July 31, 2006

The Israelinsider on Qana

And why it might just be another episode of Palliwood.

This blog also makes some great points.

Um, if you are rescuing someone don't you try to get them help as quickly as possible?

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Australian Man Documents Truth

Here are photos smuggled out of Lebanon by a journalist showing how Hezzbullah forces use residential areas as their launching points endangering the citizens of Lebanon as well as of course taking aim at Israel.

I don't understand how the world can blame Israel for striking back at those who are trying to kill her. Yes children and women were killed. Who put them there? Who is to blame?

Israel is fighting against terrorist whose only purpose is destruction. They don't care who gets killed or injured. They put their most precious gifts in the line of fire and then scream when they are killed, secretly glad for more ammunition for their propaganda war. A win-win situation for the terrorist---if the world allows it.

To stop this war before these murderers are caught would be like dousing part of the fire with water and part with gasoline.

I've no love of war; but I do not want to see my grandsons having to fight the same fight because the world refuses to stand against evil. The job is in our hands. Either help us eliminate this evil or stand back and let us do it.

Eliminating the terrorist is the only way.

Don't buy into their propaganda. Demand that Hezzbullah stop using their citizens as shields. Do not condemn Israel when mistakes are made or when innocent human beings are given up as sacrifices to their cause. Harsh as it may seem pity will lead to more, not less of these deaths, for they have found their weapon in the soft hearts of others and will continue to use it...using children, their own or the children of their neighbors, as nothing more than things.

Stop the pity, condemn the maddness by condemning the terrorist and they will stop, having lost their weapon, having in fact their weapon turned against them. And children at least, will be a little bit safer.

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July 30, 2006

Another Video....

Many have asked, if the war in Lebanon and in the Gaza strip was over three soldiers. Maybe it is over one terrorist, Samir Kuntar, the viscious murderer of a four year old girl who was first subject to the witnessing the murder of her father.This man seems to have a point.

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Another Important Video: What You Might Not Have Heard re: Qana

Hezbullah using the citizens of Kfar Qana as shields.

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Another Important Video: What You Might Not Have Heard re: Qana

Hezbullah using the citizens of Kfar Qana as shields.

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Bring Me His Head on a Silver Platter

We were talking, a group of women, about the war, would any group of Israelis not talk about the war at some point? And one of the women said "I wouldn't mind being brought Nashralla's head on a silver platter."

I heartily agreed; at first. Then I thought--- how much better it would be for us and the world to see him charged as the mass murderer he is---costing the lives of Jewish citizens and Lebanese citizens. How much better for the world to see him put on trial and evidence brought out to bear against his vilness, that everyone sees his cruelty, his inhumanity not only to his enemies, but to those whom he supposedly loves. How vile the man that would deliberately place babies and the elderly, the weak and the poor in the way of danger as a publicity stunt, for that is all it really is to him. A way to get him accolades, a way to turn the world against Israel. Those who are wise will protest his actions and demand he be punished for his evil.

Too many however fall into his plan and, either because they are fools or because they simply hate Israel make demands on Israel that is contrary to her health.

Those who want to protect the lives of the innocent will wage a protest, and a continous protest, against the tactics of Hamas and Hezzbullah for the deliberate attacks against civilian populations and the continued use of their own civilians as shields to launch attacks.

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My Son is going in

With this new push. Keep praying for him please....

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July 28, 2006

Here is a Video of How Hezzbullah Uses Citizens as Shields

Watch this.

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July 27, 2006

Another Way to Send Support to the Israeli Troops

You send a message, they send chocolates.
It does do so much for these soldiers to hear that someone cares and is praying for them. Please send a hug to the soldiers today, and ask your friends and family to send a hug along as well.

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Pictures You May Have Missed

I guess they spell peace and love differently than we do.

From the yearinbrazilsite

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July 26, 2006

Update on Last Post

Wow...this Walid is amazing, truly amazing. He states "We must stop this cycle of peace" because it send the wrong message to the terrorists. It lets them know if we do evil we will get more.

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Listening To

Israel National News live; with Tovia Singer and Walid Shoebat. Brigitte Gabriel was on. It will pay to go back and listen to the whole program once it is archived.

This war is necessary, frightening but necessary, for the security of Israel and the Lebanese, who are being used as shields by the Hezzbullah.

Those who truly love the Lebanese people will help and support Israel in eliminating Hezzbullah from their midst.

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July 24, 2006

Send Israel Your Love and Support

via this handy message board. Let the soldiers of Israel know you stand behind them.

Click on the link, fill out the form, send your love. Something anyone can do.

