December 22, 2005

Eli Cohen

While I was working this morning I listened to a most interesting program on Arutz Sheva, about Eli Cohen, whose bravery led to our victory in the Golan Heights during the Six Day War. He worked as a spy in Syria, was eventutally found out and hung on May 18th 1965. His body was never returned to Israel, to his wife, his family.

I can not do the story justice. I urge you to read the Arutz Sheva article, listen to the Tovia Singer program. read the information on the website dedicated to his memory and sign the pettition to release his body back to his loved ones and his beloved country.

It is time, way past time, for Eli to come home.

Posted by Rachel Ann at December 22, 2005 03:15 PM | TrackBack

I guess considering how Eli Cohen's remains have been ignored, J Pollard shouldn't be surprised that he's in jail.

Posted by: muse at December 25, 2005 04:39 AM

There are a number of actions that the Arab world could take, without, in any way, undermining the Palestinians claims to all of YESHA, that could be properly understood as confidence building measures. And yet they never take them. Their hatred for Israel is still too great to allow them even such basic humanitarian gestures as the return of Eli Cohen's remains.

When we first visited Israel in 1972 we noticed that every city seemed to have an Eli Cohen street. What he accomplished was nothing short of a miracle.

Posted by: David Gerstman at December 28, 2005 03:01 PM
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