-7, "The police claimed that they were looking for
her for six months, when in fact they only began a month ago - and then
they came five times! They came at 6 AM and turned over drawers,
closets, and more - all merely to humiliate us. My children put up
signs all over the house with arrows saying, 'Maybe she is here.' Now,
because of that, a policeman told me privately that they are
considering putting me on trial for interfering with police work..."

The police demanded that that the girl be remanded for five weeks,
until her trial begins. "The police ignored my guarantee to be
responsible that she shows up for the trial," Shir-el said, "but
luckily the judge didn't. The police then demanded that we pay a
deposit, but I refused, and thank G-d, they gave in on that as well."

Phew, I'm so relieved.

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December 26, 2005

Israel & Euthanasia

Meira Online did an excellent two part piece on Israel and Euthanasia. Part one here. Part two here. Go read.

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December 22, 2005

Eli Cohen

While I was working this morning I listened to a most interesting program on Arutz Sheva, about Eli Cohen, whose bravery led to our victory in the Golan Heights during the Six Day War. He worked as a spy in Syria, was eventutally found out and hung on May 18th 1965. His body was never returned to Israel, to his wife, his family.

I can not do the story justice. I urge you to read the Arutz Sheva article, listen to the Tovia Singer program. read the information on the website dedicated to his memory and sign the pettition to release his body back to his loved ones and his beloved country.

It is time, way past time, for Eli to come home.

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December 21, 2005

If You Keep Doing That We're Going to Turn Off Your Electricity


With three Kassam attacks against Ashkelon in recent days from Gaza, Israel threatened to turn of Gaza's electricity for two hours - but then realized that the hospital there has no generators.

So if you keep doing that we'll just bluster and blow and tell you were are going to do something but then take it back.

HERE THIS. ROCKET ATTACKS ARE AN OUT OF WAR. If the gazans ill and injured die because their leaders aren't willing to stop attacking Israel, IT IS THEIR LEADERS FAULT!!!

Turn off the electricity and tell the world if they don't like it YELL AT THE PA.
Not us.

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December 19, 2005

Know Thy Enemy

I have a powerpoint presentation sent to me by Tamar Jonah from the Tamar Jonah show on Arutz Sheva. Unfortunately, aside from forewarding it to you, I don't know how you can see it. I will forward it to anyone who asks; or if someone has the knowledge of how I can upload it here, please lmk. HOWEVER: only for those over the age of 18 and who can stomach some sick stuff concerning the behaviour of the Palestinian people. I won't be able to watch. It is important stuff though; you have to know what these people are capable of; it is beyond the norm. I don't even want to tell you here in this place...though I will in an individual letter; though be patient. I have a tremendous amount of work. I think it would be fine to post the presentation on your own blogs as well. Tamar is sending it out to anyone who asks.

my e-mail is up there. or just leave a comment and a request...or info on how I can put it on my blog.

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Wishing Sharon

A Refuah Shelamah. I might not like the man but I didn't wish him a stroke.

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November 24, 2005

Thanks but No Thanks

Alternately known as "we prefer the Jews". Or maybe "leftist go home!"

Hevron Arabs Ask Jews For Help in Banishing Leftist Activists
16:19 Nov 23, '05 / 21 Cheshvan 5766
By Ezra HaLevi

Arab leaders in Hevron have contacted the city’s Jewish leaders for help in getting rid of self-proclaimed anarchist volunteers who, they complain, are destroying their traditional way of life.

The anarchists, many of whom are members of the International Solidarity Movement, flock to flashpoints throughout Judea and Samaria, ostensibly to help PA Arabs contend with IDF closures and protect them from harassment. In actuality, many of the volunteers seek confrontations with IDF soldiers and local Jewish residents, taking advantage of their Western passports to cause havoc – knowing that, at worst, they will be deported, not jailed.

The local Arabs in the Hevron region whom the activists claim to be helping are now complaining that the American and European students behave in a provocative and offensive manner in Hevron’s public areas. The Arabs say the activists disrespect the moral norms and standards of the local population.

Several local Arab residents told the Kol Ha’Ir newspaper that the activists have been exposing the local youths to drug use and sexual promiscuity.

One interviewee told Kol Ha’Ir that the volunteers show a disregard for the religious norms of the local villages and teach the local youth to reject and disrespect the traditions of their forefathers. "These anarchists come here and undermine the education we give our children. At first we took them in with hospitality - after all, they claimed they wanted to help us, so why kick them out? But very quickly they infuriated me with their lewd behavior."

In a bid to rid the region of the anarchists, local Arab leaders approached representatives of the Jewish community in Hevron – a rare, but not unheard of occurrence – in order to find a solution. The two sides agreed to have Arabic-speaking Jewish observers along Hevron’s main thoroughfares to replace the anarchists in ensuring calm between the city’s Jewish and Arab populations. The left-wings activists would then be informed by the local Arab population that they appreciate their offer to help, but that they are no longer needed.

Hevron spokesman Noam Arnon confirmed the arrangement to Arutz-7, saying that the new replacement observers will be acceptable to local Arabs. He added that the international anarchists came to Hevron come from Western cultures steeped in sexual lewdness and depravity, permissiveness, and drug use. "Their presence in Hebron serves to inflame violence because they are seeking to create provocations and encourage violence," Arnon said.

He added that the observers end up causing more trouble for the local Arab population, by antagonizing soldiers and brazenly leading local Arabs in between Jewish homes.

Arnon recalled a specific incident in which an Arab woman tried to stab an IDF soldier with a knife. The soldiers grabbed her, but were attacked by a group of anarchist volunteers who tried to free the woman and take the knife out of her hand and hide it.

In recent months, Jewish organizations have also come to Hevron to stand up to the anarchist activists. The Jewish activists investigate the anarchists regarding their entry to Israel and strengthen the morale of the soldiers in withstanding attacks by leftist extremists.

Click here for our free Daily News Report from Israel

Published: 15:30 November 23, 2005
Last Update: 16:19 November 23, 2005

So I wonder if the International Solidarity Movement puts out that information in their lovely self-promoting talks? Want to know the truth about them? click here

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November 22, 2005

Booray for Pallywood

This is the best site I've seen so far which documents how the news from this region is so carefully corruted. It is about how what you see is not necessarily the truth, certainly not the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

The site is new, and therefore there are some "empty" pages. But it is well worth the read.

Do watch the movie. Do view the site.

Hat tip: The Wit

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November 16, 2005

So How are those Refugees Doing?

You know, those brave souls whose lives have been turned upside down so that the Palestinians can have their own country and maybe, if they end up liking us a little bit more will kill us less?

Not well.

The government is just hoping these people fall away, neve to be heard of again.
They lost their lands, their homes, their livelihood, so Sharon can get pats on the back and have Rice only put "gentle" pressure on him to make more concessions to our killers.

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November 14, 2005

But It's There In Black and White!

Eye on the Post exposes some of the media bias behind many recent news stories.

It makes a very good read.

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October 30, 2005

Another 16 year old Needs Our Help

16 year old Tziviya Sariel has been in jail now for 2 months for protesting the expulsion of Jews from their homes and having the audacity to call for judgement by a Rabbinical court rather than a secular court.

A petition on her behalf can be found here.

Where are the world wide protests? Condelezza Rice, have you nothing to say? Amnesty International, here's your chance. Feminist? Leftist?

Come on, voices ON.

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October 17, 2005

So What is Behind The Expulsions

According to Mozeman's Blues cupidity. Avarice. Greed. The worshiip of money.

I'm sickened. I think she has a valid point. Realize that those who lost thier homes, while getting compensation, are still paying off their mortgages (those who were renting do not receive any benefits) and her assessment makes clear a lot of issues that had been troubling me.

It brings to mind something I learned in this last weeks parsha; we enjoy the beauty and wealth of Israel when we keep the Torah. But when we worship false gods, and I see "Hollywood and gold" as false gods, we are invaded. G-d will never desert us, and this land will once again be ours forever, but how we punish ourselves with our denial of what G-d wants us to do.

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September 28, 2005

And Of Course

Found all over probably, it is in several of my google alerts. This one is from the San Diego Union Tribune. Emphasis mine. Really, do I need to add anything?

