September 21, 2004

Sad Encounters

Pincushion writes about her encounters withh racism. Go read her excellent post on the subject.

It is hard enough to live in a land that one wasn't born too; but to have to endure cruelty as well! Since I came here I can well understand the frustrations of immigrants to the USA, who are trying to learn the language (or slang and expressions) perhaps doing it poorly, perhaps misunderstanding customs or habits. Yes, it must be learned but it takes time, and the older one is when one enters a new land the harder it can be.

Anyone who is fool enough to judge this very charming woman based on her skin color deserves the loss of the relationship. A kinder, more caring person is hard to find..

It is there problem really Pincushion; just go on being the wonderful person you are and don't worry about the fools.

Posted by Rachel Ann at September 21, 2004 10:15 AM
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