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July 21, 2006

He's Going In

But I'm not giving details okay? Just keep him in your prayers....

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The Wit

Is pretty certain his unit will be called into Lebanon next. Betzalel Eliyahu ben Tzvi Shmuel v'Hinda Rochel.

We are hoping not, not now, not ever. I want him safe and I don't want him to have to deal with the pain of causing harm to another. But he knows his duty to his countrymen and this country and he is prepared to do what he must.

The thing is we are entering Shabbat and he won't be able to tell us what is happening then.

I'm trying not to be silly and cry. It isn't really working.

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Bwak, bwak, bwak

Omar Bakri, who felt 9/11 was something to celebrate, and who felt that it was okay to take women and CHILDREN hostage "if it were for a good cause" doesn't like danger himself.

He left Britain for Lebanon and now with the war and all the poor man just doesn't feel safe. He might die in the crossfire. He wants Britain to save him. Poor guy. His family is very worried about him.

My heart is bleeding for the dear soul.

More pearls of wisdom from the OBM.

Oh and check out this interview...

The British don't like him, and it seems that even the Syrians don't like him.

Like I said, my hear weeps. Pass the chips.

Maybe it's his Body Odor.

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The True Spirit of Israel

Do you know why we will survive this war? Because we are a pro-life country. We do not let troubles keep us from celebrating life and the bounties that G-d gives us.

Congradulations to the new couple. May they live till 120 years, in good health of body, mind, heart and soul.

Israeli Couple Weds in Bomb Shelter

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Jul 20, 10:52 PM (ET)


(AP) A rabbi conducts a wedding ceremony for Israeli couple Shlomi Bouskila, 30, right, and Maya...
Full Image

KIRYAT SHEMONA, Israel (AP) - The guest list was slashed and the venue hastily changed, but Shlomi Boskila and Maya Lugasi got married anyway, defying the threat of rocket attacks Thursday with a wedding in an underground bomb shelter.

Nine days of attacks by Hezbollah guerrillas have forced many in northern Israel to spend their days in reinforced bunkers.

"This shows Hezbollah and (its leader Hassan) Nasrallah that not even 20,000 missiles can destroy the happiness of the bride and groom," said Boskila, the 29-year-old new husband.

Almost 75 people, at least half of them reporters, packed the 15-square-yard shelter. Most of the guests stood up because of the lack of space for seats.

"For 25 years I have married people, but this is the first time in a shelter," said Rabbi Nissim Malka.

When Boskila broke a glass, part of a Jewish tradition that signals the ceremony is over, the crowd broke into dance. A disc jockey played traditional Israeli songs and dance music.

"At the beginning (of the wedding) it was strange, but now that we're married it doesn't mean anything," said Lugasi, 22.

Lugasi, in a long strapless dress, and Boskila, in jeans and a white shirt, served their guests chicken, salad, wine and beer, using plastic cups and plates.


Associated Press reporter Alon Bernstein contributed to this report from Safed.

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July 20, 2006

Well Internet Woes and Other Thoughts

May be over for a time. Why it couldn't have been at a better time, such as when I really needed to work to get the info in on time is beyond me. But I cleared the work, late, and won't have more till
after Shabbat.

But in order to try and do my work I downloaded no less than THREE new browsers in the hopes that one of them would allow me to work. The strangest of them is called "offbyone" . Very unusual set up, but it looks interesting. I now have flock which also seems good, but I'm not thrilled with Maxthon....so I will probably discard that one.

However, it wasn't a problem with the browser; it was my Internet provider, and here we benefited from my husbands procrastination. We still have a 012 account! So finally after tons of frustration on my part and I expect on the part of my boss, I switched back to 012 and viola! Success. Not perfect, but it allowed me to work. It of course could all be coincidental, but talk about Hashgacha pratis....

I'm calling and annoying my sons daily. I am missing them terribly. I am glad they are both safe and bored. I pray their whole term of service is both boring and safe. I think that is every moms wish for her army son or daughter. Well, any rational mom. The reason we are at war is because there are moms who aren't proud their children serve and have served, but relish the blood on their sons and daughters hands and find glory in the deaths of their children.

Such I shall never understand.

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July 18, 2006

My MARRIED Daughter

Made me promise not to stop blogging. EVER. Well okay, as long as my mind and arms hold out I'll try, but I'm not promising to write from beyond the grave.

So what can I talk about? The war....told you where to go for that, and basically things are status quo here; my immediate family is safe, my people are not, there's not much I can do but pray. I'll let you know what is happening to my sons when I know. Right now one is in the Jordan Valley and the other near Tel Aviv.

