April 06, 2005

I've Nothing To Say

And you can't make me!
Actually I have plenty I'd like to say but some things have to stay between me and the wall, so its time for one of those exciting quizes or meme thingees. Trouble is I can never find a good quiz and my mind is too full of stuff that I can't say that all other creative thoughts are bottlenecked. You didn't know that could happen did you? Well now you do!

Okay, here's the question. PLEASE ANSWER!!! Dang I always resort to begging---that's 'cause I've nothing to bribe you all with. Here tis:

Name five words you think SHOULD be in the English dictionary--you know words for things that if they have a name no one but the genius who was in your elementry school class would know.

Come on, get those creative juices going. Like I said, mine are waiting for the traffic cops to clear the accident away.

Posted by Rachel Ann at April 6, 2005 04:12 PM

ginormous - Giganticker than enormous and enormouser than gigantic. It's really big.

bootee - The target of a booty call.

Kodork - That jerk that always ruins the pictures by doing rabbit ears or a goofy face.

y'all - Self explanatory. This word needs to be embraced by academia and propagated through the free world.

psychoblogophilia - Dangerous obsession with blogs and bloggers.

Posted by: Jim at April 7, 2005 07:13 PM

Love em' Jim. No one else has anything to say?

Posted by: Rachel Ann at April 17, 2005 07:53 AM
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