October 07, 2004

Oh Why Don't I Like Me?

My own blog wouldn't talk to me. I tried to access her and she kept telling me she wasn't there. Liar! I knew she wsa home and just hiding behind the sofa.

Maybe she knew my brain was blank; at least of big important things to say. Well, if that is how she feels I'm sending people elsewhere to read:

David Boxenhorn from Rishon Rishon gives a great explanation of Simchat Torah/Shmini Aseret the holiday that just ended for me. I don't blog about the religous aspects as much because he does such a good job of it.

Meryl Yourish makes some very astute comments about Israel, the UN and the Paletinians. (she also has some cute pics of her cat.) I humbly agree.

Hate those blood tests? You've got invisible veins? Medical science has heard you! And AMCGLTD will tell you about it. Read the article as well.

And NATURE IS PROFLIGATE has a very interesting piece on bird courtship, herbs and sex selection. I love this stuff. I'm reading two books now that relate; THE WOMAN WHO NEVER EVOLVED about dominance and submission in the animal world and how it relates to humans, and NATURAL PARENTING. Does anyone else find this stuff absolutely fascinating? Anyway, after reading about the birds, follow her link to the Loom.

Rambling's Journal 's deals with a very grim aspect of abortion. A friend of mine who became a nurse-midwife can testify to the fact that a child was born alive at 5mns after and abortion and simply left to die. Horrible, just horrible. I understand abortion for medical reasons, I understand abortion due to rape or incest. I understand an abortion because the child would live an incredibly horrific life due to whatever genetic illness it was suffering from (Tay sachs etc.) I might not agree with abortion in all the above cases (for me the health of the mom is the only reason to allow an abortion) but I don't understand the persistence in killing the child or not doing all one can to help it survive. It is out of the mom then, her rights to terminate stop and the baby should receive all the help it can.

Posted by Rachel Ann at October 7, 2004 09:30 PM

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