July 12, 2005

That Nose is Growing


So this item was found on the sink of the third floor men's restroom in the Jerusalem Central Bus station with a note opposed to the disengagement. Obviously those in power would like you to believe that this was left by a disengagement protestor.

Excuse me but who are they kidding?

There is just no way that an item that large and that bulky could have been slipped by the guards posted at every entryway to the central bus station. There are not only human guards with those but security gates that you must walk through and X-ray machines on which to place your packages and bags. And that isn't just one guard per area; there are several guards at each entrance, plus the people behind the X-ray machines for the packages.

Every bag is examined by the machines or the guards. Every person must pass through the machines. The lines are tightly controlled. Both those who enter the building as pedestrians and those who come in as passengers on buses are examined, one by one, as they enter. Folks, even my girls walk through one at a time.

No way, no how could anyone slip that by. If security was that insecure there wouldn't be a bus station in the center of Jerusalem anymore, believe me folks. This took collusion, and not by just one guard, by many people. Because it had to get by not only the guards but the people in the station, the passengers and shoppers, who are aware of these things. This was not something carried in someone's backpack or suitcase.

This was not disengagement proponents.
We aren't that dumb and I hope the rest of the world is not that stupid either.

UPDATES (should have done this yesterday:

COSMIC X and SOCCER DAD also are talking about this issue. (Soccer Dad is discussing a variety of issues as well. Good stuff from both blog masters.)

Posted by Rachel Ann at July 12, 2005 12:09 PM | TrackBack

Rachel Ann,

I agree that there is a possibility of the Shabak being behind this, but only a possibility. You seem to be saying that there is definitely a conspiracy here. Well, maybe. We'll have to wait and see.

Posted by: Cosmic X at July 12, 2005 02:18 PM

Perhaps I shouldn't be as certain as I sound; however (as you know, and as many others know) security is extremely tight. I once forgot to put my purse; a small, 6 x6 crochet bag, on the little pedastal that they have before they either wave you over with the wand or you pass through the security gate (I forget which.) and I was stopped before I even proceeded through the gate. At the time I was dealing with a little one and a suitcase (which AFTER putting my bag down was passed through first and then I went back through again.

The station is also crawling with soldiers. I've never been there yet that I haven't seen at least a dozen, and they use the restrooms as well.

So it is curious to me how someone could have gone up two or three flights of stairs or the escalator or the elevator without anyone popping up with "Hey, I saw someone totting that!" I mean a gas bubble is somewhat noticeable.

Which tells me however this was done there was a lot of help to do it. Past guards, past soldiers past passengers and shoppers. It had to be secreted somewhere so it was easily brought into the bathroom, and then the person leaving it there had to be extremely quick, because the bathroom is used a lot. Lift it and get out before someone else came in...

Who discovered it? Or was it placed after the floor was cleared?

Posted by: Rachel Ann at July 12, 2005 05:49 PM
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