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israeli aircraft unleashed a barrage of missiles early Wednesday and fired artillery into the Gaza Strip for the first time, pushing forward with an offensive despite a pledge by Islamic militants to halt their recent rocket attacks against Israel.

Doesn't an offensive imply you go forth first? Unprovoked?

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September 18, 2005

So Did This Get Printed in Your Newspaper?

(first seen on all4Israel on livejournal)Riot in Taybeh: It started with forbidden love, and ended with murder and mayhem.

And the IDF should have intervened. Pronto.

BY THE WAY: There will be those who would argue that if the IDF did interfere the world would have raised a hue and cry, regardless of the outcome.
I agree. Furthermore, there are those who would argue that the Palestinians, confronted by the IDF may have acted even more violently, deliberatly trying to provoke a death or causing a death and then blaming it on Israel. That is also a possiblity, and could be one reason the IDF held off.

However, I don't believe in caring about what the world thinks. We are damned if we do and damned if we don't so lets just do the right thing, which, in this case would be interfering.

As for predicting a worse outcome; as I said, it could have happened. But then again it may not, and we must, not being seers, act on the information we have at hand. It could very well be that there was additional information that I don't know and that is why the IDF stayed out; I don't know, and I apologize if that is the case.

But as it stands now, it seems they should have interfered. No matter what the world would have said later.

It does make it harder to intervene however, knowing you'll get flack no matter what you do.

As far as what the Palestinian Muslims did:`

This stuff disgust me, it really does.

Tell me the truth, are these people you'd like living next door to you?

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September 16, 2005

How Low Can He Go?

Sharon just keeps sinking into the depths of stupidy, greed and humilation; toadying up to the world, like a scorned lover accepting even a kick as a statement of love.

And he has the gall to equate himself with G-d!

"Relinquishing any part of our forefathers' legacy is heartbreaking, as difficult as the parting of the Red Sea. Every inch of land, every hill and valley, every stream and rock, is saturated with Jewish history, replete with memories."
Fool! He walks backward; if he keeps going in the direction he is going he'll hand us over to the Egyptians as slaves.

But of course this isn't good enough for the Arabs who left the building(in the midst of the above article.), or the Palestinians who are disappointed he didn't offer Israel up to them on a silver platter.

Fool, fool, fool, fool!!!

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September 02, 2005


I received this article in my e-mail. I am so throughly and completely disgusted by the Israeli government now. What is with our government? They let terrorist go home, why not this woman?

Reprinted below for your convience.(via Voice of Judea)

Please consider signing the pettition and helping if you can.

Meet Israel's youngest inmate - 9-month-old Miriam

by Moshe Ben Israel

The Youngest Israeli prisoner – 9 month old Miriam Medad

Etti Medad of Hebron, mother of nine and grandmother of two was arrested last month with three of her children, nine-month-old Miriam, two year-old David, and five-year-old Yehuda, after she refused to appear in court for her second retrial on charges of participating in an illegal protest against the destruction of Livnat Ozeri's house on Hill 26 in Hebron, two years ago. Etti and her nine-month-old baby remain in prison together for the duration of the trial - something that may take many months.

The fact that Etti was tried and found not guilty of these very same charges in the past, as well as the fact that the case was again closed after it had been reopened a second time has not discouraged the Israeli prosecution from re-opening the case a third time. All of this coupled with the fact that the charges leveled against her are merely misdemeanors have not hampered the prosecution's ability to have Etti and her baby Miriam arrested and detained for the duration of the new trial.

Mishalot Yisrael, the Israeli referendum organization, in conjunction with the group Honenu have embarked upon a national campaign to free Etti and Miriam. Those who wish either to contribute funds to help defray the cost of printing posters and advertising or to help collect signatures demanding their release can contact Mishalot Yisrael at 0544876709 or send a donation to Mishalot Yisrael – POBOX 6592 Jerusalem, Israel 91060

To protest online, please visit .

All signatures will be printed out, faxed and delivered to the President and to the Attorney General of Israel. Please distribute and forward this article anywhere you can.

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September 01, 2005

Guess Where My Kids Were Today?

Not here.
We are having a parents strike, voicing our objections to certain decisions that the Department of Education made despite agreements made otherwise.

This could be a good thing if it continues for one more week, as one more week is the duration of my in-laws visit.

This could be a really not so good thing if it continues more than a week. THEY WANT TO BE IN SCHOOL.

Do not ask why they can't be in school anyway, if it is a PARENTS strike. The school is locked. Students who came but did not know they were not suppose to come ended up facing a closed door. What happened to the principle? The teachers?

Don't ask me I just live here.

I just hope the school's starts deferment does not affect the end of school.

(sigh) Oh well. There goes the time alone. At least for a couple of weeks.

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August 22, 2005

The Beginings Of Peace

From YNET (the scrolling news)

Palestinians fire at IDF post in Gush Katif

Palestinians fired at an IDF post near the settlement of Tel Katifa in Gush Katif. No injuries or damage were reported. (Ynetnews)

Molotov cocktails thrown at Israeli vehicles in Ramallah

Two Molotov cocktails were thrown at Israeli vehicles north east of Ramallah, and a burning tire was thrown at an IDF force in the area. No injuries or damage has been reported. (Efrat Weiss)

Well at leat the Palestinian version of peace.

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August 21, 2005

Interesting Tidbit

From Jerusalem Post.

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August 15, 2005

If You Want to REALLY Know What is Happening in Gush Katif

Go here.

I don't know which of these stories tears at me more. Is it Noga Cohen. whose children were left amputees by a terrorist, who tries to calm another mom of 6 after she threatens to kill herself?

A mother who refuses to leave her son's memories behind ? Who is begging to have his room moved as it is?

Has has Sharon's heart hardened so much? Does he honestly think this is the best thing he could do for Israel?
The prayer ceremony at the cemetary, which caused one photographer to break down in tears?

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August 10, 2005

At The Kotel

Praying for our brothers and sisters in Gush Katif, that the disengagement won't go through. Look at the numbers of people who are there, and remember, you aren't seeing everyone.

I have been so out of it I didn't even know this was happening till now.

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July 20, 2005

Heart Divided

My friends are here, my oldest son, the Wit is here, and my heart is between the two of them. My son is guarding one gate. He states the protestors inside are peaceful---for which I'm thankful. Despite all the yelling by the left that the protestors were seeking a civil war, the fact is the vast majority are peaceful citizens. They are not looking to cause trouble. They want this government to be aware that they will not allow this tragedy to occur without action, but they will also not allow themselves to be driven to violence.

And for that I am glad, because I am first and foremost a mom. And nobody better mess with my son.

I wish I were there with the protestors, but I suppose in the end it is better that I am not. It would be too cruel to my son if I were inside, so I will remain outside and continue to pray for everyone.

An added prayer for my son, because he asked for it in a way that will satisfy both our needs, my desire and need for this march to go on, and my son's desire to be someplace other than in the desert for hours over Shabbat in the midst of summer:

Please G-d allow something to happen that endangers no one, and does not disrupt the protest, but allows my son to return home this Shabbat safe and sound.

Okay, so I'm a foolish mom and I'm crying now. But I've been truly blessed. I've the five greatest kids in the world. I don't know how I got so lucky.


The police have opened up a gate and the march is preceeding!!!!

My friend heard wrong. The gates weren't open but they are massing at the gates.

Please pray for everyone's saftey.

I'm bouncing back and forth between the attic where we keep our comptuer, and the t.v. downstairs, and my stomach is just going nuts. I'm really worried for my boy.

PleaseG-d make everything right.


Now send my son home. I want to give him a big hug.

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July 19, 2005

Way To Go Marchers!!!!

Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of all Israel!!!!

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July 18, 2005

Kol HaKavod

And so the march begins.
I couldn't go. But I and others who also could not join the marchers will join together to pray and protest in other ways.

G-d willing this evil decree against our brothers and sisters will not go through.

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Yeshar Koach

Wish I were with you!

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July 15, 2005

I Do Hate It

When people do a much better job about saying what I wanted to say.

Thank you Lynn B for your eloquence.

