November 13, 2006

Maybe the Spammer is just wacky

But I'm not sure what s/he is trying to prove with all those weird comments. I mean the url didn't lead me anywhere, the comments are just stupid and unrelated to anything as far as I can see. Someone figure it out for me!

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October 24, 2006

Shawn (I think) I may have erased your comment

Urgh I hate the spammers. THey've been hitting me and I had a bunch to erase and I accidentally erased your comment to my survey as well. At least I think it was Shawn. I saw it a minute before it went bye bye. Just thought there was a bunch from the same group and got delete happy, or unhappy I should say. SO if I haven't made you too mad go back and post to my survey again, and I won't erase you this time.

Spammers have a special place in hell.

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June 14, 2006

Search Engines

So what do you use and why? I've started using SNAP, and so far I really like how it works. Previewing a page before one actually goes and reads it is a time saver.
You can scroll through the hits and switchthe size of the article window or have the article open in its own window.

I'm always on the look out for new and interesting ways of dealing with the web, so let me know, okay?

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November 07, 2005

Just Ask!

Any question any at all. I'll answer as truthfullly as I dare.
Yes I have a post in mind. A POST WHICH MAY MAKE ME MONEY (if I dream hard enough maybe) But till then:

Ask away please.

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September 14, 2005

I can

Get to my blog, and I can get to "best of the rest" I can get to munuvians. What's going on? Can you see me? Cause if your munu I can't see you!

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September 12, 2005

See My New (Prayers and Cares)Button!!

Thank you Esther!!! Thank you!!! Please take a bow! The lady did the work herself.

(I'm also inordinately proud of myself for finally figuring out how to embed an image WITH a URL. Slapping myself on the forhead for taking THIS LONG to figure it out.)

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Well as you can see

I've deleted the first two entries. They are now on my prayers and cares section. Eventually the posts for Gush Katif and Katrina will be deleted, hopefully not replaced by any new disasters or horrors. The url infomation will then be added to the "everyday care section". other information saved in some other as yet to be decided form.

The posts are still on this blog however, but just way way down in January.

One of my blog friends gave me some lovely buttons to replace the boring text. And I will attempt to add later today.

Right now I have to procrastinate writing my resume.

I can't get myself into it. I can get myself into writing a "real me" one which I will do and post later, but the one which can help me get a job is just not cooperating.

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September 11, 2005

Prayers and Cares

I've linked to the Prayers and Cares blog on the sidebar. I hope that is what people meant. I do hope people make use of the site. I will try and transfer the information tomorrow. Right now I have to get myself and child up the hill to get ONE MORE BOOK that wasn't bought for school.


I don't mind buying the books, but when the people who are selling them are only open for a small part of the day it makes things difficult.

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September 02, 2005


I love my prayers section, but I have often felt it awkward. People entering my site who are not familiar with my blog yet may not realize there are more posts below. Similarly, when something big happens, like the hurricane, or what happened in the Gush, I want to keep the information ready and avaiallable, but I also want to continue to blog, continue to speak about the other bits and parts of my life. Life does go on, as boring as it may sometimes be.

Sooooooooooooo, I have considered making a second blog, called, at this point, Prayer and Care. It will basically always have two entries; Prayers, a section for people to ask for prayers, and Care where, when there is a major or even minor occurence, I can provide links to sources of help.

Here's the bare bones of the place. What is your opinion? Should there be any other sections? Perhaps a list of organizations that are always there to help? Magden David Ami for exampel. I want to keep this quite simple, and apparently I can't have secondary links, just those imbeded in the entry, which is okay with me at this point.

So nu? Opinions wanted!!!!!

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August 25, 2005

I'm Back!!!!!

For those who noticed I have been gone. The MuNu server was quite ill. But it made it and now we are back and running.

Elizabeth asked where the best place to donate money for those who were expelled from Gush Katif. I am looking into the matter, but the best source of information at this point is

I know of no government agency at this point. Everything is being done by volunteers. I have placed a message on the Gush Katif list and will relay an address, if there is one, as soon as I get an answer.

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August 21, 2005

And Now A Word From My DH

Introducing my husband, Tzvi, who does have important things to say.

