September 30, 2004


That is how our Succah felt like last night; and my poor dh and sons withstood the heat and mosquitos and lights which we forgot to put on a timer so they were on the whole night, trials and tribulations, until morning. Poor guys! It really was miserable for them. A lot of men came back inside during the early mornings it had become so uncomfortable. It was unseasonably warm all day.

Luckily it is already cooler and we can turn out the lights...and I'm going to recommend my dh spray the Succah before he goes to bed.

I hope tonight proves more comfortable for them.

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Pool Warning System

It broke my heart when I read Kris's comment and learned about Luke. I am certain his parents were vigilant and on top of things. Unfortuntely accidents happen; it is impossible for parents to be everywhere, all the time, or to so lock up a pool that the an active and adventurous child can not enter. One site that I read states quite clearly that most accidents happen when the parent has been supervising the child; it only takes two seconds to drown. Parents are not gods; we can not see everything.

There are a lot of new types of alarms available these days that can help alert a parent that a child has strayed into the area. There are various alarms now available to alert parents that their child is in the area, or have fallen into the pool. Unfortunatly this information is not widely known.

If you have a pool, even if you are not a parent but there are many children in the area, these devices could save lives.

Again, I pray for Luke's full recovery, and pray for his parents as well. Luke's mother is also pregnant; may she have a healthy delivery, and a healthy child.

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September 29, 2004

This is the last post of the day; perhaps my last post period; or the last one anyone will read, having, after reading this, deemed me crazy. But I feel a strong urge to write. And I'm just going to write, without correction, close my eyes and post.

Ever since I was a child, a young child, I don't know of what age, I felt this fear about me, that the only place I was safe, as a Jew, was Israel. The Holocaust was not overly stressed to me--- my family did not die in the holocaust. All were in the USA. But, I don't know why, there was in me, since a very young age, the feeling that it wouldn't last long. That something, I don't know what, was to occurr in America and it wouldnn't be safe.

9/11 did not drive us here. I did not come because of what happened that day. It didn't really impact that way on me. Yes, I was terriifed and upset and mournful and enraged, but that wasn't it. I always felt that wayy. I thought I was crazy. I thought it me.

But more and more I'm hearing people echo my thoughts in one way or another. Not directly, not the same way. Just a fear creeping in to other's conversations.

I really am worried. I am really worried for every Jew, whether my direct family or not, who live outside of Israel.

Oh I am not claiming prescients. I have no great fame in that direction. Idon't reember a slew of dreams that have occurred that came true. I usually can't tell who is on line before I pick it up. I can't tell you what I think will happen, it is just fear. And the fear isn't for those who aren't Jewish, but then I am Jewish and that is how my feelings may be directed.

So, like I said, closing my eyes and going to post here's a plea; if you really can't make it to Israel now, please be aware, keep your eyes open. Be ready.

I love my family and I love my friends and I fear for them. And if you want to call me crazy that's okay, but the fear is there, and I wouldn't speak if the love wasn't there also.

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Tonight is the first night of Succot and my family and I will be outside, enjoying the beautiful air, hopefully good tasting food, and listening to other's do the same; so you won't be hearing from me till afterwards. I am very behind in everything I shoudl have done till now to get ready because everyone was so ill; the Succah is not yet decorated, the food isn't cooked, the house is once again a mess (but it gets that way over-night. Everyone is innocent of the mess of course.)

Anyway, for those of you who the word "succah" and "succot", "lulav and esrog" bring up no real images, try here and here for some information.

Tomorrow we will be having a Succah hop; going from one Succah to another to eat and talk; hopefully by then I'll be up to it.

And we bought a folding table!!! Yippee! So now we can have guests!

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September 28, 2004

Okay, but the Beards Got to Go

Aka, another silly quiz, via absinthe & cookies.

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

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Your Best Friend Could Save Your Life

Dogs are proving more and more invaluable to human lives; they are protectors. help the lost find their way, companions for the lonely and the ill,they guide the blind, , and help the deaf, they can detect an
epileptic seizure, and now, apparently, they can detect cancer.

I don't know if they would ever be used in treatement, but maybe we all need to start learning to talk dog. There could be a whole slew of things they are trying to tell us, if only we could understand them.

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Do you ever feel unreal? As if you didn't count? As if you were but an extra in someone else's dreams? That you made no mark and would make none; that no one would find your grave? Do you ever feel as if you screamed, but no sound came out, or worse, the sound was there but no one cared?

Do you ever feel like that?

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All Fall Down

Yesterday was so fun I want to tell you! Whatever the heck we have laid us all out; the only two to escape the wrath of Terminator were my older two sons. I hit the sack at around 7 as did the Artist and the Monkey, neither of whom are very good at going to bed early. My dh followed soon afterward. Not only was our stomachs affected, but our muscles as well. I couldn't move; my arms and legs aching like crazy and walking across the room hurt like hell. I missed the parent teachers conference and my girls are going to miss the last day of school till vacation is over.

This has been a killer virus that has hit the whole community, some families twice. I felt very bad for my neighbor; the husband was sick over Yom Kippur, not fun at all!

I suppose that is one of the drawbacks of living in a small community. All the kids are in the same schools, play with the same people when they come home, we all go to the Makolet, work together, pray together. We are bound to share the bad as well as the good.

I still feel as if I've been knocked over by that proverbial mac truck. I am just hoping this is no a harbinger of things to come.

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September 27, 2004

No I Don't Know What Happened to My Banner

It just disappeared. I hope that it means the person fixing up my blog is fixing up my blog. If it isn't better by tomorrow than someone HELP!!!

In the meantime:

The Artist threw up in school. Her friend told her to go home but she didn't want to leave and waited till the day ended. Then on the way home she just ran out of energy and is waiting the kind administrations of her brother, the Wit to come help her home. Brother not mother or father because we are also under the weather.

Oh what a day this is turning out to be!

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Mazel Tov

To the members of the Israeli Paraympics team for their great wins in the games. A total of 13 medals were won, 5 bronze, 4 silver, and 4 gold. Many members of the team sustained their injuries while defending Israel and her citizens. But whenever and however they recieved their injuries, they have honored this country with their spirit, their persistence and their will to do more and move beyond their "limitations."

Congratulations to them all.

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And it is Always Fun at Our House

I'm downstairs in front of my adored one (the computer) when I hear a sharp cry from upstairs; the Monkey has awoken. I go up, thinking she has to go to the bathroom, but that isn't it---her tummy hurts. But the Monkey often complains about her tummy. Still the sharp cry was unusual. But in a few minutes she falls back asleep so I dismiss it; a dream maybe. A few moments later she wakes again, this time the dh goes to her, and again she settles down, and I head off for the bathroom. I'm just about to re-emerge when there is a knock and a little voice goes

"Ima, I have to throw...."

She sure did. All over the floor in front of hte bathroom. All I could do was sit there and pat the child and try not to get in the way of the spray.

Got her cleaned up, dh got the floor, the lucky guy, got her all cozy in my bed: but it was a restless night. She went back and forth between my bed and my dh's bed and threw up once more before drifting off into a sound sleep.