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Thomas L. Friedman writes, in a NYT editorial today:

One of the London bombers was married, with a young child and another on the way. I can understand, but never accept, suicide bombing in Iraq or Israel as part of a nationalist struggle. But when a British Muslim citizen, nurtured by that society, just indiscriminately blows up his neighbors and leaves behind a baby and pregnant wife, to me he has to be in the grip of a dangerous cult or preacher - dangerous to his faith community and to the world.

For the most part I found the editorial fairly good. However, I take issue with the above statement. The war against Israel has never been about Nationalism, it has been about hatred of Jthe other, including other Muslims who actually wish peace, rather than just mouth the words. Were it really about Nationalism the Palestinians (for example) would have waged war against the Egyptians (Gaza strip) and Jordanins (East Jerusalem. That is what must be understood.

Israel was the merely the start. The acceptance by the world that this was a battle of two nations has allowed this disease of the soul to become stronger. The solution is to stop pandering to the terrorist and to eliminate the disease.

That way everyone, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, can go about their lives with peace.

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July 14, 2005

The Time Has Passed

My sons love video games, as do, I suppose most boys who are around their age. They love them, and I love to watch. And they play and die and play and die endlessly until finally they conquer the game.

This woman had one life. These women and this soldier had one life. They can not begin the game again, and neither can their families. Their families must go on without their loved ones; a parent, a sibling, a child.

The IF has passed Prime Minister Sharon. The Palestinian have had ample time to reign in terror. They have had years of time to find a different path, a way of behaving that diddn't involve blowing up children and grandmothers. (see here for more evidence of Palestinian peace.)

I have one son who will begin his service in August, another son who has just finished training. Most likely my oldest son will end up in Gaza, and and the IDF chief is not sanguine about the expulsion, fearing it will come under fire. I only have two sons and I do not want them hurt. I wish them to grow old, to roll their eyes and sigh at what they see as my foolishness, to do better than I have done as a parent and a human being.

But I am not a liar about life, nor a fool. I do not want my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren to fear what I fear.

I want the terrorism ended. I want my children's children to look back at this time with sad wonder and confusion as to how it could have been like this. I want my children to know peace. Real peace.

The Palestinians have no real motive to reign in their murders of innocents; they are treated like game players, as if they have endless chances to get it right. What do they care for the blustering of the world if the world ends by damning Israel for protecting herself and urging Israel to give up more?

If has passed. If passed a long time ago. Abbas is either unwilling or unable to stop the terrorism. If has passed. Stop these murders from their evil. That is why you are a leader and I am just a mother who worries and cries for her children.

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July 12, 2005

That Nose is Growing


So this item was found on the sink of the third floor men's restroom in the Jerusalem Central Bus station with a note opposed to the disengagement. Obviously those in power would like you to believe that this was left by a disengagement protestor.

Excuse me but who are they kidding?

There is just no way that an item that large and that bulky could have been slipped by the guards posted at every entryway to the central bus station. There are not only human guards with those but security gates that you must walk through and X-ray machines on which to place your packages and bags. And that isn't just one guard per area; there are several guards at each entrance, plus the people behind the X-ray machines for the packages.

Every bag is examined by the machines or the guards. Every person must pass through the machines. The lines are tightly controlled. Both those who enter the building as pedestrians and those who come in as passengers on buses are examined, one by one, as they enter. Folks, even my girls walk through one at a time.

No way, no how could anyone slip that by. If security was that insecure there wouldn't be a bus station in the center of Jerusalem anymore, believe me folks. This took collusion, and not by just one guard, by many people. Because it had to get by not only the guards but the people in the station, the passengers and shoppers, who are aware of these things. This was not something carried in someone's backpack or suitcase.

This was not disengagement proponents.
We aren't that dumb and I hope the rest of the world is not that stupid either.

UPDATES (should have done this yesterday:

COSMIC X and SOCCER DAD also are talking about this issue. (Soccer Dad is discussing a variety of issues as well. Good stuff from both blog masters.)

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The proponents of the disengagement will state that the reason for this action against a large segment of its own population is that it will lead to a safer, more secure Israel, with boundaries that are accepted by the world over. Or they'll tell you that it will thus give Israel the right to wage war against an advesary that has been waging a war against Israel for the last 40 or so years if in fact peace is not maintained. That Sharon is doing it to secure the larger settlement blocks.

Respect, saftey, security. The uprooting of thousands of Jews from the homes they have built, the farms they have developed, the buisnesses created is just weeks away. This is a move that has created tension among the counry, will, if enacted, cause great pain to not only those who are being uprooted but thousands more, who will live with the fear that "they are next" or who will have family members who will need to begin, through no fault or choice of their own, again. Living in caravans, planting land, trying to find a job that will take them at 40 or 50 or 60 years of age. All this pain.

And no guarrantee of gain, no rewards given for this painful action. None whatsover. The converse is in fact true.

Blair points his finger at Israel as the cause of the terrorist attacks in Israel: the old and tired cry of "If it weren't for Israel this wouldn't have happened. Bush contradicts claims Abbas as his new best bud and condemns Israel for normal growth within the settlements. The world raises it voice against Israel demanding further and further concessions, unwilling to even allow for a time of healing before more skin is ripped from our bodies. Stop we are told. Don't grow. Don't develop. We will cut you in half. We will give up more and more and more. Rumors fly, tension is magnified. Sharon lies.

This is not a moral action. They are not being fairly compensated for the loss of their homes and their businesses. They are not being shown how this loss will ensure or at least most likely bring about peace for the nation as a whole. They are being given nothing, without even the right to protest.

But we are told to trust. Don't protest, it just causes problems, it will lead to a civil war. Trust us. It will work out. And if not...what? What right are we given but the right to die? Preferably as peacefully and with as little fuss as we can.

"Go quietly" Sharon pleads. "Die quietly" is the message I get from much of the world.

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The Disengagement

I do believe I linked to this site before, but in case I haven't here is a timeline showing from the Jewish Zionist Education who lived in Gaza and when. This information bears repeating and undetstanding.


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June 28, 2005

Rice Invites the Foxes To Guard The Chickens

via Battilion of Deborah (and when you go scroll down the left side to some wonderful orange pics.

Rice wants four to become seven, and have the Saudis, the Egyptians and occasionally the Jordanians join the quartet to decide issues relating to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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We Can't Do It!

The police, by their own admission, aren't able to block the protest campaign Wednesday. They are throwing their hands up in defeat.

Now add the fiasco with destroying uninhabited buildings, the protest of one soldier on the scene, and the announcement by 12 others that they were decieved and won't take part in further such activities, the refusal of other soldiers to take part in the uprooting of Israeli citizens from their home,not to mention the thousands of people who are moving into the area, and what does that tell you boys and girls about how efficiently and safely the attempt at disengagement is going to proceede?

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June 26, 2005

How Many

How many dead Jews does it take to realize the policy of making concessions to murders, making nice-nice to those who want to destroy us JUST DOESN'T WORK!!!!

Sometimes I think the answer is "all of them." And then the world can be sad that we aren't here anymore.

Meryl did this wonderfully here, as she concluded in her recent post on The Jewish View.

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June 24, 2005

Laugh or Cry (otherwise known as empty threats)

Islamic Jihad threatens to break the cease fire.

To which I say "WHAT CEASE FIRE?"

I don't remember there being one, do you?

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June 23, 2005

More on Pals and Peace

At the very least they could stop showing programs like this on television.
via Arutz Sheva.

PA Television Continues to Teach Children to Become 'Martyrs'
20:10 Jun 22, '05 / 15 Sivan 5765

The Palestinian Authority continues to promote “martyrdom” in its state-produced children’s television programs according to a report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

According to the report, released Wednesday, “Shahada, or death for Allah, has been the backbone of the Palestinian Authority's messages to its children since the start of the terror war in September 2000. Although the number of these messages has been reduced in recent months, the promotion and glorification of child Shahada continues nonetheless, as seen this week on PA TV.”

The report cites a broadcast of a PA TV series named “The Palestinian Diaspora.” The series is presented daily as a factual portrayal of history. Though throughout the series, Israel's creation and ongoing existence has been presented as injustices that must be fought, this past week’s episode honed in on the issue of child martyrdom.

Click here to view the clip from the show

This week’s episode, set in 1956, shows Arabs mourning Israel's existence. A 12-year-old refugee is shown reading his uncle a story he wrote.