I'm working as hard as I can to keep us moving backward, finacially, as slow as I can. I'm not sure it's working. There is laundry everywhere but where it should be; in drawers and closets. Dishes are having children. Toys are rioting.
As I said, status quo.

So what else is happening at our happy household?

Today we, meaning The Artist and The Monkey and I, met up with some homeschooling families. That should give you all a clue as to the educational direction we may take come Fall. We aren't positive yet...but the families were a wonderful mix of people, and The Monkey eventually warmed up and spoke and played with others. The Artist of course did not. It will take several such outings to get her to actual voice the words HELLO!!!!

I kept trying to get her lips and vocal chords and lungs to move in unison and the others moms told me, nicely, that maybe I should just step back, and to tell the truth if it were someone else's kids that's what I would have told them. Give her time, give her space and she'll start mingling...but it being my kid and all it is hard to step back and chill. Next time in I'll just have to pretend she isn't mine and take the advice. We shall bring a book for her to read and one of the moms is going to bring her a Nancy Drew book. That brought smiles. She, the she being The Artist spoke through me...at 5 this was cute, but it bothers me at 12....step back mom and breathe deep.

Can we ever really disconnect as parents and stop trying to mold and grow? Putting those two words together doesn't sound to hot...but you all know what I mean. Can't stop trying to make it better, trying to get them to appear to others as perfect as we know they are.

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July 16, 2006

So What You Think About

What is really going through my mind.
What happens if?
What happens if Iran gets involved?
What happens if the bombs do start to fall here?
What happens if one or both of my sons are sent to the front?
What happens?

I can't plan for a maybe too well. I can't stop my life in case something may happen. So for now my life is just going to proceede as normal. Kids and work, work and kids. My husband will go into work as usual.

Each hour is kind of a "we'll see".

But the bombs are hitting many places up North, and Tel Aviv is being warned to keep alert.

Prayers, prayers and more prayers. We can in the end only rely on Hashem.

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Live Blogging the War

For up-to-date and well written about the current war in Israel head at Jblogging, LIve blogging the war

I can only give you what Arutz sheva/Y-net/Jpost tells you and my sons tell me. These folks have additional sources that I, with my mediocre Hebrew don't have. Keep up with what is happening via Jblogging...

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Just Trying To

Stay on top of the news and keep up with my boys.

The Agent, who is 19 and in Nahal Charedi, the religous arm of the Israeli army, was woken up early in the morning ON SHABBAT and, together with his unit, moved to a different base. They don't move Nahal Charedi on Shabbat unless great need, but he isn't near any of the fighting yet. The other son, The Wit has been moved up north, but not near the border.

It is odd; I hear nothing and see nothing where I live (close to Jerusalem.) It is all happening somewhere else at the moment and I feel very guilty that my life is continuing as normal and others are suffering so much.Many in the north are living in a shelter or remaining close to home and shelters which makes life extremely difficult, especially during the summer time when children should be able to run free.

Instead we are bottled down in a war that could be over 1, 2, 3. Return our soldiers, stop firing on us, dismantle the terrorist organizations.'

We pull back and out.

End of story.

I am glad that the foreign nationalists are being evacuated. I want as many innocents safe as possible. It also makes it easier for Israel to defeat her enemies. The less innocents that could get in the way, or be used as human sheilds or be deliberately killed in a publicity ploy by the Hizbullah the better.

On the actual homefront, homefront, we are enduring an attack of our own. ANTS. Blasted creatures. We have sprayed but the spray is ineffective. We don't want the heavy duty high powered knock em dead kind of spray (ie having an exterminator come in) because the reports on such measures seem to indicate a need for US to leave the house for at least a week. Three days was not enough to avoid the smell according to one family. And we have the cat and kittens to think about. So we are attacking them in bits and pieces, hoping they'll figure out we aren't going to let them alone. Natural repellent ideas anyone? The kinds that will leave the kitties to grow in peace? Barring that; anyone want to host a family of four to six, depending on when the boys are home, plus four cats?

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July 14, 2006

If You Wish

Neither of my sons are in the current battles directly. Both are relatively safe at the moment. However, I don't know if they could get called into action or when.
For those who wish to keep my sons in your prayers they are:
Betzalel Eliyahu ben Tzvi Shmuel and Hinda Rochel
Meir Shlomo ben Tzvi Shmuel and Hinda Rochel.

Again, so far both boys are in a safe area...

And do keep all those soldiers who are fighting against our enemies and for the citizens of Israel, all those in the North who are in the line of fire directly, in your prayers...

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By the way

Israrel isn't on the offensive, it is a defensive measure, an attack generated by the terrorists who ha been allowed in by Lebanon and the PA. We are allowed to defend ourselves. The attacks were declarations of war, and we accepted the challenge. We'll win and they'll complain because we won and defeated them.