And all I can think of is "how long will it last" and "who's next?"

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September 26, 2004

More Praise For The Artist

The Artist had a test today; in one of her Jewish studies class; it was on the recent and up-coming holidays. There were ten questions, three of which she was to try and answer in Hebrew (the rest she could answer in English). She only got this paper on Thursday and that is when she learned of the test, and as I said, Shabbat/Yom Kippur she fasted. Still, despite all that, she got 100% on the test and answered two in Hebrew.

I'm so very proud. I know, I brag about my kids too much; even they say so. But they make me so happy. And it's my blog!

She also got an A+ on her spelling test. (English)

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Delta Flyer Miles Anyone?

via civilization calls

Chief Wiggles is asking your help to help a little girl, nicknamed Tabby, who is suffering from a disorder called hemangioma; they have doctors who are willing to operate her, but they have to bring her to South Carolina.

Can anyone reading this blog donate their Delta travel miles? I promise you, if I had miles to give I would, but I don't, I can only ask. Please go to this post to find information on how to donate your miles.

There is a Jewish saying, "he who saves a life, saves a world." Who knows what wonderful gifts this child can bring to the world if we can only bring her to America for corrective surgery?

Change a child's life, change the world.

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Saving Fertility

On Thursday of last week, September 23, a woman who had her ovaries removed and then transplanted back into her body following cancer treatment, successfully gave birth to a baby girl. She conceived the child naturally.

This is quite a development and offers great hope to women who are going through medical treatment that could affect the ovaries and render them infertile.

May Tamara ring her family lots of nachas (pleasure), and may she live till 120 years, all in good health of body, mind, heart and soul.

Via ThymeWise.(one of the great blogs found via What She Said)

I love science!

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The Wisdom of Torah

I am an Orthodox Jew, and I have been an Orthodox Jew since I was in my teens; slowly through those years taking on new more of the Mitzvot (commandments) that I felt G-d had laid out for me.

I am not always a happy mitzvah doer; like following traffic laws even when the streets are empty, and no police or radar or cameras are around, I sometimes felt---Really, why must I? Okay, I knew G-d was always watching, but it is sometimes hard to keep that sensation in mind.

No, I would sit there on Shabbat and think; this really is the day to DO my needlework; nothing else is calling my attention away. Why shouldn't I do so? Or have a hot; calming and restful. Or Kashrut; come on! You know how difficult it can be finding kosher food in the middle of nowhere? How is that for a vacation, to go take half your fridge with you and have to cook along the way? Tahart Hamishpacha? Laws of family purity; so if I get the hots for my dh smack in the middle of the tumah (ritually unfit, not unclean) days, when sex is forbidden, and I just have to hold off? Now how is that helpful to love and marriage?

But slowly through the years I have come to learn the wisdom of the Torah and have decided, well G-d really did know what He was doing when he made the laws.

Take Shabbat and forgoing favorite activities; were I to do my needlework I know the day would come when someone needed a button sewed on, a skirt hemmed mended; all the things I never have time for during the week would become "Saturday jobs" because Saturday is the day off... and slowly I would find my Shabbat spent on tasks not Torah.

Lovemaking whenever I want? Desire builds; I wait, and it becomes a date. I time we have worked for and planned for, quietly. A bit of spice.

The laws of mourning, which have not yet fallen upon me, and G-d willing never will (the Moshiach should come before they are necessary), became sensible and wise after watching a friend of mine go through the week of Shiva for his mother, who died almost a year ago, suddenly and tragically. His sister, who is not religious, at first felt the restrictions foolish...but through the week she found and I saw how helpful the laws were in helping a person get past their grief and onto the road of acceptance. It doesn't make the pain diminish, but the laws for the incumbent upon the mourners (7 close relatives---mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, husband, wife) the not bathing, not changing one's clothes, sitting on low chairs or stools, not going out, covering the mirror, gives everyone in the house a chance to come to terms with what has happened, even if they are not the mourners to come to terms with what has occurred.

The older I get the more I see the wisdom and kindness in the laws that G-d gave us, and how they help us go through the days, respect the earth and the world given to us, and respect each other.

I may have started my journey into Orthdox Judaism because I felt that it was the right path, even if I didn't like it, but as I progress I am coming to learn that not only do I love the laws, but they love me; that they are G-d's way of wrapping His arms about me and supporting me through life.

I'm providing a link to Simon's excellent piece on Yom Kippur because it, and the comments that followed are what inspired this post.

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September 25, 2004

Where are all the Female Bloggers?

That was the question on at least some bloggers minds several months back; and the answer is partially here. And it is a good list so far. I'll will spend sometime looking up new blogs and rolling those that interest me.
But the list is only, and deliberately partial, because as the webmistress here, they are currently only dealing with the left side. Currently; future plans might include other sides. And my question is why start with such a limitation?

I can understand wanting to list only political bloggers, as the crux of the question was about political bloggers. But women are not a uniform group, and if the goal is to hear all women's voices, we need to hear them all.

I don't know how you would plug me in terms of left right or whatever; Alas has me to the right on his blogroll. Someone else might throw me into left field. Am I pro-choice or anti-choice? Depends on where you sit. Am I a feminist? What do you mean by a feminist?

I believe that at birth each person in the world is unique, and has a unique set of abilities and potential that can't be, in any way shape or form, determined by their sex, aside from reproductive possibilities. Does that make me a feminist? Does the fact that I feel that there are certain religious tasks that belong to a man alone mean I'm not? Who is the judge?

In any case, I hope the owners of the web-site change their mind and start adding other sides immediately. I think it would prove interesting to see an issue debated from several, all female points of view. But in the meantime, if you've been wondering where all the women voices are, go look there, and you'll find some interesting liberal ones....I am headed there now for a few.

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Proud Mommy Moment

I just wanted to brag to the world that my 10.5 year old, the Artist, fasted the whole fast. No food or water till after the Shofer was blown. She decided to do this on her own! Had to say that first.

As is customary, directly after Yom Kippur fast ends, after one has eaten and rested a bit, families begin working on their Succot. All over the Yishuv are the sounds of hammering and tinkering and building of these small booths which we will eat in and the men in most cases will sleep in for 7 days, starting Wednesday night. In some cases the whole family sleeps outside; our Succot isn't big enough for that though. It is really one of my favorite seasons of the year and one of my favorite holidays.

Maybe it is partly do to the feeling of being cleansed by Yom Kippur and the sense of relief that whatever has been decided has been decided. Maybe it is the sense of community; we are no longer inside, but outside; we can clearly see and hear each other going in and out and at meals. Last year we had a Succot hop; going to each Succah in turn and eating a bit of food in each place. We will do the same again this year. Maybe it is the season; it is cooler outside, but not so cold as to be uncomfortable. It is in some ways perfect weather. Maybe it is the idea of living outside for a few days; camping in style. Whatever it is I always feel awakened and refreshed during this time, and life seems like one big smile.

Hope those who are celebrating enjoy the season!