“The scene has two explicit messages,” write PMW’s Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook. “[They are:] A child should be willing and anxious to fight and die in order to destroy Israel, [and that] Arab 'refugees' can never resettle, but must 'return' to Israel.”

An excerpt from the clip, broadcast on PA TV on June 16:

[The scene opens with the 12-year-old boy's friend writing, "I shall return" over a map he drew of “Palestine,” covering all of Israel]

12-year-old Arab Boy: "His mother cried and said, 'My son! Swear to me! Don't leave me alone…! I'm afraid you will be killed.'

"Her son said to her, 'Don't cry, my mother! Let me go and fight for the sake of the homeland. The enemy stole our beautiful land… We all must fight in order to redeem the lost paradise… We lived in joy and happiness, until the foreign enemy [Israel] came and expelled us from our land, and we became refugees in tents. But we will return, by Allah's will!'

"His mother told him, 'Farewell, my son. Allah be with you.' He kissed her and left to fight, and fought until he became a Shahid [martyr for Allah]."

The Boy’s Uncle: "...Let me ask you, if they come and tell you, ‘we will give you a very big house, a car, land and money, just resettle!’ Would you agree?"

Boy: "No!"

Uncle: "...the homeland is greater than individual possessions."

Click here for our free Daily News Report from Israel

Published: 20:03 June 22, 2005
Last Update: 20:10 June 22, 2005

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June 22, 2005

Druze Don't Expell Jews

Via World Net Daily

(the title is from Arutz Sheva radio)

It isn't just us "nuts" who are anti-disengagment.

Gaza withdrawal 'victory for terrorism'
Arab politician blasts evacuation plan as strategic mistake
Posted: April 13, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2005

Ayoob Kara

JERUSALEM – Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to evacuate Jewish communities from Gaza and parts of the West Bank this summer is seen by Palestinians as a victory for terrorism and will result in further withdrawals from other Israeli cities, including Jerusalem, Arab Knesset member Ayoob Kara told WorldNetDaily yesterday in an exclusive interview.

"The withdrawal is going to be terrible for Israeli security. Hamas is going to become dominant as soon as Israel leaves Gaza, and they will use the land to stage more attacks against Israel," said Kara, a Druze Arab member of Sharon's Likud party.

You think the guy might know what he is talking about?

Kara, the first non-Jewish Likud Knesset member, has become a vocal opponent of the Gaza disengagement the past few months, lobbying other Israeli politicians against the plan, explaining he thinks it is a strategic mistake on many levels.

"Aside from Hamas taking over, there are so many other problems with the disengagement," said Kara. "Like what about a final settlement with the Palestinians? Why would they ever want to reach a peace agreement when we are just giving them the land for nothing? There wont be much left to bargain about."

Remember the old phrase: who would buy the cow if the milk is free? Only here, not only do they get the milk, but they demand the calf and the horse as well..

Kara agreed with the assessments of most critics of the Gaza evacuation that Palestinian groups will view the Israeli retreat as a vindication for terror tactics.

"Hamas is already telling their supporters that Israel leaving Gaza is because of their terrorism, so they are thinking terrorism works," said Kara.

A confidential Hamas memo written by Dr. Mahmoud al-Zahar, Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, and obtained last summer by WorldNetDaily, stated the terror group views Sharon's unilateral withdrawal as a capitulation to terror and is planning to continue its "armed struggle" against the Jewish state until "all territories" are in Palestinian hands.

"The withdrawal, if it is implemented, is an important achievement by the Palestinian people, its intifada and armed struggle, its determination and great sacrifice, and confirms the willingness, correctness and usefulness of employing an armed struggle and its ability to attain political objectives," writes al-Zohar.

"We will emphasize our people's right to resist the occupation [outside the Gaza Strip] so long as the occupation of the land and the aggression continue, with the understanding that withdrawal from Gaza is not the end of the story and occupation is still present in the rest of the lands and that not all rights and holy sites have been returned yet," the memo stated.

ie, They want everything, to concede nothing. Well, maybe they won't kill all of us.

Kara says the Gaza disengagement is motivated by "the pathological need for Israelis to have everything right away. They tried Oslo. They tried Camp David. They tried intense negotiations. Instead, the Palestinians started a terror war. Israelis just want to live in peace, so now they are moving to the next quick fix, the next supposed solution to everything, the Gaza withdrawal."

It is hard. We want peace, a normal desire. We don't want to worry about going out for groceries, or driving down the road, or sending our children off to school. But you can't make someone else peaceful by paying them for their violence. They must know that acts of violence will be met with GREATER force.

The Druze politician says he has held many private meetings with Sharon in which he attempted to convince the prime minister to see things differently.

"He won't listen. Sharon has surrounded himself with all the leftist politicians, and they are controlling things. They are the ones pushing this through."

He thinks they are going to protect his derriere. He must know they will toss him aside as soon as he is no longer of value to their cause.

Marking a departure from most Israeli Arab thought, Kara says the best course would be for "Israel to talk to Jordan. It's a Palestinian state anyway. Most of its residents are Palestinians. Jordan needs to become the ruling authority for Palestinian Arabs."

A Palestinian population transfer to Jordan has always been a controversial topic in Israel. Many politicians who advocated such a move have been effectively sidelined.

Kara says "everyone is afraid to recognize the obvious. But this is what needs to be done."

I knew that Jordan had a large Palestinian population. They are the Arab Palestinian state. But how are they treated in what was to be their own country?(via Elder of Ziyon)

In spite of Israeli statements to the contrary, Kara warned the Gaza withdrawal will result in further evacuations.

"This is just the beginning. If Sharon is still in power, there will be withdrawals from everything the Palestinians want – Jerusalem, the West Bank ... I don't believe Sharon when he says Gaza is the last stop."

There have been talks of further evacuations, although Sharon distanced himself from the claims.

In June, Israeli Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, whose statements are considered closely aligned with Sharon's policy, told the Jerusalem Post he is willing to cede Israeli control over at least six Arab neighborhoods that lie on the periphery of Jerusalem. He named Isawiya – adjacent to the city's French Hill neighborhood – the nearby Shuafat refugee camp, Anata, the northern village of Kfar Akab, and Sur Bahir and Umm Tuba, on the city's southeastern rim.

Again, cow, milk, calf, horse.

"Jerusalem is dear to me, but one must not lose sight of proportions over peripheral areas we do not need," Olmert said.

In Washington yesterday, Sharon solidified American support for the withdrawal. President George W. Bush said he has "confidence" in Sharon's "strong leadership," and pledged America would cooperate with Israel in developing the Negev and Galilee areas, a clear indication there will be some U.S. financial aid for the disengagement plan.


Kara, 49, was born in Israel, and grew up in a small northern Arab community. He boasts a large constituency from Israel's 100,000 Druze residents, but says he has even greater Jewish backing.

"Sometimes I forget I'm not Jewish," says Kara.

There are some 600,000 Druze in the Middle East and another 100,000 in various parts of the world. During Israel's War of Independence, many Druze, including Kara's family, sided with the Jews, embracing Israel and even joining its military. Israeli Arabs are exempt from military duty, but may apply to serve as volunteers.

Kara says he feels a patriotic duty to speak out against the Gaza withdrawal.

"I love my country and don't want to see it make such a horrible mistake."

Thank you my brother.

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June 21, 2005

CNN and Anti-Israel Bias

via Outside the Blogway

Another shocker; CNN is biased. But you want to know how biased they can be? Read this:

On May 27th, 2002 a suicide bomber from Yasser Arafat's organization blew himself up near my 14 months old niece's cart, murdering the little baby SINAI KEINAN and her grandmother RUTHI PELED. My brother and sister in law LIOR and CHEN KEINAN were injured.

As you will shortly see, the CNN perfected its ability to report only one side of the story (the EVIL side), thereby supporting only that side's cause and SHOWING THE WORLD HOW BIASED THE CNN IS.

Last Friday (May 31st), the mourning parents made an indescribable effort to come and give two separate interviews:

The first, a live interview for CNN USA (Friday, 4 PM Israel time) - in which they expressed their pain and anguish, thanked the American people for their support and pleaded with the viewers to continue and support Israel in its fight against terror.

