June 12, 2005

Oxymoronic Politics

Double-talk at it's best: via Arutz7

Vice Premier Peres: Disengagement Saving Jews
03:33 Jun 12, '05 / 5 Sivan 5765

(IsraelNN.com) During a visit to the Jezreel Valley region, Vice Premier (Labor) Shimon Peres stated the implementation of the disengagement plan will not result in the expulsion of Jews from their homes, but in actuality, it will “save the Jews” since the move will provide increased security for the citizens of Israel.

Meanwhile, here's the truth:

Negev Residents Instructed to Prepare for Sharon’s “Better Tomorrow”
11:37 Jun 12, '05 / 5 Sivan 5765

(IsraelNN.com) In the shadow of government promises of a “better tomorrow” following the implementation of the Gaza/Shomron Disengagement Plan, the Education Ministry in concert with the IDF’s Homefront Command are preparing for a different reality. Security concerns for schools and public buildings are being addressed, as well as general security guidelines for areas residents.

The intelligence community’s ominous predictions regarding the “day after” the disengagement are compelling officials to prepare for unprecedented terrorism against Negev area communities.

An information pamphlet warns of expected shooting and Kassam rocket attacks into areas bordering northern Gaza following Israel’s leaving the area. Security concerns also include terrorist infiltrations as well as terrorists digging tunnels to enter the Negev from northern Gaza areas.

Some of the instructions in the information pamphlet for the “better tomorrow” advise residents to leave doors and windows locked at all times. Residents with licensed weapons are encouraged to carry their gun at all times.

Some schools in communities including Sderot already have fortified roofs and bullet resistance glass installed, enduring Kassam rockets for a number of years.

Posted by Rachel Ann at June 12, 2005 10:10 AM

THE TRUTH!? How dare you speak the truth! We must only be told lies so that the media can control us and make us believe what they want. They're not there so we can know the TRUTH. I have no idea where you get these ideas from. Now stop telling people the truth and go back to believing the lies put out there by the media.

*This has been another posting by the one known only as "The Agent"*

Posted by: The Agent at June 12, 2005 11:08 AM
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