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September 24, 2004

G'mar Tov

My prayers for the day; may everyone who is fasting have a safe and easy fast. May we all be written in the book of good health and fortune. May Hashem keep us all safe and may this be the year of redemption. And a special prayer for the soldiers who are risking their lives to keep us safe. I can't think of a more difficult day to have to don a uniform.

Rishon Rishon has given a wonderful explanation of Yom Kippur; not only am I loathe to try and do what is already done so well, but he does all that fancy Hebrew words and such as well! I can't top him!

Take care well, and safe and healthy.

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The Pied Piper

Almost everytime I take the dog for a walk I achieve my dream; a large following. Or rather I should say my dog Caesar gets my dream; Children from the surrounding houses forget their play and come down to watch and be with me as I walk the dog. There are other dogs on the Yishuv, I assure you! But here they come, sometimes as many as 10, usually about three or four devoted followers.

Most of the time they stay behind him or far ahead, repeating, even though the don't know English, the phrase they have often heard me say "Comeon!" clapping their hands at him and fleeing when he obeys.

The braver ones approach from behind, and quickly run an hand down Caesar's flank; should he turn, they scatter. Some think the safest body part to grab is his tail---luckily for them Caesar is one of those dogs who is not disturbed by much of anything. I stop them of course, for Caesar's sake as well as their own; most other dogs aren't likely to be as tolerant. One I see a child approach from head on I know they have their own dog.

What is of gratest interest to them is; poop and pee. One would think "caci and peepee " are fairly regular experience with most human kind, but these kids are utterly fascinated everytime he does his stuff and there is running commentary on what he is doing at the moment; I feel like I'm at a sports event! "Look at that stream of yellow ladies and gentlemen. have you ever seen a dog pee so long? or "And will he poop, he's croching, he's extending his cheeks...YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS ladies and gentlemen, he is evacuating his bowels!"

Then I have to stoop down and clean up his little gifts. Maybe I should hold it up and shout VICTORY!!!!

(sigh) Playing sidekick to a dog.

So who stole your fantasy?

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September 23, 2004

A Jolt in the Morning

A big day was planned for the Artist today. She and her friends are going as a group to the Kotel, the Western Wall. Two buses full of children heading out in the wee hours of the morning (4 a.m.) to pray. Then they'll do a quick tour of the area and come home in about two hours.

About ten minutes to hour, a few minutes before we were to leave to the bus site we heard a loud explosion. The house rocked. The trisim, (glorified venitian blinds) rattled. I froze. It sounded so near. With a great deal of trepedetion I went to the door, sent the Artist upstairs and went outside.

Nothing. I could see nothing. Sound carries so far, and we are in the mountains; perhaps something on one of the other mountains? But I could see no smoke, no anything across from us.

We went to the bus stop, and I was still shaking, trying not to let on. Of course we were all talking about what occured, what it could be. Perhaps a sonic boom?

I came home after seeing my daughter off, turned on the news, looked on the internet. Nothing. What was it?

I went back to bed, fearing that I would hear the phone ring. But we have to live a normal life.

It wasn't till a few moments ago that I learned what happened.

I am quiet about the exact location of where I live for a reason. but I tell myself that sound carries for a reason also, across the mountains to where we live to remind us that we are all one family, to remind us, that when one of my fellow Jews is in danger, then I am also.

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September 22, 2004

Yes, that was were the Bombing was

These were among the first words my husband said to me when coming home. "I got a tremp from French Hill, and yes that was were the bombing was"---eight hours earlier.

The two police who died gave their lives to protect those who waited for the buses and for a "tremp" a ride back to their homes. If that guard had not stopped her, hand not prevented her from being on that bus.....

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Quiz Time

I'm in that kind of a mood; feeling stretched out and needing a break from reality.
So, do you think this is me?

What Is Your Animal Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla

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September 21, 2004

Hostage Situation

One hostage is known to be dead, one is most likely dead, one probably will be dead. I can't think of it without being drawn into this sense of rage and hopelessness; I can't imagine how the familoes are feeling. I know I am only feeling one little bit of their pain.

But I want to know; by blogging on the deaths, am I part of the problem or part of the solution? If we just ignored the events...hard to do, I know, but if the world media would agree to underplay it, to simply state their names and focus on the people who died and not the "message" of these beasts, would these horrific, vile acts end?

My condolensces to the family of the man who died, Eugene Armstrong. My prayer go out to the family of Jack Hensley, please G-d may it be that they have lied. And to the family of Kenneth Bigley; I hope and pray for a miracle for your son and brother.

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Bush and Israel

Not that I have the skills to do this well, but I'm debating with Soccor Dad on the issue of Bush and his stance on Israel. Here's his first post, and my two comments are below.. I didn't realize the first comment had gone in...and here's his second post on the subject.

I have a feeling most of you will agree with Soccer Dad on this issue; but I would like to hear what everyone has to say. (p.s. I have no idea what I did to cause four trackback pings...I thought I just pinged the two sites...But obviously I did something dumb).

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Bunny Takes on The World

Meryl wants you to vote for the best bunny pic and....well, just go read her post and vote.
I should warn you it isn't exactly g-rated.

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Sad Encounters

Pincushion writes about her encounters withh racism. Go read her excellent post on the subject.

It is hard enough to live in a land that one wasn't born too; but to have to endure cruelty as well! Since I came here I can well understand the frustrations of immigrants to the USA, who are trying to learn the language (or slang and expressions) perhaps doing it poorly, perhaps misunderstanding customs or habits. Yes, it must be learned but it takes time, and the older one is when one enters a new land the harder it can be.

Anyone who is fool enough to judge this very charming woman based on her skin color deserves the loss of the relationship. A kinder, more caring person is hard to find..

It is there problem really Pincushion; just go on being the wonderful person you are and don't worry about the fools.

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My Friend Has Been Ill

Go say hi and cheer her up! She's one of the sweetest people I know! And her blog si fantastic.

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Preaching to the Choir

Arutz 7 has presented a contrast between what the Palestinian Authority (ie Arafat) presents to the Western public, and what it presents to the Arab public via the PA television.

I do not think I need to reiterate here what was said over there. Most people who read this blog realize that Hanan Ashrawi is no real advocate of peace; that her words are just for show, just to convince the Western public that there may be a chance--- if only Israel would just make these few concessions. She is an appealing choiice; she speaks English well, has a professional cast, and while stern looking is also rather motherly. As her signature on the petition to end suicide bombings show, her concern is with the political fallout and not the deaths of innocent citizens, or even the Palestinian men and women who kill themselves. It is death that motivates her. Death of Israel.

My hope is G-d. I do believe that in the end Israel will be free from terror, that the Moshiac (Messiah) will arrive and bring peace and harmony to the world. But I also believe that we are in a partnership with G-d and that we must make an effort. But what good does my ranting do if those who adore Ashwari and Arafat and the like will not even take the time to view what this woman is about, and what Arafat is about? When they simply clap at her words without investigation?

A just and lasting peace needs to begin with JUSTICE and truth. Who are the Palestinian people in the first place? Why do they deserve a piece of the land? And who should be responsible for giving that land to them? And who should represent them? And; what do the "Palestinian people" really want for themselves?

