August 31, 2006

So Yesterday Was Geography Day

In which the homeschoolers of Jerusalem gave their presentations about Ireland...and we all ate a lot of potatoes. One woman made this delicious potato soup. I'm thinking "great for Shabbat" or the Yom Tovim, especially during Succot.

Today we had our boiler "exploded" burst, a rock or something, don't ask me, but its gone and a nice new shiny boiler has taken its place. Soon we will have nice, new gas tanks, at least hopefully if we want to eat we will have nice new gas tanks. Otherwise we get microwaved food for Shabbat. That ought to be fun. Yeah right.

So what other excitement can we expect?

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August 30, 2006

I've a new blog

About homeschooling. You can find it here:

Enjoy. I'm just updating our learning life over there.
Homeschooling? HOMESCHOOLING??? What is the girl talking about?
We've decided to homeschool the Artist. I guess I didn't mention that before.

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August 27, 2006


This was on a care2 board site, posted by a friend of mine. It is a radaptation of Johan Galtung's piece, to fit the situation here in Israel. I love it and hope you enjoy it as well.

There is only one Orange, so the two brothers will have to share - the Orange was cut 60 years ago - there is no putting the two halves back together, because one of the brothers have already dug out the seeds in his half and have planted the seeds to grow an Orange Grove - it isn't his fault that the other brother have not done the same.

Nor is it his fault that the other brother has spent these last 60 years protesting that the Orange was cut instead of busying himself with finding the seeds and grow an Orange Grove. Had he busied himself with taking care of his half of the Orange, instead of incessantly burglarize his brother's Orange Grove and kill the workers, he would have had a beautiful Orange Grove today, just like his brother.

But his lot is empty, and he blames his brother for that, he doesn't see that he himself is responsible for that. That what damage has been done to his lot when his brother had to chase him out of his Orange Grove, was the result of him not wanting leave his brother's Orange Grove workers alone, and having to be dragged kicking and screaming of the lot into his own or down to the City Jail.

He doesn't see, and he never will, if he insists on staring at the shivelled up remains of the half Orange, he was given, refusing to pick up the seeds and use them as his brother has.

No-one is going to do it for him - he has to get rid of the street-thugs he has hired to burglarize his brother and focus on hiring workers that can plant his Orange Seeds and work the Orange Grove that will grow from them.

And if he doesn't it's not his brother's fault.



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August 21, 2006

My son called on Sunday

Just as my older son was getting ready to leave. He lost his commander the day before to a terrorist attack. A cabbie stopped at a checkpoint opened fire at the young man, hitting him just above the protective jacket. He was buried yesterday. My son is of course very upset.

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August 15, 2006

He's Back!!!!

In Israel at least. Betzalel is home in Israel. I don't know and neither does he know when he'll be home at our house, but we are both looking forward to that day. Chicken, steak, salad and rice are on the menu. Promises that we won't serve tuna or corn. YUCK. YUCK YUCK! (well I like them but when you have been eating them for over 2weeks, YUCK!!!!)

He's coming home he's coming home.
Thank G-d.
It was wonderful to hear his voice again and I almost cried.

Poor guy hasn't had a chance to shower in all that time.

Oh and if you are in Israel and see the news and there are two guys playing checkers with bottle caps, one of them may be my son. Tape and lmk!!!!

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August 13, 2006

What can you do to help Israel?

Go here.

Sign the petittion, make a donation if you can, attend a rally, and say the Psalms listed.

thank you, and thanks to Ahuva for altering us to this link.

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August 11, 2006

Abusing Children one Child at a Time

This video made me sick.
She deserves to play with her dolls and pick wild flower blossoms.

Where is the outrage from the left?

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August 10, 2006

War Videos

That you just don't see elsewhere. I don't know who this person is, but he or she, via Youtube, has some of the best videos that I have seen.

See Green Helmet direct the "Tragedy of Qana" This is from Germany.
He also has films of "innocent civilians" and their missles.
And many more.
Watch and learn.
(I love his titles)
He has 18 different films.

Check 'em out.

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Please Read this Excellent Blog Post

On the concept of proportionality, Israel and the war in Lebanon.
Very well done....

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So With His Batteries Dead

The last time I SMSed with my son, which seems years ago, but it was only 3 days ago, he warned me the batteries were almost depleted. I haven't heard from him since, but I know he is alright since the army is quite good about informing the family before the public knows anything. Still, my stomach is grieving me terribly, reminding me that while I may outwardly deny my fears inside, inside I worry. Could any mother do anything less? If there were something more I could do....but what?