The second, a taped interview for CNN International (that unlike CNN USA can be viewed in Europe and Israel through cable) - in which the mourning parents expressed a small part of their strong feelings about Europe's unbelievable continuous support and "understanding" of the Palestinian's cause and the brutal, immoral and murderous ways they use to achieve the same.

We were told the interview was to be aired that day 6PM Israel time. That Friday, 8 PM Israel time, CNN INTERNATIONAL FINALLY APPROACHED THE ISSUE BY SHOWING A LONG INTERVIEW WITH THE SUICIDE BOMBER'S MOTHER WHO "EXPLAINED" WHY HE DID WHAT HE DID (the family's boutique was damaged and a relative was killed in battle(!!!)) !!! WITHOUT AIRING OR EVEN MENTIONING THE INTERVIEW WITH THE YOUNG COUPLE. The same repeated itself numerous times that evening and the day after.

Only the day after, after editing the American connotation of the live interview to the USA (which of course had an effect on the young couple's choice of words) CNN International cynically aired some short unrelated parts of that interview including the mentioned plea for continuing the support, plus a few seconds of the taped interview (out of a 20 minute interview).

All in all, CNN allocated no less then 16.20 minutes to the murderer's family as opposed to 5.35 minutes to the Keinan/Israeli side. The interview with the murderer's mother was aired 5 times (mostly during prime time) as opposed to the US interview with the young couple which was aired twice (non on prime time).

After being approached by a few government offices, the CNN now bothered to acknowledge "a mistake" and air some additional parts of the interviews, which of course now brings us nowhere.

Putting aside all PR issues, one can only begin to imagine what all this did to the mourning families.

I believe knowing the above will suffice in helping the reader do like I did and DECIDE TO NEVER AGAIN WATCH CNN.


For that cause, I ask you to forward the above story to as many people as you can.

Thank you,

Amit Keinan

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June 20, 2005

Hey Condi

Is this the peaceful efforts on the part of the PA you were referring to?

I guess you meant RIP, huh?

Don't worry, despite this(via ynet-news updates)

Islamic Jihad claims responsibility for shooting attack

The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the shooting attack in the northern West Bank that killed one Israeli. The attack was carried out in response to the desecration of a *Quran in an Israeli jail, an announcement by the group said. (AP)


Islamic Jihad: We are still committed to 'calm'

An Islamic Jihad spokesman in the West Bank, said on Monday that a deadly shooting attack against Israelis by terrorists didn't signal the end of the group's cease-fire with Israel. "We are still committed to calm," he said. (AP)

Umhmm. So, Condi, any more words of praise for Abbas? Like to leave a number of how many dead Jews is acceptable to you?

NOTE * REGARDING the Quaran incident--again, via ynet fact vs fiction

Prisoners apologize

The incident, which was compared to reports of Qurans that had allegedly been destroyed at the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, evoked fear of possible prisoner riots.

However, a special investigative committee found the prisoners themselves had torn the Quran copies in an attempt to stir controversy.

According to the Prison Service, prisoner representatives apologized for the incident, saying it was a Hamas-affiliated minority that carried out the act.

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June 19, 2005


If and only if you don't speak out against the governments destruction of the communities in Gush Katif. Otherwise, watch out.

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I Just Didn't Know

But apparently I've been walking around with a weapon about my wrist.

I'm trying to find the danger to them, but they don't even hurt if I snap them against my wrist.

Oh, wait! I get it! My opinion! I have one! And it isn't in line with the government.

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So Arab terrorist fail to carry out an attack on Israel because of the quick actions of the IDF and Condelezza Rice praises the Arabs for their anti-terrorist efforts. Then it turns out that one of the those lovely, promise to be good from now on terrorist who were freed earlier this year was caught making bombs in Jenin, and the lady wants us to not only release more prisonerse, but turn over security in Jenin and Sechem to our pals the Palestinians. She just can't believe that Palestinian mommiess want their babies to grow up to be suicide bomber.

I've an idea. Can we say we are going to leave the Gush and just not do it? That seems to the key to getting praised for something.

I was reading Maria of HATSHEPSUT and came to this blog post which links to this site. Thought it fit into this post about dear Ms. Rice and her assumptions about Palestinian moms. Great post Maria (great blog)

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June 12, 2005

Oxymoronic Politics

Double-talk at it's best: via Arutz7

Vice Premier Peres: Disengagement Saving Jews
03:33 Jun 12, '05 / 5 Sivan 5765

( During a visit to the Jezreel Valley region, Vice Premier (Labor) Shimon Peres stated the implementation of the disengagement plan will not result in the expulsion of Jews from their homes, but in actuality, it will “save the Jews” since the move will provide increased security for the citizens of Israel.

Meanwhile, here's the truth:

Negev Residents Instructed to Prepare for Sharon’s “Better Tomorrow”
11:37 Jun 12, '05 / 5 Sivan 5765

( In the shadow of government promises of a “better tomorrow” following the implementation of the Gaza/Shomron Disengagement Plan, the Education Ministry in concert with the IDF’s Homefront Command are preparing for a different reality. Security concerns for schools and public buildings are being addressed, as well as general security guidelines for areas residents.

The intelligence community’s ominous predictions regarding the “day after” the disengagement are compelling officials to prepare for unprecedented terrorism against Negev area communities.

An information pamphlet warns of expected shooting and Kassam rocket attacks into areas bordering northern Gaza following Israel’s leaving the area. Security concerns also include terrorist infiltrations as well as terrorists digging tunnels to enter the Negev from northern Gaza areas.

Some of the instructions in the information pamphlet for the “better tomorrow” advise residents to leave doors and windows locked at all times. Residents with licensed weapons are encouraged to carry their gun at all times.

Some schools in communities including Sderot already have fortified roofs and bullet resistance glass installed, enduring Kassam rockets for a number of years.

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June 09, 2005

Fear These Girls!!!!

Seven 15 year old girls were arrested on Monday for the unbelievable crime of

WRITING SLOGANS IN THE DUST CLINGING TO THE TUNNEL WALL. They--and I know this is difficult to believe of young girls--not only drew pictures but wrote:


I know. I couldn't beleive it myself. How is it that an young girl should speak out aganist the uprooting of families from the homes they have lived in for decades?

They are dangerous. I know I wouldn't want to face them in a dark alley at night; heaven knows what they might do! Talk to me about their beliefs I suppose. Quite scary.

Thank goodness Israel is arresting these perpetrators of evil and releasing those brave Palestinians who have only helped murder Jews.

I'll sleep much better at night now, knowing I'm safe from dusty fingered girls. They have been the source of my nightmares for years.

And perhaps soon the government will continue to protect us by putting this 70 something Rabbi in jail. Yep, he figures in my nightly terrors as well.

I am so satisfed, so thrilled with my governments decisions, and I apparently, am not the only one, which would account for the shift in these numbers.

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May 24, 2005

Will the Real Palestinians Please Stand Up!

If you would like a historical perspective on who the original Palestinaians were read this post by Elder of Ziyon.

thanks Soccer Dad!!!

Furthering the conversations is this post from IsraellyCool

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May 20, 2005

Pardon Me?

This headline is rather telling, isn't it?

Israel's Decision to Retaliate Returns Tension to Middle East
By Cihan News Agency
Published: Friday 20, 2005
Top-level Israeli military officers met as Palestinian armed group HAMAS attacked Jewish settlements, and decided on immediate reprisals for these kinds of attacks. Anti-Sharon slogans were chanted at the funeral of a Hamas member, who was killed by Israeli troops as Palestinian groups committed two counter attacks on Israeli settlements by using Qassam missiles. One person was injured in the attack. Meanwhile, the Israeli Military Court sentenced an Israeli Sergeant to 18 months imprisonment for killing a Palestinian trying to fix a TV antenna on a roof in October 2003.


I guess the Qassam missiles were just an attempt at a friendly conversation? There would have been no tension if Israel had just let the bombs fall and keep falling and maybe kill a few people. Nope, self-defense is evil! EVIL! At least if it is Israel defending herself.

Really Israel. For shame. Next time we are bombed, remember to send flowers.

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May 17, 2005


Maybe you are pro the disengagement. Maybe you think this is the last or the latest best hope for peace in the Middle East. I of course strongly disagree with you but arguing the issue isn't my issue today.

