September 05, 2005

Just Like to Point Out

That insomnia is NOT fun. Especially when you no longer have cable and so there isn't a blessed thing to watch on the idiot box. (We can't get any real channels here.)

Well I get to update you on my oh so exciting life.

School is still an "I don't know" factor. Today the kids are suppose to, if the parents want, go on a 'hafganah' to protest their being out of school and the school board not finding an acceptable solution. We however, seeing as my dh's family is still here are doing more tourning. I wouldn't mind the Artist going on the hafganah, however, I really don't like the idea of the Monkey's first day of first grade being one of protest. Somehow that doesn't seem the right tone to start off "real" learning. Hey, I"m an unschooler at heart, real learning goes on all the time, but I think you all get my drift.

The news from the USA is truly horrifying. I couldn't even read the this article till today; the title just threw me emotionally. Dead and dying? I couldn't accept in my mind the idea that people were left to die. But it seems they were. I am also a bit freaked that Wikipedia already has a "Katrina" entry into it. It just seems so odd that something could be written in past tense when it iis, in reality, still happening. I read a line like

On September 4th, Mayor Nagin informed CNN reporter Nic Robertson that the death toll could rise in the thousands after the clean-up is completed.
and feel a bit as if I were a time traveler viewing an event from a long time ago., there is a distancing factor to to such archiving of yesterdays events, as if events of just yesterday could be put in a box and set on the shelf. Am I the only one who feels this way?

My prayers are with everyone in the USA.

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Thanks for the prayers and concerns for people here in the states. A friend just sent me this site and I want to pass it on for you there as well. I imagine your list might be different...but it is a starting point. Some of us are going to reorganize things and make lists and perhaps put together a few little bags of things that we would take if we needed to leave in a hurry...and in this world one never knows! Go to the Red Cross site at:,1082,0_91_,00.html and they have 7 pages of lists and ideas there to use...a good starting point anyway.
Blessings to all...Elizabeth

Posted by: Elizabeth at September 6, 2005 06:33 AM
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