August 10, 2006

War Videos

That you just don't see elsewhere. I don't know who this person is, but he or she, via Youtube, has some of the best videos that I have seen.

See Green Helmet direct the "Tragedy of Qana" This is from Germany.
He also has films of "innocent civilians" and their missles.
And many more.
Watch and learn.
(I love his titles)
He has 18 different films.

Check 'em out.

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August 09, 2006

More Than War

I am on a board (Care2) with many groups. One of my friends from the board sent me a message linking to a site and linking to a petition against the site. The site itself is run by a man named Lindsay Ashford who is a self confessed pedophile. I did check the site and I was horrified. He is tryiing to make pedophila "okay" simply another form of love that everyone should accept as moral.
I don't want to link to his site on my blog. If you wish to verify the facts for yourself, and I do understand the need, please e-mail me and I'll send you the link.
Otherwise, go here and try and get the site pulled off the web. I don't know how much help it will do but at least the message will go out that this is abhorrent. I hope the law is able to do something.

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August 04, 2006


This is what we know about Qana:
Somewhere around 1am Israel bombed a building that had been in the area of previous missle launchings by Hezzbullah.
Prior to the bombing, Israel had warned the citizens that they area would be understrike. They allowed several days to pass, to give the citizens of Qana time to leave, before they started bombing.

We know that about 28 bodies were retrieved from the rubble. Mostly women and children. Apparently several were handicapped.

We know, if we can trust the sources, that several people managed to make it out of the building alive and that at least some were relatives of those still in the building. That there were others around who were at the very least known to those who were trapped inside the building.

We know the report came at 7am or so that the building collapsed.

We know all this.

And the point I think most people are missing is whilte it matters who brought the building down and whether the people inside were killed that day, or were planted by Hezzbullah or were killed by Hezzbullah or were deliberately forced into the building in anticipation of an attack, the scene was staged.

The photos speak volumes but they aren't telling the story many want to hear.
They are showing rescue workers who seem bent on showing the "evil" of Israel but who seem much less interested in finding the live bodies beneath the rubble.

Buildings collapse all the time. People are often trapped beneath the rubble for days and days. Yet here we have a dead baby parade. The same rescuers are seen toting children about and crying and yelling and holding them up for the cameras. Not just the person who pulled them out, but often the rescuer, dead child clasped lovingly in his arms, is accompanied by others, walking behind him or alongside him. Why? Why isn't the person back there digging or trying to help pull rubble out of the way so others can work faster? Why isn't he standing in readiness to whisk a LIVING child to the ambulance. Why are the stretchers being employed to cart the dead to the ambulance when there are still people waiting to be found, perhaps alive, when it is shown that they are able to carry the child in their arms? Why are they going along such a long road with a dead child, wearing themselves and decreasing their helpfulness and readiness to assist the living? Why were the dead bodies placed in ambulances? Why weren't they placed alongside the building to wait until the rescuers had to quit or left to be bagged and brought out by others to refrigerated cars?

Did the rescuers know there was no one alive to hurry for? Or did they not care?

That to me is the essential question.
Because if my child was trapped in the rubble and I saw Green Helmet and White T-Shirt doing the dead baby parade I would be mighty sore and Green Helmet and White T-Shirt would find themselves mighty sore as well.

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July 31, 2006

The Israelinsider on Qana

And why it might just be another episode of Palliwood.

This blog also makes some great points.

Um, if you are rescuing someone don't you try to get them help as quickly as possible?

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Australian Man Documents Truth

Here are photos smuggled out of Lebanon by a journalist showing how Hezzbullah forces use residential areas as their launching points endangering the citizens of Lebanon as well as of course taking aim at Israel.

I don't understand how the world can blame Israel for striking back at those who are trying to kill her. Yes children and women were killed. Who put them there? Who is to blame?

Israel is fighting against terrorist whose only purpose is destruction. They don't care who gets killed or injured. They put their most precious gifts in the line of fire and then scream when they are killed, secretly glad for more ammunition for their propaganda war. A win-win situation for the terrorist---if the world allows it.

To stop this war before these murderers are caught would be like dousing part of the fire with water and part with gasoline.

I've no love of war; but I do not want to see my grandsons having to fight the same fight because the world refuses to stand against evil. The job is in our hands. Either help us eliminate this evil or stand back and let us do it.

Eliminating the terrorist is the only way.

Don't buy into their propaganda. Demand that Hezzbullah stop using their citizens as shields. Do not condemn Israel when mistakes are made or when innocent human beings are given up as sacrifices to their cause. Harsh as it may seem pity will lead to more, not less of these deaths, for they have found their weapon in the soft hearts of others and will continue to use it...using children, their own or the children of their neighbors, as nothing more than things.

Stop the pity, condemn the maddness by condemning the terrorist and they will stop, having lost their weapon, having in fact their weapon turned against them. And children at least, will be a little bit safer.

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July 30, 2006

Another Video....

Many have asked, if the war in Lebanon and in the Gaza strip was over three soldiers. Maybe it is over one terrorist, Samir Kuntar, the viscious murderer of a four year old girl who was first subject to the witnessing the murder of her father.This man seems to have a point.

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Another Important Video: What You Might Not Have Heard re: Qana

Hezbullah using the citizens of Kfar Qana as shields.

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Another Important Video: What You Might Not Have Heard re: Qana

Hezbullah using the citizens of Kfar Qana as shields.

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July 27, 2006

Pictures You May Have Missed

I guess they spell peace and love differently than we do.

From the yearinbrazilsite

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July 21, 2006

Bwak, bwak, bwak

Omar Bakri, who felt 9/11 was something to celebrate, and who felt that it was okay to take women and CHILDREN hostage "if it were for a good cause" doesn't like danger himself.

He left Britain for Lebanon and now with the war and all the poor man just doesn't feel safe. He might die in the crossfire. He wants Britain to save him. Poor guy. His family is very worried about him.

My heart is bleeding for the dear soul.

More pearls of wisdom from the OBM.

Oh and check out this interview...

The British don't like him, and it seems that even the Syrians don't like him.

Like I said, my hear weeps. Pass the chips.

Maybe it's his Body Odor.

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July 04, 2006

So What Is the World Hearing?

I really want to know what is the world at larges take on the kidnapping of Gilead and Israel's measures against the continued bombing of our country by those of the peaceful religion, as well as the attempt to save Gilead's life. What does the rest of the world have to say about it?

I know I'll puke if I hear another idiot ask Israel to restrain herself. Notice any other country "restraining" themselves when they are under attack? And look how far away many of them are from their enemies...

Has the Egyptian t.v. show promoting anti-semitism and child martyrdom been covered? The Kassam rocket that hit Ashkelon?