This is: Those who are pro-disengagemetn, aren't you in the least bothered by the recent acts of our government in various forms, referred to here? Isn't there something nagging at you about the preventing of people who want to pray at the Kotel from entering if they are wearing orange? Because if it does I have a suggestion. Please think about it.

Buy yourself a nice green t-shirt. Write on the T-shirt (in white or black) DISENGAGEMENT YES! and then below, in orange write, SILENCE NO. Let those who are opposed SPEAK.

There are two issues involved here; one the question of whether the disengagement is moral and effective, and two whether the government has a right to harrass those who disagree with its action. We may disagree on the former, can we really disagree on the latter question? Because if we do disagree, what can't we say next?

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May 16, 2005

Care To Comment?

What is gained by trying to force silence on those who would protest? Does Sharon and company feel these actions will legitamize the disengagement in the eyes of those who stand opposed to his actions?

Or does it make clear to those of us who are against the disengagement how very wrong it is. Make us stronger in our disenchantment with the way Sharon and company are running this country. Make us more determined than ever to raise our voices against not only the disengagement but the destruction of democracy within these borders.

Silence is not golden when wrong is before us; we can not simply shake our heads and allow wrong its say. As for those who agree with the disengagement, do you really want the above going on in your name?

Care to comment before that right is lost to us all?

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May 10, 2005

And Now Some Words From My Cousin

This is a letter, published in the Jeruslaem Post, by my cousin who is living in Gush Katif, she prays, for many years to come. Yishar kocach Oreet!

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May 09, 2005

Hafganah!!!! (Protest) For Teachers

The Misard HaHinoch (Education Ministry), in its infinite wisdom, seeks to fire 4,500 teachers from its payrolls.

Exactly who and what services are they going to cut? My daughter's class is about 30 or so girls. This is normal. There are classes that reach 40 in some parts of the country. Will classes now reach college-size proportions? Or do they seek to cut the arts, music, sports and other "non-essential" departments, essentially leaving children with a gaping hole in knowledge and development? Not to mention the fact that these "non-essential" classes provide a sense of pride and accomplishment, as well as a possible avenue of revenue, for those students who are less academically inclined.

Will parents have to make up for the shorter hours by scrambling to find babysitters and alternative, paid for care, so they can continue to work and support the family? Or will children, young children be left alone for a large part of their day? By how much will the welfare rolls be increased? Charities are already stretched beyond their means? What will happen to the children, and the dependents of these teachers who are counting on their parents' salary, often mother's salary, to keep their heads above water?

This is one of those "penny wise, pound foolish" concepts. I hope it remains just an idea and, for the sake of all, remains just a silly idea that someone once had, and is less to molder in a folder somewhere on the shelves in the Misard HaHinoch offices.

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May 06, 2005

Is this not Are ther more?

I think this is the ultimate in Chutzpah.
I also wonder if these two were acting alone or there is something more nefarious to their presence in a land they hate.

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March 10, 2005

Following One's Conscious

Many solidiers won't do it. Now many police are refusing as well.

A letter signed reads as follows:

"For many years we have felt obligated to serve the State and the community in whatever way possible, in the clear knowledge and recognition of our importance in the efforts to enforce law and order in Israel.

"However, the Israel Police has now taken upon itself missions that can be described only as ethnic cleansing and the brutal expulsion of innocent Jews from their homes – acts that we see as standing in start contrast to the objectives for which we volunteered.

"In addition, we fear that it will soon turn out that we were part of a framework that took part in blatantly illegal orders, and we won't be able to say that we didn't know.

"We therefore announce, with great difficulty, that at this period we are suspending our activities in all frameworks having to do with Israel Police."

The newly created Sanhedren declared, among other things, that the disengagement was counter to Halacha, and it is forbidden for Jews to participate in the uprooting of any communities. (Arutz-7) This is in addition to the Rabbis who have, in addition to stating their opposition to the disengagement, called for a world-wide fast and prayer of Jews .

It is time to admit that this policy does not have the backing it needs from the Israeli populace. They don't have the soldiers, they don't have the backing of many of the top leaders in Jewisn life. Do they have enough police? Do they really have the backing of the people of this country?

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February 25, 2005

Stop The Disengagement

Highly respected Rabbis are calling upon Jews from around the globe to protest the disengagement. These are men who lead communties. They are not a small band of extremist; but heads of long lasting, centuries old communities. Included among their number are the former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, the Bostoner Rav and Rabbi Me'ir Mazuz head of the Kisei Rachamim Yeshiva of B'nei Brak.

The Rabbis state at one point

"Just as Jews cannot accept payment for stopping to put on tefillin or for stopping to keep the Sabbath, Jews cannot accept payment for giving up homes in Eretz Yisrael," the rabbis say.

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February 19, 2005

Hell and Hot Water

This just makes me sick. This is not democracy; it is tyranny, plain and simple. I have learned (in an e-mail)that those who are recruited to fill these position are from Russia, Turkey, Urkraine, Egypt as well as local Arabs. Hmm...all those terrorist being released. While I doubt it, it still makes one think, doesn't it?

BTW, the hell and hot water? What I can get into from posting this. One is just not allowed to voice discontent with Sharon's policies.

But I'm terrible at doublespeak.

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February 12, 2005


And I vote for letting rapist and murderers and thieves go in every country in the world if they agree to play nice and share their toys. Of course some people think we aren't giving enough. EU is urging Israel to do more! (Haven't heard them urging the Palestinians to do more.)

But of course! I forget. For allowing terrorist to return home we get peace....right?

Oh wait. That's right. They are from Gush Katif; not human beings. I forgot. (Yeah, that's heavy duty sarcasm). And though my settlement may not yet be on the chopping block, I learned historys lessons real well. But even if I had a crystal ball and knew my community would be safe I would still be protesting the disengagement as one of the most unintelligent moves on the part of Israel that it could possibly make.

Speaking of the disengagement, Sharon, oh democratic deceiver leader. Your subjects public is requesting this

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January 20, 2005

Too Upsetting

On January 17th, early in the morning, I recieved an e-mail announcing that the Rav of a Yishuv in my area had died. This was a wonderful human being, who, even while suffering from a devestating illness, continued to care and concern himself with those in his Yishuv.

I attended the funeral on the same day (as in accordance with Jewish law people are buried within 24hrs). Tears flowed freely from those about me, the place was so full of those who came to honor the memory of this extraordinary human being that I and many others congregated outside. Men, women and children attended each wrapped up in the grief of the moment.

Today seeral trees were planted in his honor on his Yishuv. Then I come home to read this article from Arutz Sheva.

Needless to say I'm quite upset. This was land set aside for a cemetary. How dare someone try and prevent the funeral from going on? I am outraged, I am truly outraged.

I can attest to the fact that the area in question is, aside from the Yishuv, free of other houses. The burial spot was right near the entrance of the Yishuv. No houses, no buildings, no gardens, orchards or anything else...empty for quite a distance.

I can't tell you how angry I am feeling right now.

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January 15, 2005

That was Quick

We didn't even make it to the altar.

Not that I blame Sharon; I am in agreement with his decision.
Unless Abbas takes REAL control of the Palestinian society, and that means doing what he doesn't want to do: arrest terrorist and murderers. Until he does that, until he makes it clear that murder is not acceptable, then these types of incidents will continue.

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January 06, 2005

Politics Does Make Strange Bedfellows

For instance, I never would have dreamed that this particular group would be waving the orange flag of support for the people in Gusk Katif. Kind of makes me smile; but then motorcycle gangs always did; strong, independent a special kind of people. While I would never be so brave as to ride a motorcycle the one, the thought of doing so, free and easy, has always seemed pretty close to flying with one's own wings to me---and I would love to have wings.

Anyway, while I'm not physically in Gush Katif, my loyalties lie there; and so I want to say thanks guys, thank you for being there. You are fantastic. You've got good hearts and good souls. Keep flying.

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November 13, 2004

Turn it About

I have been stewing over the honor guard and the huge praise being heaped on the now dead terrorist; I've been feeling the anger and bile rise in my throat and torture my mind. Would people praise Saddam Husseiin this way? Or Osama Bin Laden? Yet this mega-murderer is receiving accolades from paper after paper.

