June 15, 2006

Scratch that One off The List

cuties making the news because she isn't dead, but scientist thought she was an 11 million year old goner...turns out she's been hiding out in Southeast Asia. One Rock Rat (so they are called) was refound last year in a Laos meat market, poor guy.

Scientist at first thought they had found a new kind of rodent, but, it later turned out to be a living relative from the Diatomyidae family. And that was all they had folks until Dr. David Redfield went on a Southeast Asian expedition and found this sweet and gentle creature in her favorite place to hang, the limestone outcroppings in Central Laos

Luckily Dr. Redfield came back with photos and videos of the Laotian rock rat which you can see here.

The creature, known to the Laotians as kha-nyou (ga-noo), really is adorable, and it seemed quite friendly. You all have to watch it walk!

Rock Rat plush animal anyone? I think the market will be good.

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