So what is everyone hearing on the news?

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June 15, 2006

Scratch that One off The List

cuties making the news because she isn't dead, but scientist thought she was an 11 million year old goner...turns out she's been hiding out in Southeast Asia. One Rock Rat (so they are called) was refound last year in a Laos meat market, poor guy.

Scientist at first thought they had found a new kind of rodent, but, it later turned out to be a living relative from the Diatomyidae family. And that was all they had folks until Dr. David Redfield went on a Southeast Asian expedition and found this sweet and gentle creature in her favorite place to hang, the limestone outcroppings in Central Laos

Luckily Dr. Redfield came back with photos and videos of the Laotian rock rat which you can see here.

The creature, known to the Laotians as kha-nyou (ga-noo), really is adorable, and it seemed quite friendly. You all have to watch it walk!

Rock Rat plush animal anyone? I think the market will be good.

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April 28, 2006

You Can Save a Girls Life

Nazanin is a young Iranian woman who has been sentenced to die for the crime of defending herself and her niece from rape. (story here and here)

There is a petition to save her life. THESE PETITIONS DO SEEM TO WORK at times. It certainly can't hurt to try and overturn this vile verdict and allow this young woman to grow.

Please sign. Please let your friends know.

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February 27, 2006

Yeah I Know this is Late But

Does Bush have brains in his head? What the heck is he thinking letting a foreign entity own the ports? Who gets the planes? The phone system? Saudi Arabia? Maybe he should set up a deal with the Palis; I'm sure it would warm the cockles of their heart to own a piece of the USA.

A foreign entity owning a company in the good ole' USA; food, clothing, sundials etc. is fine. And yeah, Saudi owned, whatever. But control of the ports?????
They should remain under the control of the USA.

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February 19, 2006

What the Heck?????

What have these Italian judges been drinking?

Italian judges uphold acquittals for men seeking recruits to fight U.S. troops

ROME - A panel of Italian judges upheld the November acquittals of three North Africans on international terror charges, ruling that recruiting suicide bombers to fight against U.S. soldiers is not terrorism, a lawyer said Thursday.

The verdict by the Milan judges, released Wednesday, echoes an earlier one in the case when a lower court judge ruled the actions of the three men were those of guerrillas, not terrorists.

Government officials condemned the latest ruling. Justice Minister Roberto Castell apologized to the victims of suicide attacks and their relatives, saying “there is in me a great feeling of shame, bitterness and powerlessness.”

Read the article. You can also vote on whether or not you agree with the dimwits I mean judges.


If sucide bombing doesn't fit the definition of terrorism I don't know what does.

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December 15, 2005

I Agree With Her

Julia of One Odd Goose that the way the bodies of those men and women who have died fighting for the freedom of Iraq is horrific. Actions speak louder than words, and the actions of the US government, shipping the dead home as if they were baggage tells a lot about the respect they have for the fighting men and women.

I don't necessarily blame Bush; but someone messed up and this situation should be changed pronto.

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December 05, 2005

Right To Torture

McCain Won't Compromise on Torture Ban
Runs the headline.

McCain, who was tortured by the Vietnamese has taken a strong stand against torture.

One of his objections is that evidence obtained through torture is unreliable. And I agree with him in that respect. To end pain and humiliation one might very well say anything (which is why I have a problem with one defendant coping a plea by giving evidence against another. ) I am less concerned with his worries about te reputation of the USA. I don't think we should use a criterion of "what someone else will think of us" but what G-d will think of us. But that is me.

The trouble is, at least for me, how do we define "cruel and inhumane"? And what means are left to extract important, perhaps life-saving information? What is considered torture and what is considered humiliation is a somewhat subjective; there are areas where most of us would consider the action "torture" but there are iffy areas in between.

I am really asking; I don't have the answers. What do you all think? Beyond the obvious---what, iyho, would constitute torture? Humiliation?

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December 01, 2005


Here's a picture of a sandstorm in action. I had no idea that a sandstorm could be so powerful!
I'll take the rain please.

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November 29, 2005

More "DIS"honor killings

via Tulip Girl

Two more women die to satisfy their families "honor".

In Europe, police now are realizing that major crimes in some immigrant communities, and particularly those against girls and young women, are often family conspiracies that have long gone unpunished.

Violence in the name of honor, covered up as a private matter among unknown numbers of Pakistani, Kurdish and Arab families, has become a troubling reality for law enforcement working the streets in Britain, Germany, Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.

Such retribution appears to occur in the most insular of communities, and police have sought help from immigrants in the mainstream--the vast majority of emigre families--to understand the crime.

These crimes are taking place worldwide.

Punishing the killers isn't going to help; these people are proud of what they have done. What is there that we can do?

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November 22, 2005

Booray for Pallywood

This is the best site I've seen so far which documents how the news from this region is so carefully corruted. It is about how what you see is not necessarily the truth, certainly not the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

The site is new, and therefore there are some "empty" pages. But it is well worth the read.

Do watch the movie. Do view the site.

Hat tip: The Wit

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October 16, 2005

I Think I'm Giving Up On The News

Really, reading articles like the one I linked to below make me so ill. I don't see how anyone thinks one can deal with poisoned minds like this. It also makes me wish I never read such stuff in the first place. I wonder if it is better to be stupid. My stomach aches, I become testy and tearful. I would rather live in the delusion that the Palestinian loves his/her children the way I love mine, but I can't. Maybe at one time I could but there are only so many excuses one can give a group of people before you realize the evil is so deeply entrenched that you are dealing with a society of evil doers.

It is the holiday of Succot and I'm supppose to be entering the week with joy and instead there are images of death and murder and innocent children used by those who should protect them.

I am going to print out a sudoku, my newest hobby, and ignore the world for awhile.

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October 09, 2005

The Quake

I didn't read about this till just now. What is happening? My prayers with everyone there.

Too much, this is too much. This is way beyond normal.

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September 22, 2005

Okay, Please Evacuate

If the governor and those in charge tell you Rita is coming, please leave, no matter how hard it is on you? Please.

I pray it blows over with nary a tree down, but there has been so much destruction this year.

And if you are in the path, let us know you are safe.

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September 16, 2005

This is A Bit Scary:Plague Mice Missing

Three sick mice from a research facility at the University of Medicine and Dentistry can't be found. Escaped? Stolen? Eaten?

I seem to remember a movie that went along the lines of escaped animal with bubonic plauge, but that ended rather badly. True to the nature of made for t.v. movies lots and lots of people die in yucky ways.

Luckily the authorities in this case have rated the danger as minimal at most, so I don't think N.J. will end up with hospitals filled with the Black Death.''

