September 01, 2006

So Yesterday

Yesterday the words "I'm sorry" crept out of my mouth three times.
The first was via a long distance call to a woman I had never met in person but only online. Her husband had died suddenly in the night and her daughter posted about it on the e-mail group I was on. I felt so helpless; a strong desire to turn the world back for her but I can't and so how to proceede? How do you help when you know that in reality the one thing the person wants is unachievable?

Sorry too went to a friend who was attending a family wedding to which she didn't want to go. (long story, suffice it to say that other guests are making it as unpleseant as possible for this family to attend)I giggled as I said it, and realized the irony of the situation in view of my other conversation.

Another I'm sorry, this time in person, went to S, the Artists friend, who just came back from a trip to Canada. She loved Tiara, one of Chammomiles kittens, but said kitten has a new home now. The child actually broke down into tears and was miserable the rest of the day, asking couldn't we wait to place her, why did it have to be her etc. etc. I think she had built up this fantasy in her mind that the kitten would one day be hers if only she worked on her mom enough.

So there were the three sorrys, three attempts to show someone else I was with them, and I couldn't help but be struck by the irony of it all.

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My Mama taught me that one can always say they are sorry...even in events they had no part of...because we can at least be truthful and say we wish the event had never occured and are sorry that it did!! Blessings!

Made it through the wedding in Seattle this last weekend for our daughter (2nd one for her)...surely felt that HaShem was with us and helped me in particular to be composed and not give way to tears when I was earlier in the day...not for the usual reasons a mom cries however. Sometimes doing what is best and right may not be the easiest thing. Glad it is over and I am back home once more!! And glad they at least got married rather than continuing to just live together! I told Hubby though...they simply have no idea as to what they missed by not doing things the right way...we noticed the ways they tried to make it exciting but still it was not what we experienced now almost 34 years ago. But we hope that they will be drawn more than ever to the path of G-D and living by HIS precepts...but only HE can draw them to it.

Posted by: Elizabeth at September 7, 2006 04:22 AM
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