May 20, 2005

Pardon Me?

This headline is rather telling, isn't it?

Israel's Decision to Retaliate Returns Tension to Middle East
By Cihan News Agency
Published: Friday 20, 2005
Top-level Israeli military officers met as Palestinian armed group HAMAS attacked Jewish settlements, and decided on immediate reprisals for these kinds of attacks. Anti-Sharon slogans were chanted at the funeral of a Hamas member, who was killed by Israeli troops as Palestinian groups committed two counter attacks on Israeli settlements by using Qassam missiles. One person was injured in the attack. Meanwhile, the Israeli Military Court sentenced an Israeli Sergeant to 18 months imprisonment for killing a Palestinian trying to fix a TV antenna on a roof in October 2003.


I guess the Qassam missiles were just an attempt at a friendly conversation? There would have been no tension if Israel had just let the bombs fall and keep falling and maybe kill a few people. Nope, self-defense is evil! EVIL! At least if it is Israel defending herself.

Really Israel. For shame. Next time we are bombed, remember to send flowers.

Posted by Rachel Ann at May 20, 2005 01:46 PM
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