And it is treatable if caught in time. I'm fairly certain the hospitals are aware and prepared for the small but unlikely possiblity of someone showing these symptoms. (from the CDC site on the plague)

Q. What are the signs and symptoms of plague?
A. The typical sign of the most common form of human plague is a swollen and very tender lymph gland, accompanied by pain. The swollen gland is called a "bubo" (hence the term "bubonic plague"). Bubonic plague should be suspected when a person develops a swollen gland, fever, chills, headache, and extreme exhaustion, and has a history of possible exposure to infected rodents, rabbits, or fleas.

So I really wouldn't get too worked up about it, though I'd be more vigilant than normal if I were living in NJ near the area where said mice may have escaped, and I or a family member developed flu like symptoms.

I'd also be more vigilant about ridding myself of mice.

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September 12, 2005

This is Really so Sad

Susan Anne Catherine Torres little baby born to the brain-dead woman in Virgina died of heart failure yesterday. I was so happy when the child was born. My condolences to the family, especially the father. My heart breaks for him.

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Palestinians Burn Synagogues In Gush Katif

Of course this is what most of the thinking world knew would happen. The Palestinians display, again and again, their true character. Of course Sean McCormack, state department spokesman, blames Israel stating

"puts the Palestinian Authority into a situation where it may be criticized for whatever it does."

No sir. They were not damned if they do or damned if they didn't. They were given a gift. They were given a beautiful land that they could have enetered with dignity and honor, showing the world that they were moral, upstanding, honorable, strong citizens of the world, ready and able to take their place among all the great nations.

They could have left the buildings in tact. These were religious sites and they should have been preserved the way millions of religious sites around the world are preserved. If they truly respected places of worship there would have been no problem protecting them.

But they have for years fed their populace on hate.
Instead of a dignified entry into a land they have called their own, filled with speeches and a hand reaching out to Israel, they chose to burn and to loot and destroy.

They had a gift handed to them, not only land that had been cleared and made to blossom, but a gift of demonstrating a new self, a dignified self, a self that was proud and wise and humble and respectful.

But they showed us wildness and lawlessness and hate instead.

They walked into beautiful surroundings; one young student, Muhammad al-Najar, 21, when asked what surprised him most replied "The clean streets and all the trees." (NYTimes article.) These are things this young man coud have had all along. They weren't denied him by the Israelis, they were denied by his leaders.

And at the rate the Palestinians are going he won't have these items for long.

The Palesetinians were handed a gift, and they squandered it. How long before Gush Katif is in ruins? How long before Gush Katif returns to the dead lands they once were? How long will it take them to completely destroy what they were given?

Not long I'm afraid, not long at all.

And of course, somehow, despite the money that will be poured into their coffers, no matter what Israel does, it will be our fault.

But the blame is not ours.

The Palestinians were handed a gift. They sicken themselves and their future generations, and the will reap the havoc and evil that they have sown.

And I pity them.

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September 11, 2005


Advisors appointed by Blair after the London bombing are recommending he cancel Holocaust day because IT OFFENDS MUSLIMS!!!!

Yeah, commemerating 6 million Jewish people murdered by a tyranical group of misanthropes is an offensive idea alright: TO MURDERERS. To anyone with a bit of heart and soul it is a right thing to do.

Those advisors should get booted, pronto. Idiots shouldn't be advising anyone, let alone heads of government. And if Blair doesn't kick the little behinds to the curb, what is he telling us fills the space between his ears?

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September 05, 2005

Just Like to Point Out

That insomnia is NOT fun. Especially when you no longer have cable and so there isn't a blessed thing to watch on the idiot box. (We can't get any real channels here.)

Well I get to update you on my oh so exciting life.

School is still an "I don't know" factor. Today the kids are suppose to, if the parents want, go on a 'hafganah' to protest their being out of school and the school board not finding an acceptable solution. We however, seeing as my dh's family is still here are doing more tourning. I wouldn't mind the Artist going on the hafganah, however, I really don't like the idea of the Monkey's first day of first grade being one of protest. Somehow that doesn't seem the right tone to start off "real" learning. Hey, I"m an unschooler at heart, real learning goes on all the time, but I think you all get my drift.

The news from the USA is truly horrifying. I couldn't even read the this article till today; the title just threw me emotionally. Dead and dying? I couldn't accept in my mind the idea that people were left to die. But it seems they were. I am also a bit freaked that Wikipedia already has a "Katrina" entry into it. It just seems so odd that something could be written in past tense when it iis, in reality, still happening. I read a line like

On September 4th, Mayor Nagin informed CNN reporter Nic Robertson that the death toll could rise in the thousands after the clean-up is completed.
and feel a bit as if I were a time traveler viewing an event from a long time ago., there is a distancing factor to to such archiving of yesterdays events, as if events of just yesterday could be put in a box and set on the shelf. Am I the only one who feels this way?

My prayers are with everyone in the USA.

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July 28, 2005

So What's Been Going On

When you are gone 12hrs of the day it really seems as if you get left behind in the world. Anyway, I'm going to saunter over to some friends blog-homes and see what they are up to...


Well, my friend (and neighbor, see the comments in the post below) from House of Joy tells what she has done in the past 2yrs and asks what you have been up to.

And Esther tells you why you should have renters insurance. It is a good why. I'd take her advice.

Meira writes about how Souter might have lost his abode but a commentator points out why that isn't going to happen. It should, but it won't. Expected something different maybe?

And you all have to send RP unpacking (and finding the stuff you need so you can do stuff like brush your teeth) vibes.

I'm not going to tell you what Jim (Snooze Button Dreams) is posting about. I'm must shaking my head.

And Linda of Auterific is telling us about the types of films she loves.

Moze of Mozeman's Blues talks about the loss of Dov and Rachel Kol and the truly horrific reporting on the case by Haaratz.

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July 15, 2005


Thomas L. Friedman writes, in a NYT editorial today:

One of the London bombers was married, with a young child and another on the way. I can understand, but never accept, suicide bombing in Iraq or Israel as part of a nationalist struggle. But when a British Muslim citizen, nurtured by that society, just indiscriminately blows up his neighbors and leaves behind a baby and pregnant wife, to me he has to be in the grip of a dangerous cult or preacher - dangerous to his faith community and to the world.

For the most part I found the editorial fairly good. However, I take issue with the above statement. The war against Israel has never been about Nationalism, it has been about hatred of Jthe other, including other Muslims who actually wish peace, rather than just mouth the words. Were it really about Nationalism the Palestinians (for example) would have waged war against the Egyptians (Gaza strip) and Jordanins (East Jerusalem. That is what must be understood.

Israel was the merely the start. The acceptance by the world that this was a battle of two nations has allowed this disease of the soul to become stronger. The solution is to stop pandering to the terrorist and to eliminate the disease.