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July 18, 2005

Dull and Duller

It isn't so much that my mind is a blank it is that I'm in a bleh place right now. I wish I were with the marchers, but I couldn't go because of other pressing obligations. I wish I were in a tent, as are friends of ours, in Shirat Hayam.

I feel guilty, I feel there must be something, there should be something else that I can do, should do, for my fellow Jews. I'm left with prayer.

And maybe that is the lesson here. Prayer. Our first and last stop on the way to anything.

So here it is: I pray for the safety of those who are marching and those who are lliving in the Gush or who have gone there to protect their brethern. I pray that the disengagement will not go through. I pray that a real peace can be found between Israel and the rest of the world, and most of all I pray as the Artist did, with the sincerity of the young and the purity of the heart of the innocnet, that the Moshiach will come, and come now.

G-d, we need the Moshiach. Whether we are ready or not, please, let the times of peace and knowledge of You come.

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July 13, 2005

Carnival 3 for Life and Liberty and Property!

Eric's hosting Carnival #3 of Life, Liberty and Property.
If you've got something to say, why not head out his way?
Rant or wave or inbetween, it's a great way for your post to be seen!

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June 29, 2005

(coment party)Oh I'm A Leaving

Oh I'm a leaving (on a bus) to meet my family (who are arriving on a jet plane). Won't know if I'll be able to write (from the hotel). Hope I can (cause I'm addicted) but if I can't feel free to write your heart out in the comments below. Oh!!! 8 days with the family and my daughter who I haven't seen in a whole year. I miss her so.

So I'm a leaving (on a bus) to meet my family (who are arriving on a jet plane). Hope I can fill you in on my week as I go.

Alright, alright, told you all I couldn't sing!

take care

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June 27, 2005

I'm Not Rachel Ann Go

THIS is Rachelle Ann Go. She actually spells her name with two Ls and an E at the end which would make her Ruh shell not Ray chul, but the names are all related.

Notice that she has her beautiful self up on her site. Notice I don't. If I looked like she looks then I wouldn't hestitate to put my pic on my blog. But I don't, never did, poor me, so I won't.

She also has a video blog, but you have to download it to your video player (so I can't link it here.) Wish I could have heard what she was saying, but there was a lot of noise, but here and "there". Hope you can hear it better than I could. You can of course, now that your here, feel free to tour this blog as well. I love the company, even though I don't sing well at all (can I blame Rachelle Ann Go for stealing all my vocal chords?). Rachelle Ann Go is more than welcome to come visit my site as well, but somehow I don't think she knows I exist. Go tell her for me okay?

Anyway, those that have made the detour here, I hope you enjoyed your stay. For those who didn't, sorry for the inconvience, hope the link works and you find yourself visiting your favorite singer. Bye now!

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June 08, 2005


I shall be leaving, come June 29th for about 10 days of vacation time, courtsey of mom and dad (thanks mom and dad! We'll see you all soon!!!) Anyway, while my family and I are galivanting about Israel with parents, siblings, their spouses and kids, my cousins and MY DAUGHTER and her boyfriend, I'll need someone to keep my blogs spirits up. To post. write, incite, entertain, for that length of time, my faithful readers.

Any takers? Anyone want to be a Willowteer?

Please let me know if you do, and how often you can post. I'd like at least two or three different writers.

thanks to all who respond!

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May 29, 2005

Thank you Pam!

Of Pamibe for all the help you have been giving me with my banner. I like, I like! So nu everyone, how do you think this place is developing? Suggestions? Criticisms?

Linda, do you like what we've done with the banner? Ro, thank you again for all hte work you did for me, and for your help. And all the other's who have given me advice and help in setting up my blog.

My family doesn't understand why I like blogging so much. I think they don't understand how wonderful long-distance friends can be, and how much someone whose voice one may never hear and whose face one may never see can become so important in one's life. Friendship does not depend on distance, but on concern, caring, and the willingness to be part of another person's life.

Thank you to all who read and to all who have helped me.

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May 26, 2005

Quick! Quick!

