September 12, 2004

What Would You Do?

Linda, of Auterific (one of my fave blogs) asked for topics;This being an election year I was absolutely boring and asked: -you are elected president. What five things would you hope to accomplish before you left after your 2nd term?(Yeah I'd vote for her twice, even though I don't agree with some of her
platforms) Anyway, she answers here.

My five would be;

1. Health care. I agree with Linda here. I think everyone should recieve quality health care; both physical and psychological health. In addition everyone should be able to eat healthily, and have decent shelter. Yes this takes money; but these are basic obligations that I feel we owe each other. I also feel that healthier people are, for the most part, better able to contribute to the overall health of the nation. I would support funding into research to end, cure, prevent all the various diseases that plague our society, starting with alzheimers, ALS, MS, and genetic disorders.

2. Abortion; I would like to see abortion become a dinosaur. I would not ban abortion but would heavily fund education and alternatives, including open adoption, permanent custody (where the parent always retains some rights, at minimum the right to visit the child) advances in health care and the like.

3. Terrorism. I would work against terrorism in all forms throughout the world. Our armed forces should be well equipped with the best they can have.

4. Alternative energy; again I agree with Linda. My goals, would not only be to end dependence on foriegn countries for their energy but make that energy affordable to all, less polluting and safer.

5. Environment; I would work to beautify America, to make environmentalism and economic security and growth compatible.

Posted by Rachel Ann at September 12, 2004 04:45 PM

To see my comment go to my URL above. I was going to post it here but saw that it was going to be long and felt it better as a post on my blog. So see you there!!

Posted by: NYPDJew at September 13, 2004 01:33 AM

"2. Abortion; I would like to see abortion become a dinosaur. . ."

I agree. As one friend described his take on activism, "I don't care about making it illegal--I'd rather make it unnecessary and unthinkable."

Posted by: TulipGirl at September 17, 2004 02:34 PM
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