I send messages that I know he isn't receiving so that when he finally turns on his phone there will be a sign from me that I've been talking to him all along. Okay, he knows that. He knows I love him and pray for him and all. But I want his skin to feel it, the bones in his head to feel it, every part of him to know how much I love him and how proud I am of him.

And how I can't wait to finally, safely, have him home.

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August 09, 2006

More Than War

I am on a board (Care2) with many groups. One of my friends from the board sent me a message linking to a site and linking to a petition against the site. The site itself is run by a man named Lindsay Ashford who is a self confessed pedophile. I did check the site and I was horrified. He is tryiing to make pedophila "okay" simply another form of love that everyone should accept as moral.
I don't want to link to his site on my blog. If you wish to verify the facts for yourself, and I do understand the need, please e-mail me and I'll send you the link.
Otherwise, go here and try and get the site pulled off the web. I don't know how much help it will do but at least the message will go out that this is abhorrent. I hope the law is able to do something.

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August 06, 2006

Lies and More Lies I LOVE YOU for helping to spread the truth.
A recent Reuters photo of smoke billowing out of Beirut shows evidence of being faked. Here's a link to an article about the issue.

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August 04, 2006


This is what we know about Qana:
Somewhere around 1am Israel bombed a building that had been in the area of previous missle launchings by Hezzbullah.
Prior to the bombing, Israel had warned the citizens that they area would be understrike. They allowed several days to pass, to give the citizens of Qana time to leave, before they started bombing.

We know that about 28 bodies were retrieved from the rubble. Mostly women and children. Apparently several were handicapped.

We know, if we can trust the sources, that several people managed to make it out of the building alive and that at least some were relatives of those still in the building. That there were others around who were at the very least known to those who were trapped inside the building.

We know the report came at 7am or so that the building collapsed.

We know all this.

And the point I think most people are missing is whilte it matters who brought the building down and whether the people inside were killed that day, or were planted by Hezzbullah or were killed by Hezzbullah or were deliberately forced into the building in anticipation of an attack, the scene was staged.

The photos speak volumes but they aren't telling the story many want to hear.
They are showing rescue workers who seem bent on showing the "evil" of Israel but who seem much less interested in finding the live bodies beneath the rubble.

Buildings collapse all the time. People are often trapped beneath the rubble for days and days. Yet here we have a dead baby parade. The same rescuers are seen toting children about and crying and yelling and holding them up for the cameras. Not just the person who pulled them out, but often the rescuer, dead child clasped lovingly in his arms, is accompanied by others, walking behind him or alongside him. Why? Why isn't the person back there digging or trying to help pull rubble out of the way so others can work faster? Why isn't he standing in readiness to whisk a LIVING child to the ambulance. Why are the stretchers being employed to cart the dead to the ambulance when there are still people waiting to be found, perhaps alive, when it is shown that they are able to carry the child in their arms? Why are they going along such a long road with a dead child, wearing themselves and decreasing their helpfulness and readiness to assist the living? Why were the dead bodies placed in ambulances? Why weren't they placed alongside the building to wait until the rescuers had to quit or left to be bagged and brought out by others to refrigerated cars?

Did the rescuers know there was no one alive to hurry for? Or did they not care?

That to me is the essential question.
Because if my child was trapped in the rubble and I saw Green Helmet and White T-Shirt doing the dead baby parade I would be mighty sore and Green Helmet and White T-Shirt would find themselves mighty sore as well.

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Something Beautiful

While all the ugliness is around article about the giving and loving spirit of Israel and her people.
I was weeping by the time I was through....

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August 03, 2006

Next Text Message

From Betzalel; One of ours was killed about an hour ago. He is fine though. My heart goes out to the young man's parents and family.

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Update on my son

Sent another message. Still in Lebanon doesn't know when he'll be home...I'm praying that he'll be able to come home, healthy and safe, soon. But it doesn't seem like it from his text message.

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August 01, 2006

Tanks You

Here's an article on the type of tank my son is in. He is doing rescue work, picking up the wounded and ferrying them back to Israel. I'm proud of you Betzalel!!!!!!

We all got text messages from him today; I'm Fine. Short and sweet.

He's such a good son.

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