How can one fight this?
I know one way.
Give to those who have been most affected by his vileness and cruelty.
One Family, who I've blogged about before, aides those who are the victims of terror. Support the Magen Dovid Adom; the Israeli emergency medical service.
Support the IDF.

Terrorism can be fought in many ways; we can't all go to war. But we can minimize the damage that has been done.

Thank you.

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November 11, 2004

He's Dead!

Arafat is not only dead, he is really truly legally dead.

And whether or not one should rejoice is in question
. (Courtesy of Arutz 7)

It seems as if I'm not the only one to debate this issue; many across Israel have been discussing this as well. There are two, seemingly conflicting phrases in Proverbs.
1."When the wicked perish, there is jubilation" (11,10)
2. "When your enemy falls, do not rejoice" (24, 17).

And this gets back to the cultural discussion I raised earlier here.

Words are not always easily translatable into another language. A word can have shades of meaning that is quite clear to those who are within that culture, but taken out of their milieu indicates something quite different.

Many times the Torah uses the word "enemy" or "hated" to indicate a personal relationship, and a comparative relationship. The thoughts of seveal Rabbi's (as discussed in the Arutz7 article) is that the "enemy" referred to in the second verse is more personal in nature: the next door neighbor whose children are always trampling one's petunias, the woman in your child's school who is always, subtly putting down your child will lifting up her own, the man who stole "your girl".

The phrase wasn't referring to the person who murdered and maimed and caused to be maimed many thousands of people---not only solilders, not only "settlers", not only Jews. He has caused the death of many thousands of people, including his own people. He will not have helped his "people" get their own country; if anything he has delayed such an event.

Let his legacy be a true one, and if some want to cheer his death, understand that they are cheering for the removal of evil in this world.

UPDATE: via the e-mails
Arafat's Legacy

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October 08, 2004

Proud Israeli Speaks

Ismail Khaldi is a proud Israeli citizen He is also a Bedouin. He has served in the IDF, the Defense Ministry, and the Israeli police. Ismail has just come back from a two month speaking tour in the USA and Canada. I think he has some important things to say; go listen.

Also, Theo Dov Golan speaks on the truth about Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

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October 07, 2004

Taba Hotel Bombing

The Taba Hilton, located in the Sinai was hit by a terrorist bomb today; the hotel was filled to capacity. Many its patrons were Israeli's who went to the Sinai during the Succot holiday. Egypt at first reported the explosion as a gas leak. At least 30 have been killed and 40 injured. The wounded are being evacuated to Israeli hospitals. Egypt initially delayed rescue attempts by Israeli emergency personel, but MDA has now been allowed in.

According to Arab radio, Hamas has claimed responsiblity.

There are reports of two more blasts in nearby areas.

Many Israeli's have been making their way on foot to the border.

Arutz 7 has extensive covering and complete updates on the bombings.

Other sources of information can be found here and here

Please G-d, just please. No more. Help the injured. Comfort those who have lost their loved ones.

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October 01, 2004

Enough Said

via Arutz Sheva.
Succot begins, and two young children, Dorit Aniso, 18-months, and Yuval Abebeh, 4, die when a Kassam rocket fired from PA controlled gaza struck the street where they lived.

Succot morning; and Shulamit Batito, 36, is jogging down the road between of Nisanit and Alei Sina; and is murdered when a terrorist opens fires on her. One memeber of the emergency combat medical unit team, Staff-Sergeant Victor Ariel, 20, is murdered when he goes to attend her. Another memeber of the team is severely injured, others sustained less threatening injuries.

And at 3 am Nahal Brigade soldier Staff-Sergeant Gilad Fischer, 22 was killed in a grenade attack.

Why is Israel not allowed to destroy our terrorists without having a considerable part of the rest of the world condemn us for violence?

Come on UN; condemn the terrorist; condemn those who attack medics as you condemned Israel for stopping ambulances at check-points, even though it has been proven that they often harbor weapons or terrorist.

Come on UN; condemn the terrorist; for targetting young children and unarmed citizens.

Be something other than a mouth piece for terrorist.

Funny fact? If the Arab countries hadn't attacked Israel there never would have been a Palestinian people.

via Arutz Sheva.

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September 21, 2004

Preaching to the Choir

Arutz 7 has presented a contrast between what the Palestinian Authority (ie Arafat) presents to the Western public, and what it presents to the Arab public via the PA television.

I do not think I need to reiterate here what was said over there. Most people who read this blog realize that Hanan Ashrawi is no real advocate of peace; that her words are just for show, just to convince the Western public that there may be a chance--- if only Israel would just make these few concessions. She is an appealing choiice; she speaks English well, has a professional cast, and while stern looking is also rather motherly. As her signature on the petition to end suicide bombings show, her concern is with the political fallout and not the deaths of innocent citizens, or even the Palestinian men and women who kill themselves. It is death that motivates her. Death of Israel.

My hope is G-d. I do believe that in the end Israel will be free from terror, that the Moshiac (Messiah) will arrive and bring peace and harmony to the world. But I also believe that we are in a partnership with G-d and that we must make an effort. But what good does my ranting do if those who adore Ashwari and Arafat and the like will not even take the time to view what this woman is about, and what Arafat is about? When they simply clap at her words without investigation?

A just and lasting peace needs to begin with JUSTICE and truth. Who are the Palestinian people in the first place? Why do they deserve a piece of the land? And who should be responsible for giving that land to them? And who should represent them? And; what do the "Palestinian people" really want for themselves?

I think you know my answer to those questions.

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September 20, 2004

My Thinking Exactly

I agree, Avner Shimoni, completely.

And I think they should retrun the torn up pieces to Sharon. Yonaton Bassai, head of the Evacuation Authority (lovely sounding department isn't it?). And wouldn't it be neat if the Prime Minister and the Yonaton received a torn piece of paper with the words NO DISENGAGEMENT written on them from everyone who feels the idea of making the Gush Judenrein is a bad idea. Maybe Bush could receive such also.

Just a thought.

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September 13, 2004

Hafgana on Behalf of the Jews from Gaza

I could not attend this hafgana (rally)--another article, this one from the post here.; I wish I could have, and fully support the message. I strongly feel that giving away land is not likely to bring peace, and is in fact more likely to bring more terror. As I stated here, the Palestinians seem to agree with me. Pressure must be brought upon Sharon to cease from this foolishness, and pressure must also be placed on the free world's leaders to stop calling for Jews to be expelled from land they have lived on for years, land they have developed, cared for and BOUGHT from the owners.

Rewarding terror leads to terror in the same way that if a child hits another child and we give them the desired object, take it from the other child's hand to end the fight, the child will learn to fight more.

Peace needs to come with reason. The peace of submission is not peace; ask any brutalized spouse, child. Ask the victims of bullies. What brings real lasting peace is the consensus that evil will not be allowed to go on.

Terror is a weapon precisely because we are afraid to stand up against it, and submit before it. We will be able to beat swords into plowshears when everyone understands that cutting down the innocent will lead to a greater loss for the attacker than for the assailed.

I wish I could have attended the rally. Personal issues kept me away. If anyone attended, please lmk from your personal experience what went on.

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September 10, 2004

The Truth Comes Out

via Arutz Sheva;

A new book, THE SEVENTH WAR, written by two journalist, one from Voice of Israel Radio and the othe from Haaretz, has come out, based on investigations and interviews with members of Hamas, in the Gaza Strip and in Israeli prisons.

Why, despite condemnations, and the loss of their own lives, the lives of their brother's, sister's, their own people, who are simply in the wrong place, do they continue the suicide bombings? From the article and the book.


“The Israeli left-wing and your ‘peace-camp’ are what ultimately encouraged us to continue to carry out suicide bombings. We tried, through our attacks, to create fragmentation and dissention within Israeli society, and the left-wing encouraged us in that regard. When we heard about the ‘Pilot’s Letter,’ the refuse-niks and the elite soldiers refusing to serve [in Judea, Samaria and Gaza –ed.] it strengthened our confidence in the effectiveness of the suicide bomber. The disengagement from Gaza is proof of our victory. The fact that Sharon is willing to withdraw unconditionally is basically equivalent to raising a white flag and retreating. Only by force are we able to teach the other side what to do.”