That way everyone, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, can go about their lives with peace.

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July 10, 2005

The Terrorism in London

Blair's wrong. Meryl's got it right.

The problem is the world has acquiesced to terrorism attacks by forcing Israel to reward the bombers. There should be one standard, world wide: terrorist lose.

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July 09, 2005

Okay, this is Just TOO Freaky

Almost 1,500 sheep in Istanbul, Turkey became lemmings and jumped off a cliff, costing 450 of them their lives--- and costing many farmers their livelihood.

What could cause sheep to do this? Has anyone heard of this type of behaviour from sheep before? Any shepherds out there that can give me some intelligent explanation?

The article is quoted below. For a picture of te pile of sheep you need to follow the link.

450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths in Turkey

Fri Jul 8, 9:59 PM ET

ISTANBUL, Turkey - First one sheep jumped to its death. Then stunned Turkish shepherds, who had left the herd to graze while they had breakfast, watched as nearly 1,500 others followed, each leaping off the same cliff, Turkish media reported.

In the end, 450 dead animals lay on top of one another in a billowy white pile, the Aksam newspaper said. Those who jumped later were saved as the pile got higher and the fall more cushioned, Aksam reported.

"There's nothing we can do. They're all wasted," Nevzat Bayhan, a member of one of 26 families whose sheep were grazing together in the herd, was quoted as saying by Aksam.

The estimated loss to families in the town of Gevas, located in Van province in eastern Turkey, tops $100,000, a significant amount of money in a country where average
GDP per head is around $2,700.

"Every family had an average of 20 sheep," Aksam quoted another villager, Abdullah Hazar as saying. "But now only a few families have sheep left. It's going to be hard for us."

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What is Going On?

Is it my imagination or is the world undergoing more than the usual horrible stuff, both nature and man-made lately. The hurricane, the train wreck in Israel (the second one) the terrror attacks in Britain. It is too much. What is happening to the world?

I added prayers for the vicitims of the train wreck here in Israel and for the terrorist attacks in London to my blog. It is all so disheartening.

Strange things are happening. I pray for everyone, that joyous times are just around the corner and that a time of peace will soon be here. I know the Artist left at least one such prayer in a little note stuck into the walls of the Kotel. We need peace G-d, we really do.

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June 27, 2005

So Who's Been Following This?

Any astronomers out there?

My family and I watched the comets falling years was cool, standing outside in the dark of the night with people you didn't know, all pushed into silence of wonder at G-d's sky-show.

Truthfully, though I'll make a point of trying to find the planets and point out the event to my children, I don't find the sight of the three planets converging as exciting as examining the close up images that one can link to through the site, and reading about all the doings of the planets in our solar system. And the mysteries there in, the puzzles still waiting a solution; what is happening to Mercury? Are the lobate scraps indicative of the shrinkage of Mercury? What will it look like in a million years? What is that bright cloud on Titan's surface?

I love the names given to some of the pictures (and to the different physical structures as well): Rhea's Memory, Pandora's Flock. Very poetic. I guess astronomers must be romantics at heart.

What a glorious way to start a morning, with these imgaes bouncing in my head.

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May 31, 2005

What is Going Wrong?

A 12 year old girl strangles her mother in the midst of a fight about the girls messy room. A 9 year old stabs a playmate, because she wanted the ball the other child had.

What is happening to this world? How did we descend to such a little that the normal squabbles and frustrations of everyday life could result in a child committing murder.

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Teach Kids Peace

I have blogged several times concerning my abhorrence of the mistreatment of Palestinian children, how they are used as weapons, sent out to kill by those who should be protecting them, taught that death is glorious when they should be talking about how much homework they have or pretending to be artists or zookeepers, whose songs are full of murder, hate, and blood, when there is so much else to sing about.

Now there is Teach Kids Peace (from their site)

Teach Kids Peace™ is an international human rights organization dedicated to ending the Culture of Hatred that is being taught to children, and to encourage the promotion of peace education for children in conflict zones, though raising public awareness and calling on world leaders to take the required action to prevent this form of child abuse.

It is time to stop training children to become killers.
There can be no peace when the children are nursed on war.

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May 23, 2005

Dear Palestinians

It is not nice to blow up people. It is not nice to teach, incite or otherwise encourage your children to blow up people. It is abhorrent. Good, moral people do not employ their children as guided missiles. People who really love their children do not use their children as guided missiles. Please stop abusing your children.

a concerned mother.
(And one would hope, the rest of the world.)

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May 12, 2005

Wish I Were The Last To Know

I want to strangle this piece of garbage.

Really, what more can be said about this monster? Why do people like this exist?

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January 27, 2005

BLOGBURST; Remembering the Wannsee Conference and the Liberation of Auschwitz


Remembering the Wannsee Conference and the Liberation of Auschwitz

"This article is posted by participants of the January 27, 2005, BlogBurst (see list at end of article), to remember the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, sixty years ago, on January 27, 1945.

On January 20th, we marked the anniversary of the 1942 Wannsee Conference. In the course of that Conference, the Nazi hierarchy formalized the plan to annihilate the Jewish people. Understanding the horrors of Auschwitz requires that one be aware of the premeditated mass-murder that was presented at Wannsee.

Highlighting these events now has become particularly important, even as the press reports that '45% of Britons have never heard of Auschwitz' Jerusalem Post, December 2, 2004,

  • On January 20th, 1942, 16 people sat down and discussed, coldly, analytically, the extermination of the Jewish people. On January 27th,1945, the Russian Army liberated Aschwitz-Birkenau. The number murdered is still being debated, but is between 1.3 (at a"low") and 4 million people, most of whom were Jews. As David pointed out, the number cited above is FROM AUSHWITZ ALONE, and not the total number of Jews and people killed during the Holocaust. (my apologies, I should have been clearer. Thank you David for the correction.) The best defense against a repeat of this horror is education, and more eduation. There are a lot of links in this page; please, don't skip over them. Please read.

    Please know, really know, what "civilized" people can do.

    Read more here

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    January 24, 2005

    It Took 60 Years

    For this to happen.
    I am glad the UN finally sees fit to memorialize the victims of this horrific event, and appalled that it took this long.

    Sylvan Shalom, Israel's foreign minister, addressed the UN stating, basing his speech on the prophecy of Ezkiel

    Thousands of years ago the prophet Ezekiel had a similar vision. In one of the most famous passages of the Bible, the prophet describes how he came to a valley full of bones. The bones, says Ezekiel, are the House of Israel. And the bones are dry, and their hope is lost. Faced with this scene, he asks the question: Shall these bones live? Shall these bones live?