I think you know my answer to those questions.

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Bad Idea; A Really Bad Idea

Please tell me this couple graduated from nowhere.

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September 20, 2004

My Thinking Exactly

I agree, Avner Shimoni, completely.

And I think they should retrun the torn up pieces to Sharon. Yonaton Bassai, head of the Evacuation Authority (lovely sounding department isn't it?). And wouldn't it be neat if the Prime Minister and the Yonaton received a torn piece of paper with the words NO DISENGAGEMENT written on them from everyone who feels the idea of making the Gush Judenrein is a bad idea. Maybe Bush could receive such also.

Just a thought.

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September 19, 2004


I was reading the Jerusalem Post online edition today; what I found makes me realize I should have made this paper a daily read. A new feature, begun September 3, is a blog, updated daily, circumstances allowing, of the Deputy Managing Editor of the paper who is on miluim (reserve duty). Today's entry, to which I am linking, is fascinating. I haven't had time yet to go through his other entries (listed at the bottom of the last page) but I do plan to try and catch him daily.

I am just going to include a short quote from the article here, in case you haven't already gone over there and read the article.

A few minutes later, a taxi arrived with two men sitting inside and a large cardboard box on the back seat. "What's this?" "His child died in the hospital and we're taking it back to its mother," the driver explained. "But what's in the box?" "The child." I waved him on quickly. Afterwards, we speculated that it could have been a trick and something else could have been inside. But none of us said that we would have been willing to open and inspect the box.

Imagine having to make a decision like that; open the box and expose a pain that cuts deep into the soul of any parent. Allow it to go on and speculate, as they did, that it was something else. Do you check or not check? I can't imagine having to make that type of decision; one that could affect hundreds of lives.

Those men and women at the checkpoints are brave beyond belief. Any one of those trying to enter could have very evil intentions; they may also simply want to go into the city to shop. They don't wish to harm or disrespect or cause pain to tthose who want to enter; they also don't want to die, or to learn that if only they had looked or inspected more carefully, that car, that man or woman or child who seemed to have such a pressing need, lives would have been saved.

Kudos to them for being there.

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View image

Happy birthday to you Pixy; didn't know it was your birthday till a little moose told me.
I hope you are having a wonderful day. Until 120 years of life all in good health of body, mind, heart and soul.

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Never, ever go into a business relationship with a friend. We were warned about them before we made this deal,but the person who warned us had never been involved in a deal with them and the information was second hand. We should have cheked it out, because we now rue our deal with them.

We are not only left with out much needed funds but there is a deep bitterness in my heart about the whole issue.

What irks me most is I think they realize what a barrel they have us over; we can't possibly fly back to the US and make things right. Meanwhile we are losing money on an item we can't use daily.

Friends should not go into business with friends. One learns too much about the other.

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September 18, 2004

Thank You All

For your wonderful Rosh Hashanah greetings.It was so nice coming back to my nethome and finding all those messages.

I had a lovely three days of quiet and peace and introspection. It was nice getting away from the noise and the bustle and the worry. I realize as I get older the wisdom of not being able to turn on the t.v. or computer, or pick up the phone. Each week I have a mini-retreat from the world. This was a three day retreat because of the two days of Rosh Hashanah and Shabbat.

We ate most meals in, but one. I cooked up some great roasts, a delicious chicken, and lasgna.

Unfortunately the Artist is ill; headache and sore throat and we will probably have her throat cultured tomorrow. And tonight the Monkey began coughing; I hope she isn't getting sick as well.

Other than that, a perfect holiday.

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We Had Steve For Dinner

Like a lot of couples my husband and I are, well, we don't always see eye to eye. He likes it cold, I like it hot, I think coffee should be taken intervenously, he thinks it is a posion whose only purpose is to keep one awake. He takes five teaspoons of sugar. I take one.

We differ also on our interpretation of Jewish law and what is important, what should be done.

Dh rule in this regard, but I am not voiceless.

Like all families we do the apple and honey and dip the Challah into honey instead of salt to indicate our wishes, hopes, prayers for a sweet year.

But there are also lots of other "simonim"which many other families do; foods put out on the table for Rosh Hashanah that are, well, I guess the best way to explain it would be little prayers.There's the pomegranate, because supposedly the pomegranate has 613 seeds, and there are 613 mitzvot, there's the beets, because the word for beet and the word for remove are similar (in Hebrew/Aramaic) and we are asking that our enemies be removed. Go here and here are places to explore more.

And then there is the head of a fish or sheep, that we would like to be like the head and not the tail.

Dh does not like all the little simonim. I like them. But for the most part they aren't done.

But every year I make a whole fish and serve that at the meal, head and all. (We are in agreement about the sheep head. BLECH!!!)

My dh doesn't really go for fish all that much.

Which brings us to Steve.

I set out the fish. The Monkey covers her faces and screams; "I can't eat him! He's too cute!" The Agent claims the fish is staring at him. The Artist just sits there, quietly looking down at her plate.

And the Wit launches into a long story about how poor Steve was the head of the class till I caught him and cooked him, thus cutting short a promising and productive life.

All and all he was good tasting; he didn't even need salt..

And afterward we ate George, the chicken.

(yeah, this is how dinner goes in my house. Please tell me its like that at your house too!)

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September 15, 2004


According to Jewish philosophy tonight, September 15th, is the New Year for the whole world; the time of judgement. Traditionally we greet each other with a wish "May you be inscribed in the book of life"

To all my readers, to the world really, May this be a year of peace and prosperity good health for us all. May all those who are ill be healed, those who are poor find sustenance, and those who are sad become joyful.

I'll be back Saturday or Sunday night.

Take care everyone...

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September 14, 2004

Childrn's Books

Several years ago, I think about Passover time, but it could have been Sukkot time as well, there was a show on PBS called WIT. It was the story of a professor of literature who finds out she is dying of cancer.

There is one scene in the book where her professor comes to visit her; she is in her last days, can barely move, looks awful. "Read to me" she begs her visitor. And this elderly woman, who looks as if she hasn't read anything execept for classics for years, searches about her and pulls out a slim book from a bag she is carrying on her arm, a gift for her grandchild; "The Runaway Bunny" and begins to read.

"Oh, how clever" she chirps after a few minutes. "An allegory of the soul!" and as she reads she deconstructs the book on that basis.

While I doubt that is what the author had in mind when she penned this beloved tale, I often find that well written children's books have in them something much deeper than they are given credit for. Forced to be brief, forced to be simple, each sentence must carry a wallop. They are like Japanese paintings; a simple line becoming a bird, a swirl becoming a bud on a branch.

Two of my favorite children's books are "Dogger" which is the story of sibling love, and self sacrifice, and "The Red Umbrella." which is about sharing and counting. Neither book lectures; both books allow the story to deliver the message. Sweet and cheerful without being sugary, emphasizing qualities that one would want ones children to emulate but not allowing the message to dominate the storyline, these books and similar have a place on the shelf of every child. I did not discover these books till the Artist came into our lives. I wish I had them earlier.