1. Closet Extremist has a great debate post up. I'll be answering over there, later today, but, briefly: Johnny, Judaism doesn't really work as you describe. It is not a matter, in Judaism, of leaving it up to G-d in terms of repentence and forgiveness. One must make restitution or ask forgiveness from the person one has harmed, if a person was harmed, and making great effort never to commit that particular sin again. Of course we keep on trying and failing, but there is in Judaism, "something we can do about it." We are also suppose to be "our own worse critic".

Okay, I've got to go teach, rush home, get ready to go to Latrun (to meet the Wit once again) come home, clean and cook for Shabbat, and send the Artist off on a 10pm to 2am barbeque. The Artist, btw, is totaly psyched about going on the overnight. Kids!!!

Anyway, I know my place looks, well doesn't look so hot now (I will forbear from swearing) and I won't be able to do too much more until Sunday at the earliest. The banner is going to be my problem. The colors are, at least to me, pleasing for the most part, I need to tweak (and I would like to hear back from you how the colors and set up appears to you. The grey is going btw), but the banner....grrrrrrr...The only software I have is paint. Oh well. Linda (she made the banner in the first place), if you are reading, do you have the banner sans the green to send me? I love it, don't want to lose it, but my other computer crashed and the banner sits there, quite possibly never to be retrieved again. If I have to find another banner, I honestly don't think I can find one as lovely as you made for me. I really wanted to thank you for the work you did for me.

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May 25, 2005

Some Interior Decorating Going on Here!

Sorry for the mess, I hope it will all get cleaned up soon.

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May 24, 2005


I am a year old as of yesterday, my blog that is. I missed my blogversery! How could I have done that? Where are my presents? Where is my cake?

Anyway, this was my first pathetic post.

And the dh still doesn't read my blog.
Revenge tactics needed.

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April 22, 2005

Well, That's All Folks!

At least until after the first day of Passover. I still have cooking to do, washing the floors, dishes (actually I'm going to try and palm that off on dh and the kids) and making sure all the laundry is done. (It better be!)

For those who celebrate Passover, may you have a glorious seder! For the rest of you, have a wonderful weekend! And for all of us, may we be worthy to recieve the Moshiach (Messiah) and may peace come to our world swiftly.

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April 21, 2005

Top o'the morning to you; (Quiz Time!)

via mozemen's blues

Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!

You drink everyone under the table.

Who's Your Inner European?

Now if only I could have the red hair I'd be happy.

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April 18, 2005

Shalom! Hello! Who are you?

You come, you take a peek you leave. Without so much as a hey how are you? Well R.P. has this post, based on an idea from Mia, which she took from Eric. asking who are you? Those of you who stop and read, who are you? Are you a lurker? Do you come often? Here by accident? Just passing through? Do you blog? Do you want to? Come on and say hello; introduce yourself and give me a clue.

I'd like to know.

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April 17, 2005

Off To Read

Nothing much to read here except an annoucement that I'm coming to visit all my dear friends who I've neglected these past frw weeks. Hey, I've been busy! But my house is getting there. We are down to brass tacks now; fridge and stove. While I've been cleaning I've been listening to 365 live and enjoying some old time radio.

WOW, talk about funny! I'm getting a kick out of wh at my parents use to listen to. Some are just so corny; heavy on the morality, light on almost everything else, but fun.

See you all soon!

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April 12, 2005

Comment Party

Okay children,
Mommy has to clean for Passover now. And Mommy found out that The Artist has been shirking on homework. Mommy has lots of work to do, so she is leaving you to play nice by yourselves.

Please do not draw on the walls. Please do not throw chocolate milk on the walls. No you may not play with mommies knicknacks. And do clean up when you are done, mommy has so much to do as it is!!!

Oh, and have fun ;-)

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April 06, 2005

I've Nothing To Say

And you can't make me!
Actually I have plenty I'd like to say but some things have to stay between me and the wall, so its time for one of those exciting quizes or meme thingees. Trouble is I can never find a good quiz and my mind is too full of stuff that I can't say that all other creative thoughts are bottlenecked. You didn't know that could happen did you? Well now you do!

Okay, here's the question. PLEASE ANSWER!!! Dang I always resort to begging---that's 'cause I've nothing to bribe you all with. Here tis:

Name five words you think SHOULD be in the English dictionary--you know words for things that if they have a name no one but the genius who was in your elementry school class would know.