    Ezekiel asked the question that every liberator of the camps asked himself: Can any hope or humanity emerge from such horror? Shall these bones live?

    answering the question with these two statements.

    The dry bones have lived again not only in the lives of the survivors, but also in two entities established on the ashes of the Holocaust: the United Nations and the modern State of Israel.
    and further on in his speech
    The fact that so many survivors came and played their part in the building of the State of Israel, was itself a remarkable fulfillment of Ezekiel's prophecy. As the prophet said:

    Thus says the Lord: Behold, O my people, I will take you from the graves. I will put my spirit in you, and you shall live in your own land, in the land of Israel.

    The full text of his speech can be found here. I urge you to read it.
    It brought me to tears.


    As Batya said the hall was half-empty, the only Arab nation remaining in the hall was Jordan.
    as an aside
    1.British Muslims plan to boycott the ceremony.
    2. A bit of history on the villians and heros in the Arab community during the Holocaust.
    3. Batya Medad speaks about the Holcoaust, Great Britain, and the heirs to the British throne.

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    January 22, 2005

    Bus 19/Berkley Ca.

    Received this on an e-mail list. Last year almost to the day (January 29th 2004) a Palestinian suicide bomber climbed aboard Bus 19 and set off the bomb, killing 11 and injuring 50 other people. The bus is on tour in America. The link will take you to some Palestinian response.

    There are two pages of this stuff, photos and writing what the author saw and heard.

    No comment on my part is necessary.

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    January 06, 2005

    US, UK, Australian, and Canadian Citizens

    Stand up for free speech. Please go read here(click on details for more in depth information), and help set Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. His crime? Wanting to go to Israel and speak. Sign the petition and write those letters and you can help save a life.

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    December 29, 2004


    It is too hard to wrap my mind around. I'm hearing numbers of dead has exceeded 60, 000 people, and the loss from diseases etc,... too much.

    There are over 100 missing Israelis; 70 known to have been in the hardest hit areas.

    Israel has sent medical supplies and health care providers to the various countries, depending on their needs and requests.

    This is so unbelieveable to me. There are not tears enough; and yet the world still goes on.

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    December 27, 2004

    They are in my Prayers

    The victims and survivors of the Tsunami in Southeast Asia...I can't believe that all those people lost their lives. I've a friend who went to India for the holidays...I don't know how to get in touch with her except by blog

    It seems to me that the world has been hit by more than the normal number of natural disasters this year.

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    December 13, 2004


    via The Exploding Cigar
    Anyone want to comment on this?

    From additional readings that I have done the evidence was compromised because it was left unrefridgerated (and not turned over to the authorities) for a weeks time. The material can't be retested.

    Come on, isn't that common sense? If they thought the treats contained alcohol, and, if that were true it would mean legal proceedings against mom, then they should have turned it over to the proper authorities immediately. The longer it is left unattended the greater the chance of claim of, or real possibilty of, being tampered with or contaminated. You don't require much of an education to understand that.

    Suspending the child I believe was a poor and counterproductive idea. I don't know if this child would know these "looked like shots"; I am fairly certain that some child of about this age, somewhere, would know what a Jell-o shot looked like, but that doesn't mean most children of this age would.

    Mom would of course have known, however, it is possible she simply used extra cups from the bar she worked at, and did not consider the look-a-like issue at all, even if she knew such a regulation existed. Jello in a cup looks like Jell-o in a cup and it would not make sense to use large size cups to prepare Jell-o as a treat for the whole class. That it was a poor idea is unquestionable. That it deserved legal action (beyond turning the items over to the proper authorities) is quite questionable.

    In any case suspending the child for what is a possibility the fault of the parent is a hell of a way to educate one of the future members of society. If in fact there was alcohol in the cups, then the child is a victim of her parent, if not then she is the victim of either her mother's ignorance or the schools intractability or both.

    I think this issue could have been handled (after said items were turned over to the proper authorities) a discussion with and warning to the mom not to send the child in with such items again. The child should only have been brought into it if in fact the child could have been suspected of knowing the treats could be seen as having contained alcohol. I think most children seeing Jell-o in a cup would be thinking, Jell-o in a cup and not "hope the rum is good." Otherwise the child should have been told and (and it is a wise school policy to begin with) that no treats could be brought into school without clearing it with the school before hand.

    Of course, it is possible that I am hopelessly naive, and that a significant proportion of fourth graders would know exactly what was normally contained in those types of cups. In which case, I ask you, please leave me to my rose-colored world. To think that a large segment of the 8yr old population would consider the idea that the shots may contain alcohol is quite disturbing to me.

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    November 25, 2004

    USA-Happy T-Day!

    (Not a song for the vegetarians in the world!)

    He's big and fat and he gobbles, gobbles, gobbles,
    he spreads his tail and he gobbles, gobbles, gobbles,
    and when Thanksgiving Day appears it's our turn to
    gobble, gobble, gobble.

    (It could have been worse. You could have had to hear that in person)

    Take care and have a great day. Drive safe!

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    November 16, 2004

    Guinea Pigs?

    I received this link via an e-mail to a specific list.

    The thrust of the link goes thusly: the EPA, under Bush, and sponsored by various manufacturers of household chemicals, wanted to study the affect of chemicals on young children. To this end they would use poor families where pesticides and chemicals were already in use.

    The fear was two-fold; that the fact that the sponsors, or at least some of the sponsors, were manufacturers of the chemicals would bias the results in favor of their use. And secondly, that the parents may increase the use of said chemicals in order to participate in the study itself.

    The study has been suspended until early 2005, no doubt due at least in part, to the massive negative publicity and campaigning efforts of various groups.

    Personally, I don't think this is a case of evil machinations on the part of the Bush administration or the chemical companies. First, further reading seemed to indicate that parents would be apprised of their children's health status and presence of high levels of chemicals. Ending chemical use would not preclude them from continuing in the study. Secondly, the financial incentive was quite low; $970 + cam-corder and clothing (and I am rather put off by the assumption that even poorly educated parents---62% of the mother's had only an elementary or secondary education---would put their children in harms way because of the money or be incapable of understanding that the test was to determine the harmful affects. If a translator was employed where language difficulties existed, and the parents were apprised in non-scientific language the purpose of the study, then I don't think the risk of parents pouring chemicals into their homes is all that great. Participants were to come from those families who used 6 clinics in the state of Florida. I would object to ads to request participants, but a one on one truthful request where the hypothesis is stated (chemicals can cause harm) and the purpose of the test (to see if that is true) is not problematic to me. Uneducated does not mean unintelligent. The two are sometimes confused.