These are books I intended to purchase once I know a creepy-deep grandchild is on their way; I have a list of my favorites; Dogger and the Red Umbrella, as I mentioned before, The Little Engine that Could, What Do You Say are some of the ones I would choose.

What are some of your favorite children's books? What books would you purchase for your children/grandchildren in anticipation of their births?

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September 13, 2004

Help Autisitc Children

Stengthen the Good is highlighting its second charity; The Brent Woodall Foundation For Exceptional Children

Brent Woodall was one of those who lost their lives in the world trade center on 9/11. At the time his wife Tracy was five weeks pregnant. Their child was born on April 22nd 2002. In his memory Tracy started a charity to provide free-care giving education to families of autistic children. Tracy and Brent had talked about starting such a charity prior to his death.

For those who have been long term readers of my blog, you know that I have more than a passing interest in autistic children. The child I took care of for about 6 months is autistic. The toll on the family is great; this is a wonderful way to honor the memory of her husband---helping those who must shoulder the burden of care, and thus helping their children. This help can make a great difference in the lives of the children and their families.

You may read more about the charity here.

As they do not yet have the cabalities of accepting donations over the internet, donations can be made via the STRENGHTEN THE GOOD paypal account; or send check directely to:

Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children
106 Denton Tap Road
STE 210-PMB 333
Coppell, TX 75019

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Missing Woman

David A, from In Search of Utopia, has posted a flyer about a missing woman. Tamika Antonette Houston, a 24 year old female, has been missing since late May early June. She was last seen in Spartanburg South Carolina.

Please go to his site, view the poster and the information, as well as the website set up by her family and read the media bulletins as they contain pertinent information. Anything you can do to help. I am adding her to my prayer list.

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Hafgana on Behalf of the Jews from Gaza

I could not attend this hafgana (rally)--another article, this one from the post here.; I wish I could have, and fully support the message. I strongly feel that giving away land is not likely to bring peace, and is in fact more likely to bring more terror. As I stated here, the Palestinians seem to agree with me. Pressure must be brought upon Sharon to cease from this foolishness, and pressure must also be placed on the free world's leaders to stop calling for Jews to be expelled from land they have lived on for years, land they have developed, cared for and BOUGHT from the owners.

Rewarding terror leads to terror in the same way that if a child hits another child and we give them the desired object, take it from the other child's hand to end the fight, the child will learn to fight more.

Peace needs to come with reason. The peace of submission is not peace; ask any brutalized spouse, child. Ask the victims of bullies. What brings real lasting peace is the consensus that evil will not be allowed to go on.

Terror is a weapon precisely because we are afraid to stand up against it, and submit before it. We will be able to beat swords into plowshears when everyone understands that cutting down the innocent will lead to a greater loss for the attacker than for the assailed.

I wish I could have attended the rally. Personal issues kept me away. If anyone attended, please lmk from your personal experience what went on.

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September 12, 2004

What Would You Do?

Linda, of Auterific (one of my fave blogs) asked for topics;This being an election year I was absolutely boring and asked: -you are elected president. What five things would you hope to accomplish before you left after your 2nd term?(Yeah I'd vote for her twice, even though I don't agree with some of her
platforms) Anyway, she answers here.

My five would be;

1. Health care. I agree with Linda here. I think everyone should recieve quality health care; both physical and psychological health. In addition everyone should be able to eat healthily, and have decent shelter. Yes this takes money; but these are basic obligations that I feel we owe each other. I also feel that healthier people are, for the most part, better able to contribute to the overall health of the nation. I would support funding into research to end, cure, prevent all the various diseases that plague our society, starting with alzheimers, ALS, MS, and genetic disorders.

2. Abortion; I would like to see abortion become a dinosaur. I would not ban abortion but would heavily fund education and alternatives, including open adoption, permanent custody (where the parent always retains some rights, at minimum the right to visit the child) advances in health care and the like.

3. Terrorism. I would work against terrorism in all forms throughout the world. Our armed forces should be well equipped with the best they can have.

4. Alternative energy; again I agree with Linda. My goals, would not only be to end dependence on foriegn countries for their energy but make that energy affordable to all, less polluting and safer.

5. Environment; I would work to beautify America, to make environmentalism and economic security and growth compatible.

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Go ahead and read Dragon Bear Cave. Let me say, I agree with her sentiments, I agree.

I am very worried that the current state of emotion in the election will have post-election consequences regardless of who wins Animosity kills. We are not each other's enemies. Fight the ideas that one finds abhorrent, but don't target people, not in political dabates. There is too much anger and cruety on both sides.

Eventually, and hopefully, no matter whose party wins this election, the other party will gain ascendency. I say hopefully, because if the USA becomes a one party nation than it will cease being America the Free; for if only one idea reigns it means other ideas have been killed. We should see a changing of the guards every few years. And we should feel, even if it is our party that lost, a sense of satifaction that the American way still stnds, still lives.

So heres's to the USA; the right to float ideas no one else likes, and the right to do that without having someone question one's right to call oneself and American.

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Meanwhile, a bit of a laugh

Hmm, I wonder if they have had any offers yet?
Scroll down to the third picture and take a look out the window.
I wonder if you get a free puppy with purchase?

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Vibes (aka as poor pathetic me)

Job hunting vibes; for my dh. I am seriously asking for them. Also, anyone who has a connection with a company that uses cobol/synon/AS400 and wouldn't mind a telecommuter.

My hand was aching last night; I sitll have to work. I know by the end of the day it will be worse. I can't continue with this housecleaning much longer. Something has to change; I am becoming, depleted.

So anyone with connections or suggestions please let me know.

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September 11, 2004

In Memory

Of those who lost their lives in 9-11, and those who gave their lives defending the USA and the free world.

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September 10, 2004

Beslan Survivors to be Flown to Israel

Israel will be flying child survivors of the Beslan siege, and their mothers to Israel for treatment. Funding for the trip is being supplied by the Michael Cherney Fund, which was created after the 2001 Dolphinarium suicide bomb attack in 2001.

Also, Hadassah Hospital in Israel has volunteered to help the victims with post-traumatic rehabilitation, both physical and psychological; offering to either send experts in Post-Traumatic Shock Syndrome to Russia to help those who are affected by the siege, or to bring those suffering, and their families to Israel's Hadassah hospital. The hospital is waiting for a definitive response from Russia.

My prayers are with the families for complete recovery of the injured, both physical and mental.

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A Beautiful, True, Story

Israel21c has an article on an amazing rescue that occured in Israel recently. Please go read. This brought tears to my eyes.

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Dog Shoots Man

This cretin got what he deserved.
Take a man, his dog, his dogs pups and a gun. What do you get? A man who thinks because he can't sell the dogs or give them away his only other choice is to SHOOT the pups.

Jerry Allen Bradford's female dog gave birth to seven puppys, such cuties! and were three months old, still unsold or wanted by anyone Brandford could find, so Brandford decided to kll them by shooting them in the head. He shot three (their bodies were found in a shallow grave) and had taken two more, one in each hand, while holding onto the gun. The dogs were wiggling and the dog in his left hand put his paws on the trigger and pulled, hitting the man in his wrist. He is facing felony animal cruelty charges. The family may be able to get the mother dog back, but the pups will be adopted. The mother and pupps are currently residing in Escambia County Animal Shelter, which I belive is in Pensacola Florida, so if you are in the area, and wanting a pup, stop and pick one of these up adorable creatures....before another storm hits (was Pensacola badly affected by the recent hurricane?)

