October 07, 2004

Taba Hotel Bombing

The Taba Hilton, located in the Sinai was hit by a terrorist bomb today; the hotel was filled to capacity. Many its patrons were Israeli's who went to the Sinai during the Succot holiday. Egypt at first reported the explosion as a gas leak. At least 30 have been killed and 40 injured. The wounded are being evacuated to Israeli hospitals. Egypt initially delayed rescue attempts by Israeli emergency personel, but MDA has now been allowed in.

According to Arab radio, Hamas has claimed responsiblity.

There are reports of two more blasts in nearby areas.

Many Israeli's have been making their way on foot to the border.

Arutz 7 has extensive covering and complete updates on the bombings.

Other sources of information can be found here and here

Please G-d, just please. No more. Help the injured. Comfort those who have lost their loved ones.

Posted by Rachel Ann at October 7, 2004 11:11 PM
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