June 13, 2006


Has anyone heard an apology from all those quick to condemn Israel for the deaths on Gaza beach, now that it turns out the Palestinans are at fault? Still hear the term war criminal in relationship to these deaths?

Israel did launch an attack on a car bearing Katyusha rockets which were on their way to being launched against Israel. Supposedly among the dead were two children, but, oddly, there is no mention, or even hint of the children's ages, and as the report of the children's death comes from the Palestinians...well, it could be. It is also not clear where the children were; in the car (and if so why for heaven's sake?) or outside the car when the second missle landed?

And I find it strange that some are labeling this as a failed air strike. Exactly what was the failed part?

If civilians died, especially children, it is indeed very sad. The solution is for the Arab civilians living in Gaza to tell the terrorist to stop using them as human shields and to stop launching attacks against Israel and her citizens in the first place.

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like those horrid Jewish mother guilt trip jokes, but this isn't funny

Posted by: muse at June 13, 2006 08:09 PM
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