Here's the thing; you own a dog, you own a responsibilty. NOT a play toy. Your obligation, if you don't get the dog spayed/neutered, is to take care of any dividends from dogs doing what comes naturally. Don't take on an animal, any animal, if you can't take on the responsibilty.

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The Truth Comes Out

via Arutz Sheva;

A new book, THE SEVENTH WAR, written by two journalist, one from Voice of Israel Radio and the othe from Haaretz, has come out, based on investigations and interviews with members of Hamas, in the Gaza Strip and in Israeli prisons.

Why, despite condemnations, and the loss of their own lives, the lives of their brother's, sister's, their own people, who are simply in the wrong place, do they continue the suicide bombings? From the article and the book.


“The Israeli left-wing and your ‘peace-camp’ are what ultimately encouraged us to continue to carry out suicide bombings. We tried, through our attacks, to create fragmentation and dissention within Israeli society, and the left-wing encouraged us in that regard. When we heard about the ‘Pilot’s Letter,’ the refuse-niks and the elite soldiers refusing to serve [in Judea, Samaria and Gaza –ed.] it strengthened our confidence in the effectiveness of the suicide bomber. The disengagement from Gaza is proof of our victory. The fact that Sharon is willing to withdraw unconditionally is basically equivalent to raising a white flag and retreating. Only by force are we able to teach the other side what to do.”

Concession and pity are seen as weaknesses. Giving in to one demand results in greater and greater demands, the ultimate goal not two states, but domination on the part of these Muslim extremist.

I say hit back and hit back hard not because I relish death, but the opposite; if we don't respond, if we don't stand strong, if we boot out the people from the Gush Katif, if we give into their demans, even minimally, they feel victorious and it gives them the strength to continue their reign of terror.

Israel must say "NO." Loudly and firmly, and so must the rest of the world. Otherwise there will be more death. Jewish deaths and Muslim deaths, and Christian deaths and deaths of Israelis, Americans, French, Australians, Russians, Indonesian and just name your country.

End the deaths by saying NO to these terrorist. And cut the pity.
The world suffers for it.

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September 09, 2004

Comment please

And drive that porno freak from my most recent comments section, or tell me how to delete it manually.

And how can I make him go away and stay away.

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G-mail and privacy

I always try and serve my customers. So I googled, what else was there to do? google, mail, privacy and gmail. Here's the policy aptly titled:
Gmail and Privacy
They do go into detail there, and cover the issues raised in the article.

Me: the simple fact is anything on your hard drive, anything one puts out over the computer, states over the phone, sends in a letter, can be compromised. Simple fact. People's diaries have been used against them in court; a step I think is foolish, out of bounds and should be illegal as diaries are used as personal sounding boards; they are not necessarily facts-- however, that is a side issue. Once something is written or expressed there is a chance, even if the person the information is related to, is a doctor or psychologist or religious clergy, for the information to be used against one in court. (Which is why one of the first things I do when someone is ranting about an ex online or some similar such situation is to warn them not to do so; what they say can be used in court against them, whether a rant to one's fave. e-mail list, best friend or on a blog.)

Is it possible that some sleaze bucket employed by gmail is reading my e-mail. Yes of course there is a possibility. But that possibility exists period. E-mail is collected and stored somewhere; anyone who has ever had a problem retrieving their e-mail and had to call the service provider can affirm that. The mail is stored, the service personnel will search through their database and try and find the problem; that sometimes means deleting the message with the problem. I know this as a fact because it has happened to me and they could tell me over the phone where the message originated from.

So, I'm not all bent out of shape and worried about gmail in particular. I wish these facts weren't so, but they are. We have a much more limited right to privacy than most of us realize. I don't know if it was ever really different; the change now is there are so many more ways for our thoughts to be taken without our expressed permission.

Sorry, I didn't mean for this to become so heavy.

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Warning! Warning!

via Funkalicious

Be prepared to be scared, creeped out and very afraid!

Um, by the way of have six free gmail accounts to give away.

Okay, could it be a problem? The simple fact is there is no secrets via the computer. Your hard drive saves all, it really doesn't erase. To keep a major secret you would have to destroy the hard drive, at least the way I understand it. And once you have sent an e-mail out, why the other person/person's have a copy of it. Same rules apply. If it gets misdirected (I've had things show up in my box, clearly not for me, with someone else's e-mail addy)
And you've put it out there, it is out there. The control was lost a long time ago.

So, I'm not too bent out of shape or worried.

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Another Wonderful Post

From a Scratched Pearl. Well, I have yet to read something of hers I didn't like, but read the entry for August 29th. It is very powerful.

I have finally done w hat I kept meaning to do; I've printed off her material and made my own personal book of her writings. And Dawn, please copywrite this stuff somewhere; please think of handing your writing into some publisher.

Till then, know that I've got one of your "books" at my house. Someday, when you have the books printed, and you are touring the world, I hope you land here. II'll be handing you a bunch of papers, well read by then, sealed into a plastic binder. I'll buy the book you wrote and ask you to please sign both.

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September 08, 2004

Mermaid Dreams

I was reading a very funny true story on NEPTUNE LEX You have to read it!

The story brought back some sweet memories of my own childhood dreams.

I loved the water as a child; I still do. I could never understand the Little Mermaid's choice. How could she pick the land of earth over the greatness of water? My goal in swimming as a child was to stay under as long as possible; to move without splashing, as if I were truly one with the water. The embrace of the
water about my body, the silence, the feeling of being safe and free at the same time; what could be better than being a mermaid? I would have fantasies as a child of discovering that, by some miracle, the vestigial gills within my body would begin working; tossed, or fallen, into the sea, this part of me, a secret part, would come alive and there I would be; home in the ocean.

I still would love that.

If I could die anywhere it would be near the ocean; hearing the rush of the sea come in and out, the smell of salt and fish, the caw of the seagulls overhead, feeling the cool fingers of the waves tickling me. Each breath bringing me further out and away, till with the last breath I rushed over the ocean toward a new home.

Random Pensées asks: what would your last meal be? I am asking; what is the last place you would want to sea? Are you of earth, or sky or sea?

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Silly Quiz Time

I didn't have cable when Fraggle Rock first came on, and by the time we got cable it was already history. We did get to see a couple of shows. But this was fun. Via, via genuine, via hey lisa (hey lisa, we are cut from the same fraggle cloth! And you have the greatest graphics up!) who found the quiz on the Fraggle Rock board.
Who ever knew there was a Fraggle Rock board.
Anyway, here's my fraggly self.

mokey fraggle
You are Mokey Fraggle.

Which Fraggle Rock Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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September 07, 2004


Sell your junk somewhere else. I'm tired of deleting your comments.

Ugh. Spammers. The crab grass of life.