You can't keep kicking sand in someone's face and expect them to just ignore you.

Lebanon, and "Pals" get rid of your terrorists, return our sons and stop firing on our country. Then there will be peace.

But we aren't going to bend over so you can kick us.

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What's up with us

Well I guess just read the news. We are not in the north and there are no bombs flying here, but I've two sons in the army and yeah I'm worried. One was briefly moved to the Lebanese border but then moved down south again. The other is in a state of readiness.

I'm praying for the safety of my sons and the rest of those in Israel. I'm not doing anything different than millions of other moms and dads.

I want my sons safe, but I also want this threat stopped and now, or no one will ever be safe.

So...I just want Israel to go in and do what she has to do and not worry or give a damn about the opinion of any country/leader or other being, except for G-d.

My Hashem protect us and defend us.

That is my prayer and that is where we are.

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July 06, 2006

Dangerous Book?

Maybe I had a very different childhood than most. Or maybe we were all just prefeminist waiting to happen. Or maybe we just were kids and our parents didn't bother to worry about all this stupidity so much.

However, in a backlash against modern type child raising, which is suppose to be gender neutral and oh so safe, to men two men have written a book titled THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS.

Below, according to one website are the chapters that are included in the book.

In bold are the games I played as a girl, with my friends or with my siblings or with myself, and those subjects that interested me.

Chapters include:
The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World,
Laws of Football,
Timers and Tripwires,
Kings and Queens, when I was older, but I'm not much into history
Famous Battles, ditto
Making Crystals,
Insects and Spiders, well, now they interest me.
Girls, um, okay
The Golden Age of Piracy, not a lot but yeah, fun to think about.
Secret Inks,
Patron Saints of Britain, I'm Jewish, okay?
Skimming Stones,
Dog Tricks, not really interested in making my dog do anything special
Making a Periscope, yep, fun stuff.
Coin Tricks, yes,
Marbles, yes
Artillery, knives, had my own pocket knife that I treasured, bows and arrows, guns no. But yeah, I love archery and knives.
The Origin of Words, Most fun
The Solar System. wasn't big on it but yes, enjoyed learning about it.

My girls have made or requested that I make them swords, the Monkey loves marbles and has collected them since she was two or three, she likes taking things apart and putting them together.
The artist loves the stars and consetellations.
My sons have loved a mix of things.
My oldest is in law school and loves the logic of it. She likes fixing problems.

What gives?
Other things covered were making paper airplanes (the Artist and the Monkey loved that) , the Monkey would love a tree house (the Artist doesn't like being up to high) . The Artist would like a "cave" to retreat to when she wanted to be alone.

Bumps and bruises were the expected lot of my life as well, if I wanted to learn how to do more than stand in one place and stare.

We gathered as a group when we were kids to play a variety of games; baseball--- I wasn't good but others were, spud, tag, Ghost in the graveyard.

If I had a tree that could have held a treehouse I'd have been up it all day long when I could. As it was I was up in a tree as much as I could with a book in my hand.

I loved Harriet the Spy, identified with Jo .

My girls love Pippi Longstocking; about as far as you can get from the sugar and spice set as you can.

Why can't parents just allow children to play? Why must they be shot into politics.
What is the real fear here? That a girl may also want to play these things or that a boy wouldn't?

Because I've known boys who have played quite gently with their dolls, including fashion dolls like Barbie, and have grown into men who carry guns.

Give the kids a break and stop worrying about what they play so much people.

This sounds like a great book for kids, so don't fear the title and let your girls know that two guys who are too stupid to know that everyone is differnet wrote it, and many girls like, want and can have fun doing these things too if they want.

Or better yet, give your kids the tools to play the various games listed and let them make a wreck of things. Give them books that inspire imagination and fun. Let them read about pirates or monsters and myths and legends. Show them how to make swords and bows and arrows and yeah, give them a pocket knife.

Then stay out of it.

They'll be better for it.

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July 04, 2006

So What Is the World Hearing?

I really want to know what is the world at larges take on the kidnapping of Gilead and Israel's measures against the continued bombing of our country by those of the peaceful religion, as well as the attempt to save Gilead's life. What does the rest of the world have to say about it?

I know I'll puke if I hear another idiot ask Israel to restrain herself. Notice any other country "restraining" themselves when they are under attack? And look how far away many of them are from their enemies...

Has the Egyptian t.v. show promoting anti-semitism and child martyrdom been covered? The Kassam rocket that hit Ashkelon?

So what is everyone hearing on the news?

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