September 18, 2005

So Did This Get Printed in Your Newspaper?

(first seen on all4Israel on livejournal)Riot in Taybeh: It started with forbidden love, and ended with murder and mayhem.

And the IDF should have intervened. Pronto.

BY THE WAY: There will be those who would argue that if the IDF did interfere the world would have raised a hue and cry, regardless of the outcome.
I agree. Furthermore, there are those who would argue that the Palestinians, confronted by the IDF may have acted even more violently, deliberatly trying to provoke a death or causing a death and then blaming it on Israel. That is also a possiblity, and could be one reason the IDF held off.

However, I don't believe in caring about what the world thinks. We are damned if we do and damned if we don't so lets just do the right thing, which, in this case would be interfering.

As for predicting a worse outcome; as I said, it could have happened. But then again it may not, and we must, not being seers, act on the information we have at hand. It could very well be that there was additional information that I don't know and that is why the IDF stayed out; I don't know, and I apologize if that is the case.

But as it stands now, it seems they should have interfered. No matter what the world would have said later.

It does make it harder to intervene however, knowing you'll get flack no matter what you do.

As far as what the Palestinian Muslims did:`

This stuff disgust me, it really does.

Tell me the truth, are these people you'd like living next door to you?

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More and more I have a really hard time seeing Palestinians (as a group) as humans even. I guess they are a good example of what following a false deity leads you into doing! And we have plenty following false ideas in this land as well. Their reasoning is so far beyond what we fact, even animals act with more honor and respect generally! You know there is still prophecy about them yet to be fulfilled, such as Damacus a ruinous heap (so far as I know in history, this has never happened right?)...and I imagine by the time that occurs, it will be a sigh of relief in some quarters. The ONE we worship must be SO SAD seeing how men treat one us understanding of what happened in the flood, doesn't it? And how merciful and gracious HE has been to us all, as no one is without sin somehow. But sins of this magnitude are there for all to see!

I am so sorry so many times for Israel...
IDF, etc. I do think that no matter HOW they handle any given will be considered wrong by some group or another!! Seems that to allow that riot to go on would be against all rules for civilized behavior however. Man's anger never produces righteousness! And it seems that these "crazies" never even consider how unfair it is to the innocent citizens, like in that town...most of whom may not even have known what was going on between the lovers and would have had no chance to intervene or try to convince them to stop the behavior! I am sure just as many Jews would have disapproved of the well as the adultery!

Thanks for sharing your viewpoint from closer to the action! Our news so often is so slanted...the internet is a handy tool that way.

Posted by: Elizabeth at September 18, 2005 03:06 PM
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