    However, the study was only to take place over a two-year span; which I do not believe is a long enough period of time to study the long term effects of chemicals. A longitudinal study is more telling. Moreover, all children from a variety of environments should be studied. Pesticides are used by the wealthy as well as the impoverished.

    To improve the study I would want to
    1) Lengthen the period of time from 2 to at minimum ten yeas and preferably up to 25 years (or after the next generation is born). While the child him or herself may not show any or significant health risks it is possible that there are genetic repercussions.
    2) The study must include those who do not use chemicals routinely..
    3) The specific chemicals should be delineated; chemicals is not enough to determine which chemicals or combinations of chemicals are having, if any is present, a deleterious effect.
    4) A variety of environments should be studied; chemicals used in all the various places the child goes to normally could have an affect on the results of the study.
    5) All children should be studied in the same place regardless of their families income/background/educational level.
    6) Rather than giving a direct payment to families, the clinics where the children have their routine care done (not private doctors) should be funded, and a college/trade school fund set aside for the use of the children, based on income. I've included trade school because not everyone can go forth to college. Everyone, however, should have the ability to procure a job which offers a supportive salary.

    These inclusions would I think improve the study both scientifically and morally.

    What have I left out? What do you disagree with?

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    November 12, 2004

    One More Thing

    And no, this isn't the post swimming about in my brain; that one is currently doing the butterfly and telling me it likes the water too much to come on down. Bloody thoughts; why can't they congeal themselves and behave?

    Nope, this is once again about the elections. Here it goes:

    Republicans; stop acting so high-and-mighty your guy won, twice. Eight years ago your guy lost, twice. Clinton was hounded for eight years and you still can't get over the fact that he won. So if the Democrats keep on agonizing over the election till he takes his oath, let them have their pity-party. Get a grip. Your guy will still take office even if nearly half the country is infuriated.

    Democrats; Yes the Republicans never let up; they rode Clinton and are still riding him. I advise taking a lesson from their book but with some slight modifications. Get your dander up when it counts; over issues, not the man himself; then fight, fight wise. Find out why those who disagree with your stance disagree. Seek to find common ground. Work to promote your position on moral and legal grounds. Don't act superior; you aren't, and they aren't. LISTEN, and then speak. Active listening. Compassionate speaking.

    There are a lot of things, whether Democrat or Republican, that matters to us all. The majority of us want the children of the future to grow up healthy, inherit a healthy world, a healthy economy, and have a healthy life.

    We might not be in agreement with how to achieve a better world for all, but I think we are in agreement (aren't we?) that a better world is the desired goal.

    I am not wrong about that am I?

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    November 08, 2004

    Loving Liberals/ Compassionate Conservatives

    Or anyone who just gives a damn. I am on a board and one or possibly two women
    are facing eviction and lack food in the house; one woman was going to bed hungry.

    One is from California, one is from Kentucky.

    I need sources of help for them; food banks and rent funds, that don't seek to make stay-at-home moms ex-stay-at-homes (though if there are jobs they could do from the house to earn them a few bucks that might be okay.)

    I didn't tell them I'm doing this; I'm just asking for help and asking that you send me information on ANY source of help in those two states; places of worship, food banks, food co-ops, individuals etc, that can help these women out.

    thank you

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    November 05, 2004

    The Democrats Mistake

    Via Rishon Rishon/

    Andrew of the The BACKSEAT PHILOSOPHER has written an excellent piece on why the Democrats lost this election.

    quoting from his article:

    Actually, no. Our error is that we Democrats are far less understanding than we think we are. Our version of understanding the other side is to look at them from a psychological point of view while being completely unwilling to take their arguments seriously. "Well, he can't help himself, he's a right-wing religious zealot, so of course he's going to think like that." "Republicans who never served in war are hypocrites to send young men to die. " "Republicans are homophobes, probably because they can't deal with their secret desires." Anything but actually listening and responding to the arguments being made.

    Listening doesn't mean agreement; but at least one will know what the argument is about. This is true for both sides of course; but if the Democrats want to regain
    power they really need to understand why they lost it and that means giving heed to those who voted against their ideas. It means finding the draw to the Republican party and trying to see if the Democrats can address the fears and concerns of those who voted against them, most especially those who have "defected." It means seeing the other as valid.

    Andrew lists several arguments that he feels Democrats need to address, and then he sums up with this.

    I am not saying that all these arguments should win. But I do not hear enough Democrats elucidating reasoned counterarguments to these positions. "Bush insulted our allies and the UN," "Bush lied, people died," "We have become the aggressor," "Homophobia," "Religious nut." These are not responses, these are dismissals. When Democrats start actively responding, we will succeed. Until then, we will be increasingly ignored as irrelevent.

    It does pay to read the arguments and try and come up with a reasoned response, if still in disagreement, and not simply an attack against the person or the person's belief system.

    In the same token, I think Republican's have an obligation to seet that the country is divided on the issues and not force changes without at the very least addressing the concerns of those on the other side as well.

    Healing; the country really needs to heal, and both parties must stop the hatred of each other.

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    November 02, 2004

    US Citizens

    Go vote. Let your conscious be your guide. Then, do me a favor. Take someone who voted for the other guy out for coffee, go to the ice cream palor, take in a movie, or just sit on someone's porch and schmooze about the weather. ask about their Aunt Edna's feeling after her hip surgery, congratulate them for their child's performance in the school play---talk about anything but politics.

    Everyone should be well.

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    October 28, 2004

    Can It Get Worse?

    Jack, from Random Fate links to two appalling cases of voter hate.

    One democrat thinks the way to make political points is to aim his car at Katherine Harris, His pathetic defense? He wasn't trying to run her down he was only trying to frighten her! A good.

    One Bush supporter threatens hsi pregnant girlfriend with a knife because of her determination to leave him and cast her vote in favor of Kerry. Police officers responding to the call found him holding a knife to her throat. I fervently hope that the Marines reject his application. This is not the sort of human being one wants defending the populace of the United States.

    The popular vote shows a closely divided United States; come the morning of November third approximately half of the country will wake with their fellow the loser. I cannot believe that the overwhelming anger that has been exhibited by both sides, the disparagement of the two parties, the despisement of the other will simply dissipate come that morning; that this atmosphere of abhorrence will evaporate into the sky like dew on a warm morning. One group will wake up in the morning feeling disenfranchised; exactly who are these people who will feel tis way? They are doctors and patients, teachers and students, architects and homeowners, taxicab drivers and riders, mail carriers and grandma Betsy whose greatest joy is the picture her two year old scribbled in honor of thanksgiving. In short; they are everyone; those we depend on and those who will depend on us. They are the people we love and admire, our fellow workers our friends and neighbors. A heart "no hard feelings now" and "I'm everyone's president" will not affect a cure. Now is the time to start repairing the damage that has already been done. Now is the time to affirm that it is not personal; that strong disagreement is not equivalent to demonization; that the country is made of diverse opinons, and it is a requirement of a sane society to fight, and fight vigorously, against ideas when we find them abhorrent or ill considered, but to resort to violence against people in words or action only when left with no other choice.
    (note: Jack, I tried to ping your site as well, but I get an error message. I will of course try again later. Apologies.)

