September 30, 2004

Pool Warning System

It broke my heart when I read Kris's comment and learned about Luke. I am certain his parents were vigilant and on top of things. Unfortuntely accidents happen; it is impossible for parents to be everywhere, all the time, or to so lock up a pool that the an active and adventurous child can not enter. One site that I read states quite clearly that most accidents happen when the parent has been supervising the child; it only takes two seconds to drown. Parents are not gods; we can not see everything.

There are a lot of new types of alarms available these days that can help alert a parent that a child has strayed into the area. There are various alarms now available to alert parents that their child is in the area, or have fallen into the pool. Unfortunatly this information is not widely known.

If you have a pool, even if you are not a parent but there are many children in the area, these devices could save lives.

Again, I pray for Luke's full recovery, and pray for his parents as well. Luke's mother is also pregnant; may she have a healthy delivery, and a healthy child.

Posted by Rachel Ann at September 30, 2004 06:02 PM
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