February 27, 2006

Yeah I Know this is Late But

Does Bush have brains in his head? What the heck is he thinking letting a foreign entity own the ports? Who gets the planes? The phone system? Saudi Arabia? Maybe he should set up a deal with the Palis; I'm sure it would warm the cockles of their heart to own a piece of the USA.

A foreign entity owning a company in the good ole' USA; food, clothing, sundials etc. is fine. And yeah, Saudi owned, whatever. But control of the ports?????
They should remain under the control of the USA.

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Years ago, back about 1989 or 1990, a lady who had grown up in one of the "Kommunist" block countries and was there when it went that direction, told my friend that we only thought we were free here, that in Europe people realized we really were not...we lived under that illusion and that it was going to be one day ere long where everyone here would know it. Told my friend that it "smelled" as it did when her country of origin changed and she could "smell it coming here too"...my friend and I pondered that a long time. I think perhaps the froggie has been in the warming water for quite some time and perhaps is now nearing the boiling point? It truly saddens those of us who know we are seeing the death thros of what was once a great nation. You simply cannot throw out what HaShem has taught us...even poke up His nose such horrid sins as we have committed as a people and think He will forever just ignore it. But all things that are foretold must come to pass...perhaps these are the preliminaries to these events. If some of the rabbis in Israel declared sometime back that it is the time of "Jacob's trouble"...then we know what time we are in! But I think it is ok to pray and to be sad as it happens! May HaShem help us to make it through all of what is coming. (I am concerned for you there too...I WAS NOT impressed to see them inviting the Dahli Lama and who knows else to set up their religions headquarters there in Jerusalem...surely that must dismay those who know that Jerusalem is not meant to be used in such a way?)
Elizabeth, still pondering and wondering...

Posted by: Elizabeth at March 1, 2006 06:51 AM
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