Come on, get those creative juices going. Like I said, mine are waiting for the traffic cops to clear the accident away.

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March 23, 2005

The Interview

The Questions for Mozeman

Because it is about to be Purim and then Passover....

1. So how many bags of (name your favorite sugary posion) did you eat before making up those Shaloch Manos baskets?

2. What is your favorite Purim memory?

3. Put on your black hat. What is the Passover cleaning job you are now forcing all your evil minnions to do?

4. Will you please, please, please, come clean my house for Passover? I'll make you a nice dinner. (Sorry, if you are a Jewish mom you know why that pleas got to be in there.)

5. What is your favorite Passover meal? And no fair not giving over the recipe

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March 18, 2005

Still Waiting

For someone to take me up on an offer to interview them. Have I not put enough Jewish mother into the request? I'm trying hard to come up with a good guilt trip to lay on you all but....(sigh) I guess my Jewish mom skills aren't what thought they were. So if anyone of you wants to request a deeply probing, highly intelligent, sophisticated interviwe, which will reveal the true you to the world, I think you need to find someone else.

For pure wackiness and fun, ask for me!

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March 16, 2005

The Interview Game

Here's the rules to the game, my answer is below.

1. Leave me a comment saying "interview me". The first five commenters will be the participants.
2. I will respond by asking you five questions.
3. You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. (Write your own questions or borrow some.)

Here's my response to Jim's questions.

1) What tasks would you most like to have an army of trained monkeys (not "The Monkey") do for you?

Clean my house. Could there be any other answer? I HATE HOUSECLEANING!!!!

2) What's the most bizarre thing to happen to you lately?

I'm not certain it could be considered bizzare, but the closest thing to come to bizzare is a call I received from my husbands cousin saying she was living in Israel now, had been living here since the fall, and was in fact living in Gush Katif. (She had actually made aliyah before us, but had gone to the USA for a couple of years) What makes it bizzare wonderful is how well we hit it off! We finally did get to meet recently and after our get together, I kept thinking, "Where has this soul sister been all my life!!!"

3) If you had one moment to do over, to either change the outcome or savor the moment again, which moment would it be?

When we decided to stay in the USA and try and pay off our student loans and then go to Israel. I wish we had decided to go to Israel straight away, before children.

4) What does Israel need to do to ensure its prosperity and security?

Almost the complete opposite of what we are doing now. We have to tell the world this is our country, you have not suffered what we have suffeed, so back off. We need to stop worrying about how other's see us and focus on how G-d sees us. G-d gave us this land and we have a duty to protect her and the her Holy Places. Strength without concession, that is the only real way to peace.

5) What's your idea of a romantic evening?

A nice dinner, that I haven't had to prepare, no kids, lots of cuddling on some deserted beach; the soft shushing of the waves against the beach, the scent of the sea, the twinkling of stars in the sky, then after a light dinner, more cuddling in a minimally furnished room facing the beach, with a lovely fire roaring in the fireplace, and glasses of red wine, chilled just so.

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March 12, 2005

My List

Of banned IPs went from 27 to 43, and I think I misssed a couple of them! Argh. And I, naive woman that I am, had to ask my 17 year old son what a particular reference meant---what do I know about the more salacious aspects of anime.
I wish we could do to these low-life scum what they do to our blog. But we are left with dealing with them as one deals with a cockroach; stamp them out, as they come.

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March 10, 2005

My Son and I are in Competition for the Computer

Guess who's winning?

And while I'm here, does anyone know why the cool html dohickies, that usually are on top of my text box, have disappeared when I use opera? The one's that let me enter links, make my font bold and beautiful or italicized. Does anyone else ever use opera?

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February 28, 2005

Quiz Time!

Because I'm feeling rather powerless to change things, and have decided that turning to man in the current situation, any human being, whether Sharon or Bush is not likely to achieve a whole lot, and my prayers are going to G-d. But I can't shake the scary this is really bad feeling. I just wish I could blink it all away.
So here's a stick my head in the sand quiz, via Pax Nortona whom I am guessing, quite possibly feels the disengagement is good, and he is probably one of the few people I could disagree with rationally. (Of course he may agree with my position, in which case I apologize.)