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    I'm not a big baseball fan and Red Socks have never been my home team but WHOOHEE!!!!

    Way to go Red Socks!!!

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    October 25, 2004


    I read a lot of blogs. I don't always have what to say, but I read. I read blogs on the left and blogs on the right and supporters of Kerry and supporters of Bush and I agree and disagree with various things of all those above; which, I think is how it is suppose to be--- we are unique, and it is impossible to abosolutely match in idealogy any other being. Or maybe I am weird; I don't know. I probably am weird as I don't seem to settle firmly down on either side.

    But I am also hearing so much anger coming from the USA that I wonder how it will stand after this election. So much bitterness, so much anger, so much hate. Charges of voter fraud on both sides. Was it ever this bad before? No matter which side wins there are a significant amount of people on the other side. Everyone from that side can't be an enemy.

    So I'm ranting. I'm ranting because I'm worried. My family is there in the USA, my friends. I feel as if there were a volcano about to erupt and no matter who wins everyone will lose.

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    October 13, 2004

    Win or Lose

    You voted.

    1. Your guy lost. What would the 44th President need to do to convince you
    that maybe, after all , he was the better man for the job?

    2. Your guy won. What is the one aspect of the other guys platform that you hope the 44th President incorporates into his program.

    3. How do you think your life will change if your guy wins? If he loses?

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    October 11, 2004

    Christopher Reeves Died

    Christopher Reeves died Sunday of heart complications, apparently a commone problem for those who are paralysed.

    I just find that very sad. He didn't let his injuries stop him. His injuries spurred him on to become an advocate for spinal cord research and stem cell research.

    Here is the URL for those wanting to donate to his foundation; a wonderful thing to do in his memory.

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    September 21, 2004

    Hostage Situation

    One hostage is known to be dead, one is most likely dead, one probably will be dead. I can't think of it without being drawn into this sense of rage and hopelessness; I can't imagine how the familoes are feeling. I know I am only feeling one little bit of their pain.

    But I want to know; by blogging on the deaths, am I part of the problem or part of the solution? If we just ignored the events...hard to do, I know, but if the world media would agree to underplay it, to simply state their names and focus on the people who died and not the "message" of these beasts, would these horrific, vile acts end?

    My condolensces to the family of the man who died, Eugene Armstrong. My prayer go out to the family of Jack Hensley, please G-d may it be that they have lied. And to the family of Kenneth Bigley; I hope and pray for a miracle for your son and brother.

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    September 15, 2004


    According to Jewish philosophy tonight, September 15th, is the New Year for the whole world; the time of judgement. Traditionally we greet each other with a wish "May you be inscribed in the book of life"

    To all my readers, to the world really, May this be a year of peace and prosperity good health for us all. May all those who are ill be healed, those who are poor find sustenance, and those who are sad become joyful.

    I'll be back Saturday or Sunday night.

    Take care everyone...

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    September 12, 2004


    Go ahead and read Dragon Bear Cave. Let me say, I agree with her sentiments, I agree.

    I am very worried that the current state of emotion in the election will have post-election consequences regardless of who wins Animosity kills. We are not each other's enemies. Fight the ideas that one finds abhorrent, but don't target people, not in political dabates. There is too much anger and cruety on both sides.

    Eventually, and hopefully, no matter whose party wins this election, the other party will gain ascendency. I say hopefully, because if the USA becomes a one party nation than it will cease being America the Free; for if only one idea reigns it means other ideas have been killed. We should see a changing of the guards every few years. And we should feel, even if it is our party that lost, a sense of satifaction that the American way still stnds, still lives.

    So heres's to the USA; the right to float ideas no one else likes, and the right to do that without having someone question one's right to call oneself and American.

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    September 11, 2004

    In Memory

    Of those who lost their lives in 9-11, and those who gave their lives defending the USA and the free world.

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    September 10, 2004

    Beslan Survivors to be Flown to Israel

    Israel will be flying child survivors of the Beslan siege, and their mothers to Israel for treatment. Funding for the trip is being supplied by the Michael Cherney Fund, which was created after the 2001 Dolphinarium suicide bomb attack in 2001.

    Also, Hadassah Hospital in Israel has volunteered to help the victims with post-traumatic rehabilitation, both physical and psychological; offering to either send experts in Post-Traumatic Shock Syndrome to Russia to help those who are affected by the siege, or to bring those suffering, and their families to Israel's Hadassah hospital. The hospital is waiting for a definitive response from Russia.

    My prayers are with the families for complete recovery of the injured, both physical and mental.

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    September 06, 2004

    A Tale of Bravery

    Allison Kaplan Sommers of an Unsealed Room has blogged about the lead story in a Israeli paper; one of the Russian school teachers who sacrificed his life to protect his students. Please read the blog and if anyone finds the story in English let me know.

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    I was directed to this article via Key Monk. He is right. Read this.
    And read what Neptune Lex has to say. Powerful stuff.

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    September 05, 2004

    Losing the World

    This morning the Monkey brought me a book and showed me she could "read." Well, not yet, but her joy in her not yet ability was quite unabashedly strong. While English is her first language she will learn to read and write in Hebrew first, and that is how I want it. Next she treated us to a song called the Cheaping; a song consisting of tongue clicks "because it souonds like chirping" she explained.

    On September 1rst, the day my daughter started her first day of "gan hovah" advanced gan, a sweet Israeli boy of 3 was buried; vicitim of the double bus bombing the day before. On Sept 1rst as my children were welcomed to their first day of school, as the Artist and her friends and all the upper classes made a ceremony welcoming the first graders, and and wishing the 6th graders a great last year, some several hundred children were taken hostage in Russia, and the last figure I read was 323 dead, 156 of them children.

    Children, thirsty after three days of no water drank their own urine, hungry, ate leaves from plants in the building.

    Some of the children were shot in the back as they tried to escape. One child reports that one of the terrorist doing the shooting smiled as the children fell.

    All this via LOGIC AND SANITY, here and here.

    What world is this? I want the world of my five year old for all children. I realize how vulnerable she is, and how vulnerable we all are. What is to be done?