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September 06, 2004

Measles and Hodgkins Lymphoma

This is interesting and important; via Israel 21c.

Israeli scientists from Ben Gurion University have found a link between Hogkins disease and measles. Apparently getting measles at an early age is protection aginst Hodgkins, getting measles as a teen or adult is a risk factor. There is also an inverse relationship to the rate of measles vacinations and the rate of measles, indicating that vacinations are good policy.

A brief snippet from the article:

"In our research, we decided to look into the tissue of Hodgkin's patients to check for the presence of measles virus. And we found the presence of measles proteins in 54% of the patients," Benharroch told ISRAEL21c.

He also assures everyone that having had measles isn't a guarantee that one will get Hodgkins. As my summation is most likely poor at best, please read the full article here.

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The Road Taken

Last night I woke up about 2am and had a hard time falling back to sleep; my hands were itchy and aching due to the hour or so I spent cleaning and scrubbing someone else's carpet. I bent my knee, and cried out with pain from a knot in my muscle, due to the same work. Today I worked two hours on another house doing all the things I should be doing here but many times I'm too tired to do.

We have so little money it isn't funny. My dh is gone from the house from about noon till midnight. I feel like an idiot every time I try and talk to a native. I have to ask for help to help my daughter with her homework. Six people are crowded into three bedrooms. Our living room is also our den and our study. And when I lived in NJ I never entered a bookstore/grocery store with the thought I may not emerge hanging in the back of my mind.

No room, no money, can't even speak the language well, and winter, rainy and cold YUCK, is coming upon us; this move to Israel qualifies as a nightmare right?

No; this is a dream and it is a dream come true. Life here is hard, but it is wonderful. I've met the people I want to spend my life with. There are fears and there are hardships; there is also the sense that we are in this together; that however much we disagree, we are family.

This is home; that feeling hasn't abandoned me. I feel safer here, in a deeper sense, than I have ever felt in USA. I may not have things, but I have the deep caring and sense of community that I have never really felt before.

This change in my life isn't an easy one; I will probably never feel at ease with Hebrew, I will most likely never be able to stop worrying about money, and until the Messiah arrives there most likely will always be a fear of terrorism.

But I am home; finally home. And that is a change for the better.

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Blogging For Books


Because Jay may someday be rich and famous (and also because I think it is a good idea) I'm blogging about blogging for books! Reading is one of the best ways for us humans to keep on top of the world, to learn and to grow. I'm very happy to blog about anything that encourages everyone, young or old, to read.

The next blogging for books starts NOW Sept. 6th-Sept. 12th
Guest Author: Mark Falanga who has written about how his life changed when he moved from urban to suburban life; it sounds like a great read. For more about the rules, and a link to a description of the book, go here. Hey, I'm going to try! (uh oh, now I'm COMMITTED)

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So Who Gets Your Vote?

I don't really want to know, and I really ask that you don't tell me. I plan to keep my own vote private. It isn't that I don't care, I care very much; but as Jack of Random Fate states in his excellent blog, let us not forget who are enemies are; it isn't each other.

And if we make it each other we mar, at the very least, the gift of democracy that was bequeathed to us by the forefather's of the USA.

The private vote, the ability to vote without fear of repercussions, societal or financial or otherwise, is one of the most important rights that those who are free have. This is definitely an emotional issue; and an important one, and I don't mean to silence debate. But the animosity needs to leave. We need discussion, not proclamations, statements of fact, not fear-mongering. In the end one will win and the USA will continue. It will survive. It will take a lot more than a single election to bring the USA down.

So whom are you going to vote for? I care, but don't tell me. Make the decision your conscious tells you is for the best. In the end, that is more important. Even if you vote for that scoundrel the other guy.
(corrected link, sorry!)

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A Tale of Bravery

Allison Kaplan Sommers of an Unsealed Room has blogged about the lead story in a Israeli paper; one of the Russian school teachers who sacrificed his life to protect his students. Please read the blog and if anyone finds the story in English let me know.

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I was directed to this article via Key Monk. He is right. Read this.
And read what Neptune Lex has to say. Powerful stuff.

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Joke that is. Or link to a funny site. Or something crazy that happened to you. Come on, I could stand some cheering up here, and I have a feeling I'm not alone in my blues mood. So hit me with your best piece of humor.

In the mean time, check out LInda's lastest entry. and eyenos on college eating.

And here's mine, via email:

Why are bosses like legs?

When they get to the top they become asses.

ARGHHHHHHHH!!!! I know that was bad!!!!

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September 05, 2004

Rotten Mood Warning

Just a tirade, why me sort of rant. Not even a rant as I lack the energy to do much more than toss my hands up and go why me; as in, why can we never make ends meet? I mean ends, not pay for a vacation, but ends meet, as in the grocery bill ends meet.

I am tired of this. I work hard, my husband works hard and we make it nowhere; just when we are about to lift our heads above water another wave of something hits and we go under again.

So what does that mean? We are losers? We aren't really trying? It is all our fault if only we did what? I'm not saying we never treat ourselves or make money mistakes but we never go anywhere or do anything really.

In our 25 years of marriage we have been on exactly three real vacations; that is, not going home to mom trips; and two of them were paid for by my parents as they extended family family, my sisters and brother and their family---one to Canada and one to Israel, 3 years ago.

Yeah, if you hear bitterness in there you are right. I am. I love to see new faces and new places.

My new clothes are generally used new clothes.
I can't remember the last time I bought jewelry aside from the cheap watch I'm wearing.

Yes, bitterness. And I hate that part of me, since I should be thankful for all the things I do have and all the chances I do have. People in other parts of the world are actually starving. There are children in Israel who are going to bed without dinner. And, all I have to do is remember this weeks events to realize, "Thank G-d, thank you G-d, for the blessings you have given me."

But does that mean I can't want...can't desire?

Maybe, maybe not. But here are 5 wishs:

1. A family vacation for 2 weeks, hotels only; someone else to cook, clean and the rest of it.
2. Ten new, never used books
3. three new outfits
4. A night out on the town with the dh; dinner, show and away we go!
5 A day at the spa. Just me. Me me me me me me me.

End of rant or whatever the heck this was.

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Losing the World

This morning the Monkey brought me a book and showed me she could "read." Well, not yet, but her joy in her not yet ability was quite unabashedly strong. While English is her first language she will learn to read and write in Hebrew first, and that is how I want it. Next she treated us to a song called the Cheaping; a song consisting of tongue clicks "because it souonds like chirping" she explained.

On September 1rst, the day my daughter started her first day of "gan hovah" advanced gan, a sweet Israeli boy of 3 was buried; vicitim of the double bus bombing the day before. On Sept 1rst as my children were welcomed to their first day of school, as the Artist and her friends and all the upper classes made a ceremony welcoming the first graders, and and wishing the 6th graders a great last year, some several hundred children were taken hostage in Russia, and the last figure I read was 323 dead, 156 of them children.

Children, thirsty after three days of no water drank their own urine, hungry, ate leaves from plants in the building.

Some of the children were shot in the back as they tried to escape. One child reports that one of the terrorist doing the shooting smiled as the children fell.

