August 15, 2004

PaPa PaPa


I have to say, I spent the whole day deep in thought regarding the sad and deplorable condition of the Palestinians security prisoners. I mean, I read on Arutz 7 how they have NO COMPUTERS in their cells. Now, really. Geneva convention, where are you?

To show our support for these murderouspoor prisoners, I am launching a campiagn. It is called Pa Pa. That stands for:
Pandas bears, Pampers Pablum and Pacifiers. (I'm going with a PA theme here.) We will make up care packages and send them to these vicious deprived men. Think how happy they will be, with their pacies and their pablum.

So have a heart. Send a killer a care package today; I mean think of your choices; would you want to help any of these children instead?

So send those pandies people!

Posted by Rachel Ann at August 15, 2004 07:54 PM
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