    Putin said, and I agree with him "We showed weakness, and weak people are beaten,"

    But it isn't simply strength that we need; it is moral strength. The courage to stand up against all evil and fight it. To end terrorism we need to unite against it and not allow it to stand. Were mistakes made by Putin and the Russian security force? Yes, of course. But blaming Putin is blaming the wrong person; whether or not he is re-elected the blame for this horror has to be placed where it belongs; ont he terrorists shoulders.

    All those who participated in this horror must be brought to justice and dealt with swiftly.

    I wish I could pick up a book and read the words I'd like to be there instead of the words that are there, but this is the book we are handed, and I can read now. Somedays I wish I couldn't.

    Those wishing to donate to the vicitims and/or to donate to a memorial fund can go here.

    I don't know what else to say. To seize, torture and murder children; we must as a world prevent this from happening ever again.

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    September 02, 2004

    The Hostage Crisis

    The children are not being given food yet. Damn those bastards! There are some reports from escaped hostages that 15 male hostages were made to lie on the ground and were shot dead. They have released 26 of the hostages; babies and their moms. These poor little ones haven't eaten in over 24 hrs now.

    They are looking for two women who may have connections to the terrorist. The pictures are posted on the Logic and Sanity website.

    If someone could tell me how to stick tape something I would appreciate it. I want to urge everyone to pray for these children and to do something good in their name.

    Posted by Rachel Ann at 04:52 PM | Comments (0)

    More on the Hostages

    Apparently there are 12 dead hostages right now. The terrorist are finally allowing food and water to be brought in for the children. Logic & Sanity is covering this situation fully, and much better than I ever could, with frequent updates.

    Keep praying.

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    September 01, 2004

    Armed Men Take School Children Hostage

    A group of armed men and women, some wearing suicide belts, have invaded an elementary school in North Ossestia Russia, taking have taken about 400 people hostage, some 200 of them school children, as well as ttheir parents and teachers. A second school may also be involved in another attack.

    Does it matter what they want? Does it matter what their gripe is?

    Terrorist should never receive what they ask for. That must become a rule. Take them down as swiftly and quickly as possible. Lie to them to get the hostages safe. Anything; but never give into their demands. Because the more we pity them, give into therr damands, hear their side the more those who have no morals will take hostages, set off bombs, kill, threaten and destroy, for whatever reason.

    The madness must stop. These children, and G-d willing will not be harmed physically. They have already be harmed emotionally.

    Everyone of those monsters, as well as those who planned and helped these scum should die, or at the very least spend the rest of their days in a dark and gloomy place.

    I don't want to hear pity for them or their cause.

    The terrorist are threatening to blow up the school.

    If anyone has heard more on the school and the children, please let me know. All I get is old news, and I haven't seen anything on CNN. Does anyone know the current status of those children?

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    August 25, 2004


    Is this a case of possible
    One Russian plane crashed, one plane missing within minutes of each other, the Russian presidential election just days away? One plane sent a HIJACK signal.

    DId the other plane simply crash?

    I don't know what to think. I suppose it could simply be coincidence; but what are the chances?

    Athena has a great analysis of the situation, full of updates as well as her measured and thoughtful response to the situation.

    via Drink This, who asks "Is this what we have to look forward to? and includes links to other bloggers talking about this.

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    August 23, 2004

    Jewish Community Center in Paris Burnt Down Yesterday

    And as my son says "This is becoming all too typical." Article here and then consider this.

    Ya think there might be a connection?

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    August 16, 2004

    Intimidation and the Truth

    There is an excellent article on Jewish World Review on how the PLO uses intimidation to distort the truth of what goes on in Israel and dthe Palestinian territories.

    Arafat's "security forces have made more than 30 arrests of journalists and editors," the Columbia Journalism Review noted in 1996. "Although they have been almost completely freed from the Israeli yoke of military censorship, Palestinian journalists are being fettered in new ways. Reporters Sans Frontieres, a watchdog group based in Paris, released a report . . . deploring the Palestinian Authority's policy of suspending newspapers and employing threats and violence against journalists. . . . The result is a tame, compliant press that . . . rarely engages in investigative journalism and publishes only . . . 'vegetarian' criticism of the regime."

    Frightening, but what can be done about it? How can the truth be brought out, especially to an audience that has less and less time to search for the answers and is waiting, unfortunately, to have the news spoon fed into their mouths?

    I can't tell you the number of people who simply "don't know much about the situation" and other's who add "I don't understand why they (Israel and the Palestinians) can't just get along."

    If I come over to your house, destroy your property, pee in your pool and hit your kids are you going to give me half the house to live in?

    I can recommend books; I can't make people read them. I can express my feelings of anger and fear; but I can't make other's feel them. Danger is always right there, just out of sight; any nut job could ruin my life or the life of one of those I hold dear; child, friend, loved one. And there are times I just feel so helpless.

    A father of 7 is murdered. An entire family wiped out. A young mother wakes to find her little boy is gone. What else can I do? What else should I do?

    Posted by Rachel Ann at 11:25 AM | Comments (2)

    August 15, 2004

    hopes and prayes

    Are there for all those who were in the path of Charley; I hope everyone and their loved ones are safe.

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    August 14, 2004

    Olympic Spirit

    In the "true spirit" of the Olympics Arash Miresmaili, a judo champion of the flyweight division, dropped out of the competition when he learned he would face an Israeli;

    "Although I have trained for months and was in good shape I refused to fight my Israeli opponent to sympathize with the suffering of the people of Palestine and I do not feel upset at all," Miresmaili told the IRNA news agency.

    Now pardon me for being somewhat childish but I am thinking:
    bwak, bwak, bwak! CHICKEN!

    What I'm thinking is he is just afraid he'll be shown up by an Israeli. He's afraid of losing. I'll say it again;
    bwak, bwak, bwak! CHICKEN!

    This has happened before to Israeli players and in at least one case the chicken was banned for a year.

    A year? That's not punishment. How about ten yeas. Now that would make a difference.

    But then, the Olympics doesn't stir a whole lot of good thoughts in my mind in any case. 1936 and 1972 stick out in my mind.

    I'm not watching the games; no satellite connection, as well as having other things to do. I would be interested in knowing if there was a memorial for the 11 members of the Israeli team murdered in 1972. I am hoping something was said, done.

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    August 13, 2004

    British Journalist Kidnapped

    James Brandon, 23, a British journalist from the Sunday Telegraph was kidnapped from a Basra Hotel by about 20 or 30 masked gunmen.

    In a video the kidnappers, most likely Shiites Muslims declared;

    "We are the sons of the Iraqi people," said the captor wearing a black ski mask. "We demand the withdrawal of the occupation forces from the holy city of Najaf in 24 hours, otherwise we will kill this British hostage," he said, patting Brandon on the shoulder.

    There really isn't too much to say about this but pray.

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