September 27, 2006

I Forgot

How many questions a three year old can ask...and how great their curiosity.

I was babysitting for the 3 MONTH old of a friend; she was feeling ill, and wanted a rest...and when her three year old came bounding into our house asking for tea.

Yep tea. Not quite the request I would think of from a three year old, but I made it for him, and had him stay as well.

For 1 1/2 hours that child talked non-stop. Don't tell me girls are more verbal than boys; this child could have out talked a myna bird.

What is this? What's that? Why do you? Is? When? Who? Where?

He would have been great in a journalism class; what are the questions every good reporter should ask? Watch a three year old for ten minutes and you'll know.

Anyway...the baby was pretty cute; spent about 20 minutes in my arms and then went into the stroller so I could make tea and find stuff for his big brother.

Not to mention answer questions (okay, to be fair I could and did do that with the baby in my arms.)

An then the dad came home, trailing the other two with him (yep, four kids, all under four btw). y house is quieter...

but a whole lot messier.


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September 19, 2006

In Honor of the Yom Tovim (Holidays)

The Monkey's teacher sent home a little booklet of "mitzvahs". A smiley face was to go on each page when she did the mitzvah. Things like
Didn't fight with my siblings. (does ten minutes count? )
Listened to my teacher (um, how would I know?)
Obeyed school rules (see above)
Took out the garbage.
Today we earned a smiley face for that.
And I do mean we.
As in: I put the two bags that were going out together.
I tied the knot.
I walked down to the garbage bin with her. (Down the street, we don't get individual pickup).

She did throw carry it (don't drag it...PLEASSSSSSSSSSSE) and toss it in but...

You know, where is my smiley?

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Do these really exist? How well do they work?

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!

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What Kind of a Son is This?

I told my son, the Wit, of my latest plan to become rich and famous. First, he needed to become rich and famous.

This shouldn't be too difficult. He is smart and funny and good looking. And is just a matter of time.

Then, once he is a celebrity, I would sell all his deepest darkest secrets to the mass media; whoever pays me the most!

So he informed me I am not privy to his deepest darkest secrets. HMPH!!!!
Besides he doesn't want to be rich and famous. Okay, he wants to be rich, but not famous. Double hmph.

Talk about lack of filial duty.

Kids these days....

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September 15, 2006


She sounds great. Prayers must be working because tests reveal nothing untoward. Hopefully this was just a weird and one time episode.

Thank you all greatly!!!!

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September 12, 2006

Please say

Tehilim for my mother who is in the hospital due to a minor stroke (most likely)
Her name is Masha Aaron bat Batya.

At this time the doctors are ruling out surgery. One test showed that she had a constriction in her neck, but subsequent tests reveal no such constriction. Yeah!!!!

They still aren't sure what caused the mini stroke however.

Thank you all for your prayers.

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September 07, 2006

Okay, go watch Jawa's Itube

Right here, and have a good laugh over the supposed missle attack by Israel of an ambulance.

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September 06, 2006

Pardes Jerusalem

Is a great podcast. So is Women in Torah. I've learned a lot from both of them.
I've had The Artist listening as well, especially when she is playing computer games. Why waste the airspace?

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September 01, 2006

So Yesterday

Yesterday the words "I'm sorry" crept out of my mouth three times.
The first was via a long distance call to a woman I had never met in person but only online. Her husband had died suddenly in the night and her daughter posted about it on the e-mail group I was on. I felt so helpless; a strong desire to turn the world back for her but I can't and so how to proceede? How do you help when you know that in reality the one thing the person wants is unachievable?

Sorry too went to a friend who was attending a family wedding to which she didn't want to go. (long story, suffice it to say that other guests are making it as unpleseant as possible for this family to attend)I giggled as I said it, and realized the irony of the situation in view of my other conversation.

Another I'm sorry, this time in person, went to S, the Artists friend, who just came back from a trip to Canada. She loved Tiara, one of Chammomiles kittens, but said kitten has a new home now. The child actually broke down into tears and was miserable the rest of the day, asking couldn't we wait to place her, why did it have to be her etc. etc. I think she had built up this fantasy in her mind that the kitten would one day be hers if only she worked on her mom enough.

So there were the three sorrys, three attempts to show someone else I was with them, and I couldn't help but be struck by the irony of it all.

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