You scored as Ariel. Your alter ego is Ariel, the little mermaid! You are a dreamer, and you often want what you can't have. You can be rebellious and sometimes disobey your parents to get what you want.







Peter Pan


The Beast


Donald Duck


Sleeping Beauty




Snow White


Cruella De Ville


Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?
created with
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February 22, 2005

Would You All Consider me Incrediably Grasping

If I were to put up a paypal thingee on my sidebar?
How do you feel about those paypal thingees up on sidebars? Do you even notice them?

This ins't mama needs a vacation money, it is pay the bills, get thee to a dentist and eye doctor money. That stuff. The nitty gritty.
My dh thought it was worth a shot.

I don't know.

What's your opnion?

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February 19, 2005

Quiz What ?? Which Natural Wonder Or Disaster Are You ??"

So go find out if you are naturally wonderful or a disaster!
(ARGH!!! I know that was terrible. But it is a fun quiz. So take it and enjoy!)


?? Which Natural Wonder Or Disaster Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

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January 24, 2005

You Know You Could

If you want to, I mean I certainly wouldn't mind, go here and vote for my blog for the BEST PERSONAL BLOG (group B). Hey, it's a thought!
(as she throws herself on the ground and pathetically begs PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WiTH SUGAR AND WHiPPED CREAM AND A CHERRY ON TOP!)

Lots of nice blogs are in competition; many among my personal favorites. It really is a great idea. Go vote for who you like and may the best blogers win. Good luck to all.

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January 23, 2005

Haveil Havalim Are Here!!

So good morning everyone, hope you have your cup of joe, and are ready to kick back and see what's what this week in the Jewish blogverse.

First because mornings are always confusing to me (what day is it?) I will confuse you some and send you over to Auterific where Linda seeks to confuse you even more with her post OY! A NEW CALENDAR?

Now that you are up, and out of bed and throughly confused on what day it is, I'll send you over to Me-ander, where she will kevetch to you about the weather, and maybe you just want to turn around and go back to bed?

Okay, you have to get up, you have to get out of bed! Cox & Forkum gets your mind going with this editorial on the "moderate Abbas", and his adoring fans in the mainstream media. That about sums up my feelings as well.

For more media duplicity, how about hopping over to "It's Almost Supernatural" and find out the truth about the film "Jenin, Jenin". Or perhaps his post of the demographic dud is more your cup of tea. I'll take them both.

Next we go over to Mark of Auterific has some interesting things to about the supposed "Arrogance" of Jews. I agree Mark, I agree.

But it is about time for lunch, right? And I don't want to spoil your appetite, so here is a sweet little something from House of Joy, on being home in Israel.

And Soccer Dad finds all those he is related to; at least by name!

And let your lunch digest with this contemplative post on the Kotel (Wailing/Western Wall) and women, by Jerusalem Revealed.

Gilly lets us know about how a citizen becomes a soldier and why he takes on this burden.

And David Bogner of Treppenwitzthose reminds us of those who have given their lives so that others may live in his post titled "The 35".

Smoothstone reports on Tom Lantos, the only Holocaust survivor to serve in congress.

And Rishon Rishon talks to us about Lessons Learned from WWII.

While Miriam from Bloghead reminds us about those who gave their utmost, like Raoul Wallenberg.

And then there is dinner. well here's some food for thought: book banning, Jewish
Whatever you decide, get yourself a nice bowl of chicken soup, it is cold out there!!!(okay, sue me, I linked to a food blog and not a particular recipe, just search and you will find! Here's a link to a recipe I KNOW THAT'S NOT A BLOG!!...everyone's a critic!)

And here's two posts to go to sleep with, but warm thoughts for a cold night.
Muse on what makes you happy inside, and Jack from Random Thoughts on Moments in Time.

May all your dreams be good and all your prayers be answered for the good of all.
Take care!

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January 21, 2005

Last Call

For Haveil Havalim!

I would really love to have some lighter fair; cute Jewish kid stories? Happy news anyone? Don't be shy, if you've written something, somber or joyous about Israel or with a Jewish theme that you think is a worthwhile read, or if you have read something that you think everyone should read, please lmk. Write Haveil Havelim in the subject so I can find it mroe easily.

