July 21, 2006

Bwak, bwak, bwak

Omar Bakri, who felt 9/11 was something to celebrate, and who felt that it was okay to take women and CHILDREN hostage "if it were for a good cause" doesn't like danger himself.

He left Britain for Lebanon and now with the war and all the poor man just doesn't feel safe. He might die in the crossfire. He wants Britain to save him. Poor guy. His family is very worried about him.

My heart is bleeding for the dear soul.

More pearls of wisdom from the OBM.

Oh and check out this interview...

The British don't like him, and it seems that even the Syrians don't like him.

Like I said, my hear weeps. Pass the chips.

Maybe it's his Body Odor.

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Posted by Rachel Ann at July 21, 2006 10:46 AM | TrackBack

Awww... poor guy, so sad that his own teachings are biting him in the ass.

Posted by: Oorgo at July 24, 2006 03:59 PM

William Styron, whose Holocaust novel Sophie's Choice became a film and an opera, has died, aged 81...

Posted by: Efren Sweet at December 7, 2006 12:31 PM
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