September 02, 2005


I received this article in my e-mail. I am so throughly and completely disgusted by the Israeli government now. What is with our government? They let terrorist go home, why not this woman?

Reprinted below for your convience.(via Voice of Judea)

Please consider signing the pettition and helping if you can.

Meet Israel's youngest inmate - 9-month-old Miriam

by Moshe Ben Israel

The Youngest Israeli prisoner – 9 month old Miriam Medad

Etti Medad of Hebron, mother of nine and grandmother of two was arrested last month with three of her children, nine-month-old Miriam, two year-old David, and five-year-old Yehuda, after she refused to appear in court for her second retrial on charges of participating in an illegal protest against the destruction of Livnat Ozeri's house on Hill 26 in Hebron, two years ago. Etti and her nine-month-old baby remain in prison together for the duration of the trial - something that may take many months.

The fact that Etti was tried and found not guilty of these very same charges in the past, as well as the fact that the case was again closed after it had been reopened a second time has not discouraged the Israeli prosecution from re-opening the case a third time. All of this coupled with the fact that the charges leveled against her are merely misdemeanors have not hampered the prosecution's ability to have Etti and her baby Miriam arrested and detained for the duration of the new trial.

Mishalot Yisrael, the Israeli referendum organization, in conjunction with the group Honenu have embarked upon a national campaign to free Etti and Miriam. Those who wish either to contribute funds to help defray the cost of printing posters and advertising or to help collect signatures demanding their release can contact Mishalot Yisrael at 0544876709 or send a donation to Mishalot Yisrael – POBOX 6592 Jerusalem, Israel 91060

To protest online, please visit .

All signatures will be printed out, faxed and delivered to the President and to the Attorney General of Israel. Please distribute and forward this article anywhere you can.

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They're not related, though I'd be proud if they were.

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