February 27, 2006

Ho hum My Day (mostly)

Let's see if I can make it exciting....

Worked. Worked. Worked.

Did dishes.

GOT A NEW COUCH!!!! (well, a new used couch. The people we got it from also got a new used couch. Everyone is happy. But we had to lug it home from down the street. Now to get rid of the old couch, which is not give-away-able.)

Worked. Worked. Worked.

Did laundry.

Worked. Worked. Worked.

Fed kittens.

The Monkey came home. Played; two rounds of Go Fish, I Doubt It (aka as LIE) which is not really very exciting with just two people) Gave a bath. Made dinner. Made supper (we are going European/Israeli style here). Bedtime snack. Put the Monkey to bed. (snuggle time). Big kid, aka The Artist was at a birthday party till late.

The Artist is going to bed on the new couch.

I'm reading the SHINING.

Yeah I can sleep after it; but it is a good read.

And the couch is exciting.)

Posted by Rachel Ann at February 27, 2006 08:36 PM | TrackBack

It's a new couch for you! Wonderful, just junk the old and enjoy.

Posted by: muse at February 28, 2006 04:44 AM
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