G-d willing I will write post the winners on January 23, as late as possible, so you can have extra time to get your nominations in.

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January 19, 2005

Haveil Havalim


I am hosting Haveil Havalim this week! Please send me nominations for the best Israeli/Jewish themed post from the week of January 16-January 22; I will post the best of the best on January 23rd (as late as I can my time). The blogger doesn't have to be Jewish to be included; the post simply needs to be related to Jewish/Israeli topics.

Please send all nominations to

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January 02, 2005

Jewish and Israeli Blogs

New awards! New awards! Isarellycool is asking for nominations for the best Jewish/Israeli blogs in several catagories; go take a look and nominate your favorite. I (wow!) got a nomination, and I've noticed several of my faves have been nominated as well. Nominations close on January 16th! So go on over and look at all the catagories and nominate someone whose blog you love.

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December 07, 2004

Found Someone New

Do yourself a favor and check out ROCKCHILD; she is a great writer and artist!

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October 31, 2004

Okay, So I Deleeted My Last Entry

Because I HAVE THE POWER!!! If you read it, I must admit to some heavy duty stupidity there; but someone I trust put the bee in my bonnet so to speak so I wondered...I am not that gullible normally, though I do have a certain air of naivity about me, it is usually not about Mulder/Sculley issues. (If you didn't read my deleted entry, sorry. this post makes no sense to you; which is okay it was nonsense what I wrote anyway.) Can everyone tell me about a stupid post they wrote so I'll feel better?

Other news; Talked with the Artists teacher; sigh of relief. She is understanding Hebrew much better, she just won't speak. I knew this. The day she speaks half the class will faint from shock! She does want me to encourage her to do some of her homework, even is she can't do it all, and to open up her notebook and the like. That might be reflective of her ADD; maybe not, but at least the teacher is aware of what additional problems she may be having on top of the- to be expected as she doesn't know what is flying because she can't speak the language- problem.

So interview went fine, and I'm a happy camper.

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October 12, 2004


I've hit my 5,000 customer! Toss out the balloons, throw the confetti. Just wish I knew who you were oh blogexplosion surfer!

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October 07, 2004

Oh Why Don't I Like Me?

My own blog wouldn't talk to me. I tried to access her and she kept telling me she wasn't there. Liar! I knew she wsa home and just hiding behind the sofa.

Maybe she knew my brain was blank; at least of big important things to say. Well, if that is how she feels I'm sending people elsewhere to read:

David Boxenhorn from Rishon Rishon gives a great explanation of Simchat Torah/Shmini Aseret the holiday that just ended for me. I don't blog about the religous aspects as much because he does such a good job of it.

Meryl Yourish makes some very astute comments about Israel, the UN and the Paletinians. (she also has some cute pics of her cat.) I humbly agree.

Hate those blood tests? You've got invisible veins? Medical science has heard you! And AMCGLTD will tell you about it. Read the article as well.

And NATURE IS PROFLIGATE has a very interesting piece on bird courtship, herbs and sex selection. I love this stuff. I'm reading two books now that relate; THE WOMAN WHO NEVER EVOLVED about dominance and submission in the animal world and how it relates to humans, and NATURAL PARENTING. Does anyone else find this stuff absolutely fascinating? Anyway, after reading about the birds, follow her link to the Loom.

Rambling's Journal 's deals with a very grim aspect of abortion. A friend of mine who became a nurse-midwife can testify to the fact that a child was born alive at 5mns after and abortion and simply left to die. Horrible, just horrible. I understand abortion for medical reasons, I understand abortion due to rape or incest. I understand an abortion because the child would live an incredibly horrific life due to whatever genetic illness it was suffering from (Tay sachs etc.) I might not agree with abortion in all the above cases (for me the health of the mom is the only reason to allow an abortion) but I don't understand the persistence in killing the child or not doing all one can to help it survive. It is out of the mom then, her rights to terminate stop and the baby should receive all the help it can.

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September 09, 2004

G-mail and privacy

I always try and serve my customers. So I googled, what else was there to do? google, mail, privacy and gmail. Here's the policy aptly titled:
Gmail and Privacy
They do go into detail there, and cover the issues raised in the article.

