July 12, 2005


The proponents of the disengagement will state that the reason for this action against a large segment of its own population is that it will lead to a safer, more secure Israel, with boundaries that are accepted by the world over. Or they'll tell you that it will thus give Israel the right to wage war against an advesary that has been waging a war against Israel for the last 40 or so years if in fact peace is not maintained. That Sharon is doing it to secure the larger settlement blocks.

Respect, saftey, security. The uprooting of thousands of Jews from the homes they have built, the farms they have developed, the buisnesses created is just weeks away. This is a move that has created tension among the counry, will, if enacted, cause great pain to not only those who are being uprooted but thousands more, who will live with the fear that "they are next" or who will have family members who will need to begin, through no fault or choice of their own, again. Living in caravans, planting land, trying to find a job that will take them at 40 or 50 or 60 years of age. All this pain.

And no guarrantee of gain, no rewards given for this painful action. None whatsover. The converse is in fact true.

Blair points his finger at Israel as the cause of the terrorist attacks in Israel: the old and tired cry of "If it weren't for Israel this wouldn't have happened. Bush contradicts claims Abbas as his new best bud and condemns Israel for normal growth within the settlements. The world raises it voice against Israel demanding further and further concessions, unwilling to even allow for a time of healing before more skin is ripped from our bodies. Stop we are told. Don't grow. Don't develop. We will cut you in half. We will give up more and more and more. Rumors fly, tension is magnified. Sharon lies.

This is not a moral action. They are not being fairly compensated for the loss of their homes and their businesses. They are not being shown how this loss will ensure or at least most likely bring about peace for the nation as a whole. They are being given nothing, without even the right to protest.

But we are told to trust. Don't protest, it just causes problems, it will lead to a civil war. Trust us. It will work out. And if not...what? What right are we given but the right to die? Preferably as peacefully and with as little fuss as we can.

"Go quietly" Sharon pleads. "Die quietly" is the message I get from much of the world.

Posted by Rachel Ann at July 12, 2005 10:39 AM | TrackBack

Sounds eerily similar, as well, to what the American conservative FAR right is saying to the liberal moderates and left. Very nice piece.

Posted by: Z at July 12, 2005 01:20 PM
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