All this via LOGIC AND SANITY, here and here.

What world is this? I want the world of my five year old for all children. I realize how vulnerable she is, and how vulnerable we all are. What is to be done?

Putin said, and I agree with him "We showed weakness, and weak people are beaten,"

But it isn't simply strength that we need; it is moral strength. The courage to stand up against all evil and fight it. To end terrorism we need to unite against it and not allow it to stand. Were mistakes made by Putin and the Russian security force? Yes, of course. But blaming Putin is blaming the wrong person; whether or not he is re-elected the blame for this horror has to be placed where it belongs; ont he terrorists shoulders.

All those who participated in this horror must be brought to justice and dealt with swiftly.

I wish I could pick up a book and read the words I'd like to be there instead of the words that are there, but this is the book we are handed, and I can read now. Somedays I wish I couldn't.

Those wishing to donate to the vicitims and/or to donate to a memorial fund can go here.

I don't know what else to say. To seize, torture and murder children; we must as a world prevent this from happening ever again.

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September 03, 2004

Philosophic Meanderings:AKA the Shoemakers Children

I am cleaning out the tub of the woman I work for in the mornings, going over any spots I see, checking for stains, scrutinizing it carefully for any marks I may have forgotten? I rub my hand along the porcelain; is it clean? Smooth? No grains of cleanser leftover? Anything forgotten? Is that just a shadow I'm seeing from the beige tiles or a stain?

My own tub I do 1,2,3. Chuck in some cleanser, scrub it down, a quick glance and then leave--on to something else.

I go to someone else, the work harder; I move furniture around, something I don't do but a couple times a year in my own home, take off books from the shelves, something I do rarely at home. And I'm inspired to do more, do it better, to please the owners of the house, so that they are left with something beautiful and clean. I work as hard and as well as I can to make the place nice for them, and when I turn around and things are nicer than before, I feel pleased. I also worry as I leave; did I do everything? Did I forget anything?

My own home would scare away the Adams family. Okay, it isn't that bad, but it is close. You should have seen the living room before I tackled it last night!

The more attention I pay to the houses I'm cleaning, the less I give my house.

The shoemakers children.

Why is my home short-changed? Is it just exhaustion? Boredom? Lack of inspiration in the form of money? Lack of appreciation? I don't think it is the money, because 1) were I working for free on someone's house, doing it as a gift, I would work as hard and 2)when I arrive at someone's house to clean I WANT to clean. I want the work done as nice as possible. Even if my clients wouldn't notice something if it were left undone, I still do the work. For instance, in my afternoon work I was careful to clean the legs of the floor fan.

As I was leaving my afternoon work the woman told me how much she appreciated what I was doing; I answered truthfully that I was happy to do it.

Is it simply a matter of appreciation?

I wish I knew; in some ways it is as if the care I should lavish on my home is lavished on the homes of others; as if I had a house-care meter inside me. When all the little mops and buckets were empty it meant my cleaning energy was depleted and I can't do more.

I really wish I knew; my home deserves more respect than I have been giving it.

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I Got Applause for this One

And it is so dang simple to make!

About 6-10 Tomatoes, sliced into thin circles
About 6-10 Hard boiled eggs, sliced into circles
Pepper, salt, cumin
Olive oil and cider vinegar.
Fresh Basil.

Line the bottom of a glass dish or large glass salad bowl with a portion of the tomatoes. Lay a portion of the eggs on top. Salt, pepper, sprinkle with a dash of cumin, oil and vinegar. Toss in a few leaves of the fresh basil between the egg/tomato slices.
Repeat till you have used up all the eggs and tomatoes. It all depends on how thin you slice and how big your tomatoes are!
Let sit for a few hours, covered.

Really, it is that simple, and it was a smashing success at our Shalosh Seudot gathering.

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September 02, 2004

The Hostage Crisis

The children are not being given food yet. Damn those bastards! There are some reports from escaped hostages that 15 male hostages were made to lie on the ground and were shot dead. They have released 26 of the hostages; babies and their moms. These poor little ones haven't eaten in over 24 hrs now.

They are looking for two women who may have connections to the terrorist. The pictures are posted on the Logic and Sanity website.

If someone could tell me how to stick tape something I would appreciate it. I want to urge everyone to pray for these children and to do something good in their name.

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Thank You IDF

Who knows what disaster was nearly averted by the discovery of a tunnel leading from an Arab village to a Jewish community of Kfar Darom. I doubt if they were going to bring candy and toys for the children. Here's another picture of the tunnel.
You can't tell me that this was kept secret from half the neighbors.

Thank G-d for the industriousness and persistence of the IDF. They are real heros, everyday going out and risking their lives for me, my children and my friends.

Thank you, thank you.

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From Now On

I'm going to tell my children to NOT do their homework, NOT do their chores, to eat candy and cake and soda for dinner and to skip those annoying veggies, to go to bed as LATE as they can; perhaps when the sunrises.

One of two things will occur.

1)they will not listen and thus be healthy productive children who always have their homework done on time.
2)they will be obedient children.

Either way, I win.

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More on the Hostages

Apparently there are 12 dead hostages right now. The terrorist are finally allowing food and water to be brought in for the children. Logic & Sanity is covering this situation fully, and much better than I ever could, with frequent updates.

Keep praying.

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Maybe I'll Climb a Mountain

But I'm not following Luree Kohtz lead. Not at 93 or ever!
More power to her though. I woonder what she'll do for her 100th birthday?

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September 01, 2004

Armed Men Take School Children Hostage

A group of armed men and women, some wearing suicide belts, have invaded an elementary school in North Ossestia Russia, taking have taken about 400 people hostage, some 200 of them school children, as well as ttheir parents and teachers. A second school may also be involved in another attack.

Does it matter what they want? Does it matter what their gripe is?

Terrorist should never receive what they ask for. That must become a rule. Take them down as swiftly and quickly as possible. Lie to them to get the hostages safe. Anything; but never give into their demands. Because the more we pity them, give into therr damands, hear their side the more those who have no morals will take hostages, set off bombs, kill, threaten and destroy, for whatever reason.

The madness must stop. These children, and G-d willing will not be harmed physically. They have already be harmed emotionally.

Everyone of those monsters, as well as those who planned and helped these scum should die, or at the very least spend the rest of their days in a dark and gloomy place.

I don't want to hear pity for them or their cause.

The terrorist are threatening to blow up the school.

If anyone has heard more on the school and the children, please let me know. All I get is old news, and I haven't seen anything on CNN. Does anyone know the current status of those children?

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And They're Off

My two littlest one's are back in school. It is easier for them this year than last. Last year the Monkey spend almost everyday for two months crying that she had to go. Every morning she would wake up in tears. Today she sailed off happily; this year she will be the one to hold and comfort a new student.
The Artist is banged down the stairs with her new bag; scared, but happy. She also left with a smile on her face and greater confidence. She knows where everything is, knows the girls in her class; even though her Hebrew still isn't good she is "one of them now."

But I wish they were home. I miss them already.
Off to clean my house.

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