Me: the simple fact is anything on your hard drive, anything one puts out over the computer, states over the phone, sends in a letter, can be compromised. Simple fact. People's diaries have been used against them in court; a step I think is foolish, out of bounds and should be illegal as diaries are used as personal sounding boards; they are not necessarily facts-- however, that is a side issue. Once something is written or expressed there is a chance, even if the person the information is related to, is a doctor or psychologist or religious clergy, for the information to be used against one in court. (Which is why one of the first things I do when someone is ranting about an ex online or some similar such situation is to warn them not to do so; what they say can be used in court against them, whether a rant to one's fave. e-mail list, best friend or on a blog.)

Is it possible that some sleaze bucket employed by gmail is reading my e-mail. Yes of course there is a possibility. But that possibility exists period. E-mail is collected and stored somewhere; anyone who has ever had a problem retrieving their e-mail and had to call the service provider can affirm that. The mail is stored, the service personnel will search through their database and try and find the problem; that sometimes means deleting the message with the problem. I know this as a fact because it has happened to me and they could tell me over the phone where the message originated from.

So, I'm not all bent out of shape and worried about gmail in particular. I wish these facts weren't so, but they are. We have a much more limited right to privacy than most of us realize. I don't know if it was ever really different; the change now is there are so many more ways for our thoughts to be taken without our expressed permission.

Sorry, I didn't mean for this to become so heavy.

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September 06, 2004

Blogging For Books


Because Jay may someday be rich and famous (and also because I think it is a good idea) I'm blogging about blogging for books! Reading is one of the best ways for us humans to keep on top of the world, to learn and to grow. I'm very happy to blog about anything that encourages everyone, young or old, to read.

The next blogging for books starts NOW Sept. 6th-Sept. 12th
Guest Author: Mark Falanga who has written about how his life changed when he moved from urban to suburban life; it sounds like a great read. For more about the rules, and a link to a description of the book, go here. Hey, I'm going to try! (uh oh, now I'm COMMITTED)

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August 31, 2004

Clowns to the Right Jokers to the Left

Here I am in the center. Oh, if I'm being obnoxious that is; and I'm being obnoxious, just for the sake fo asking a quesetion. First a step back; why the question?

I was over at Alas A Blog reading his post This and That and from there went to his blogroll and found myself Far to the Right of Amp. and then there was a bit of a discussion on how and why he put me where he put me. Briefly he stated it was a joke based on him being in the center.

Which leads to this question;
You are the center; whose to the left of you? Whose to the right? And why?

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August 30, 2004

Oh the Blog, it is a Changing

You all have to sing that title! Anyway, if you are popping in and out of my site you'll see some mighty strange things going on, and you are bound to see some strange things for a little bit more. My site is being given a face-lift. A "blog decorator extraordinaire is working to make it a lovely home. So bear with me folks...

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August 19, 2004

What won't you Blog about?

I wrote a post today that you will never see. I . got all the way through to the end; I even checked it for spelling errors. Then I deleted it; I thought the post was funny, I thought it relevant, I thought it would give a taste of life in Israel. No one had done anything wrong or evil so no one's name would have been besmirched. I hadn't even used anyone's name; I even disguised and altered the information to make discovery difficult or impossible; still, I was afraid that someone might see what was written and guess who the story was about, or guess that it was about them; that they would undo the deceptions and nod their head and go, oh! I know who she is talking about.

I know other bloggers have talked about this before; I am curious: what are the lines you will not cross? Have you ever blogged something and then regreted it? Have you ever erased or deleted an entry? Have you ever read something on someone else's blog and thought they should not have done so because, though well written, it could cause someone else harm? (no naming the blogs please.)

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August 11, 2004

I Get by With (a lot) of help from friends!

I just want to say thank you to all the people who are helping me pull my blog together so it has some pizzaza to it! Linda taught me how to do the lovely blockquote thingy,

so the quotes are in their own little boxes.
She also sent me a terrific pic for my banner, but I'm going to have to go hat in hand and beg another to show me how to upload it because I'm failing at that. Jim for helping me right and left. And Pixey for setting me up in the first place! And everyone else who has given me suggestions and ideas on how to make my spot a little nicer.

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