November 12, 2004

One More Thing

And no, this isn't the post swimming about in my brain; that one is currently doing the butterfly and telling me it likes the water too much to come on down. Bloody thoughts; why can't they congeal themselves and behave?

Nope, this is once again about the elections. Here it goes:

Republicans; stop acting so high-and-mighty your guy won, twice. Eight years ago your guy lost, twice. Clinton was hounded for eight years and you still can't get over the fact that he won. So if the Democrats keep on agonizing over the election till he takes his oath, let them have their pity-party. Get a grip. Your guy will still take office even if nearly half the country is infuriated.

Democrats; Yes the Republicans never let up; they rode Clinton and are still riding him. I advise taking a lesson from their book but with some slight modifications. Get your dander up when it counts; over issues, not the man himself; then fight, fight wise. Find out why those who disagree with your stance disagree. Seek to find common ground. Work to promote your position on moral and legal grounds. Don't act superior; you aren't, and they aren't. LISTEN, and then speak. Active listening. Compassionate speaking.

There are a lot of things, whether Democrat or Republican, that matters to us all. The majority of us want the children of the future to grow up healthy, inherit a healthy world, a healthy economy, and have a healthy life.

We might not be in agreement with how to achieve a better world for all, but I think we are in agreement (aren't we?) that a better world is the desired goal.

I am not wrong about that am I?

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 12, 2004 07:10 AM

A piece of common ground indeed.

Except, of course, for Michael Moore.

Posted by: Jim at November 12, 2004 11:38 AM

Nope, you sure aren't. You're spot on, in fact. I can't believe that each party continues to re-live the mistakes of the other...for time ad naseum. Some new ideas and sincere attempts to understand the differences would be indeed refreshing. Oh, and ceasing to intimate that because I live in a red state I must somehow be 'deaf and dumb' to "the truth" would be equally nice.

Well put, up there. I wish more people thought along the lines of finding common ground.

Posted by: Jennifer at November 13, 2004 02:09 AM
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