Concession and pity are seen as weaknesses. Giving in to one demand results in greater and greater demands, the ultimate goal not two states, but domination on the part of these Muslim extremist.

I say hit back and hit back hard not because I relish death, but the opposite; if we don't respond, if we don't stand strong, if we boot out the people from the Gush Katif, if we give into their demans, even minimally, they feel victorious and it gives them the strength to continue their reign of terror.

Israel must say "NO." Loudly and firmly, and so must the rest of the world. Otherwise there will be more death. Jewish deaths and Muslim deaths, and Christian deaths and deaths of Israelis, Americans, French, Australians, Russians, Indonesian and just name your country.

End the deaths by saying NO to these terrorist. And cut the pity.
The world suffers for it.

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August 19, 2004

Hunger Strike Over?

Four days into the hunger strike and at least one person is calling it quits.

Prison Officials brought Marwan Barghout, one of the strike leaders (and one who considers himself a potential leader after Arafat), his food Tuesday and, with a quick glance around to assure himself he was not being seen, he dragged the food into his cell and ate. But the guards were one step ahead and photographed him with his head in his food. Terrible guards! Not only don't they allow the prisoners cell phones, but they actually photograph them cheating on their strike. The nerve!

He isn't alone. At least 10 other leaders have been nibbling away, according to Israeli officials, taking advantage of the fact that they are in solitary confinement.

I guess with the Palestinians it isn't what you do it is what you say. And, as the article in Arutz 7 points out; Palestinian leaders are all to quick to sacrifice their people while they sit on cushions and lap up cream.

BTW, why is Marwan Barghouti in jail? He is convicted of the deaths of FIVE people. Here's a link to some more information about this wonderful fellow.

Follow the links from the second url in the above sentence. They are quite interesting.

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August 15, 2004

PaPa PaPa


I have to say, I spent the whole day deep in thought regarding the sad and deplorable condition of the Palestinians security prisoners. I mean, I read on Arutz 7 how they have NO COMPUTERS in their cells. Now, really. Geneva convention, where are you?

To show our support for these murderouspoor prisoners, I am launching a campiagn. It is called Pa Pa. That stands for:
Pandas bears, Pampers Pablum and Pacifiers. (I'm going with a PA theme here.) We will make up care packages and send them to these vicious deprived men. Think how happy they will be, with their pacies and their pablum.

So have a heart. Send a killer a care package today; I mean think of your choices; would you want to help any of these children instead?

So send those pandies people!

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Palestinian Hunger Strike

Well, I'm slightly amused.
About 1,500 Palestinian security prisoners are having a hunger strike; they are abstaining from SOLID food, and threaten to do so until death. They are protesting horrific conditions; such as no public phones on their cell blocks and glass partitions between them and visitors and body searches.

Poor babies. Do they want their mommies to come sing them lullabies before bedtime too? Maybe they want their teddy bears and blankies.

In any case, if anyone is worried about the their health, don't. They will be taking liquids. If that liquid includes liquids like soup then this hunger strike is nothing but smoke. Many people are restricted to liquid diets for one reason or another.

BTW, please note the source of the article. Not exactly a pro-Israel site.

I'm having a good laugh.

Just in case the article disappears for some reason; here is a copy:

Palestinian prisoners start hunger strike in Israeli jails
15-08-2004, 05:44
Some 1,500 Palestinian prisoners started a hunger strike Sunday morning at three Israeli jails in a bid to improve their condition.

In reaction to theeir strike, the Israeli authorities imposed further restrictions Sunday. They removed radios and television sets from jail cells, did not distribute newspapers, canceled family visits and stopped selling cigarettes, Haaretz reported.

Some 4,000 Palestinian prisoners announced about two weeks ago their intention to open the hunger strike to back their demand for a number of privileges that have either been restricted or taken away by Israel's Prisons Service.

The prisoners are demanding public telephones in their cell blocks, the removal of glass partitions separating them from visiting relatives and an end to what they call "intrusive" body searches.

Meanwhile, Hamas described the prisoners’ hunger strike as a great step that was launched to challenge the Israeli "oppression" represented in the daily humiliations, strip searches, visit deprivation, reducing quantity of meals, denying medical treatment and other practices that could be only "perpetrated by non-humans."

The statement said that the prisoners’ bitter struggle and ferocious battle were part and parcel of the Palestinian people’s Jihad and sincere struggle to rid the homeland of such a detestable occupation and to realize independence and freedom.

On its part, the Palestinian Mizan center for human rights has asked the international community to immediately pressure Israel into meeting the detainees’ demands.

The center’s statement affirmed that the Israeli prisons authority was exercising various penal measures against the prisoners that made their lives inside those detention centers like "hell."

The center declared its wholehearted solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners and asked the international community to immediately intervene and demand the minimum limits of treatment of prisoners in accordance with international norms and to seek their swift release. (

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August 12, 2004

Abortion in Israel

I came across this article via afterabortion.

Data from the Health Ministry shows that each year in the country, approximately 3,400 pregnancies are terminated due to a physical defect of the fetus (this figure amounts to about a fifth of all legal abortions performed annually). In 1997, 2,800 abortions were performed due to a physical defect of the fetus. In 2002, that number was up to 3,396 - an increase of about 20 percent within five years.
As Emily said, read the whole article, it is mindblowing.

The article was based on research by Yael Hashiloni-Dolev.

And for this woman, for this Jew, very upsetting. That isn't the way it is suppose to be. A child is not their defect and their life, while not the life of a "normal child" need not be sad or lacking in all the things that make life wonderful.

At the end of the article Ms.Hashiloni-Dolev is quoted as saying:

"I'm not propounding a certain moral position. I don't know what's right and what's wrong. But what bothers me is how all this genetic testing is done in Israel without any ethical questioning. There's this total faith in science on the one hand and a lack of acceptance of disabilities, of handicaps, on the other, and the view that people with them are a burden on society and ought to be killed before they are born."

I agree that there needs to be more discusion; however I can and do hold a moral position; abortion should be avoided if at all possible, and all other recourses should be looked into. (for an excellent article on Jewish law and abortion see here)My personal function, imho, would be to try and be there for the people who need me; to help women continue their pregnancies and to enjoy their children. I hope to do so in the near future. I don't know what else to do. But this article made me ill.

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August 09, 2004

Summer camp?

Whatever happened to learning how to tie knots? I don't think that is something these children were learning! (the photos is titled Hizballah kids)

via Arutz Sheva
(complete article below)
More Children Recruited For Arab Terrorism
17:33 Aug 09, '04 / 22 Av 5764

Security sources revealed today that in In months, at least three attempts by Arab terrorists in Israel to use minors in attacks against Jews were foiled. In one case, a group of 11-14-year-olds were caught smuggling weapons between Egypt and Israel. In another case, a 17-year-old Arab youth blew himself up in an attempted attack near the Arab village of Jinsafut, 11 miles east of Kfar Saba. And in yet another incident, three Arab youths aged 13-15 were stopped at an IDF checkpoint in Jenin on their way to carry out a shooting attack in the town of Afula.

I have an 11 year old. I can't imagine teaching her terrorism. Where is the outcry among Peace Now groups? These are children! They aren't things, they shouldn't be made into weapons. They are human beings. They deserve lives; they have a right to ogle girls and make stupid jokes and see who can throw the ball the farthest, and to get into trouble because they stayed out late. Where are the protests against teaching these children MURDER? Training them to kill themselves?

The security sources say that the latest incidents are only a sample of the widespread use of children and minors in the terrorist war against Israel. Among the actions carried out by minors since the start of the Oslo War in September 2000, are: suicide bombings, riots, clashes with IDF soldiers, smuggling, reconnaissance, serving as spotters, digging tunnels, and more. IsraelNN's Haggai Huberman noted that the defense establishment views the phenomenon of children terrorists as a direct result of the ongoing incitement to violence in the Arafat-controlled and schools.

Which is why the checkpoints, and why children aren't always let through. These children are abused. Where are the human shields to protect these children from their parents and from Arafat and his gang? He is a murderer of children, a killer of innocents. How can anyone see him as a partner for peace?

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