May 26, 2005

Quick! Quick!

1. Closet Extremist has a great debate post up. I'll be answering over there, later today, but, briefly: Johnny, Judaism doesn't really work as you describe. It is not a matter, in Judaism, of leaving it up to G-d in terms of repentence and forgiveness. One must make restitution or ask forgiveness from the person one has harmed, if a person was harmed, and making great effort never to commit that particular sin again. Of course we keep on trying and failing, but there is in Judaism, "something we can do about it." We are also suppose to be "our own worse critic".

Okay, I've got to go teach, rush home, get ready to go to Latrun (to meet the Wit once again) come home, clean and cook for Shabbat, and send the Artist off on a 10pm to 2am barbeque. The Artist, btw, is totaly psyched about going on the overnight. Kids!!!

Anyway, I know my place looks, well doesn't look so hot now (I will forbear from swearing) and I won't be able to do too much more until Sunday at the earliest. The banner is going to be my problem. The colors are, at least to me, pleasing for the most part, I need to tweak (and I would like to hear back from you how the colors and set up appears to you. The grey is going btw), but the banner....grrrrrrr...The only software I have is paint. Oh well. Linda (she made the banner in the first place), if you are reading, do you have the banner sans the green to send me? I love it, don't want to lose it, but my other computer crashed and the banner sits there, quite possibly never to be retrieved again. If I have to find another banner, I honestly don't think I can find one as lovely as you made for me. I really wanted to thank you for the work you did for me.

Posted by Rachel Ann at May 26, 2005 07:41 AM

Cool! I look forward to it very much! I always enjoy a good discussion.

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at May 26, 2005 11:42 AM

Hey, drop by the link again! I made a comment (er... two or three) of my own. Love to hear what you think!

Posted by: Tuning Spork at May 29, 2005 04:59 AM
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