May 16, 2005

Care To Comment?

What is gained by trying to force silence on those who would protest? Does Sharon and company feel these actions will legitamize the disengagement in the eyes of those who stand opposed to his actions?

Or does it make clear to those of us who are against the disengagement how very wrong it is. Make us stronger in our disenchantment with the way Sharon and company are running this country. Make us more determined than ever to raise our voices against not only the disengagement but the destruction of democracy within these borders.

Silence is not golden when wrong is before us; we can not simply shake our heads and allow wrong its say. As for those who agree with the disengagement, do you really want the above going on in your name?

Care to comment before that right is lost to us all?

Posted by Rachel Ann at May 16, 2005 04:44 AM
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