November 13, 2004

Turn it About

I have been stewing over the honor guard and the huge praise being heaped on the now dead terrorist; I've been feeling the anger and bile rise in my throat and torture my mind. Would people praise Saddam Husseiin this way? Or Osama Bin Laden? Yet this mega-murderer is receiving accolades from paper after paper.

How can one fight this?
I know one way.
Give to those who have been most affected by his vileness and cruelty.
One Family, who I've blogged about before, aides those who are the victims of terror. Support the Magen Dovid Adom; the Israeli emergency medical service.
Support the IDF.

Terrorism can be fought in many ways; we can't all go to war. But we can minimize the damage that has been done.

Thank you.

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 13, 2004 08:50 PM

It is truly bizarre that Arafat is being recognized as being some kind of hero. The U.S.A. who refuses to offend anyone, even a known terrorist, has not made any bad remarks about him.
I feel like everyone needs a good slap in the face. Arafat was not a "good guy"!!!!! Is this a news flash????

Posted by: Robin P at November 14, 2004 02:11 AM
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