October 31, 2006

Hey! My Oldest is Sick with Bronchitis

And I can't even be there to give her tea and chicken soup. Luckily the Gem, ie, her dh, is on hand and has taken on that role.
Still, you can send her refuah shelamah messages. (get wells).


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Does This Count as a Blog Entry?

I'm totally exhausted.
I slept well last night, basically a good 7 hours or so.
I woke exhausted.
I worked exhausted.
And I'm falling asleepppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
as I type.

I think I need intervenous coffee.

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October 24, 2006

Shawn (I think) I may have erased your comment

Urgh I hate the spammers. THey've been hitting me and I had a bunch to erase and I accidentally erased your comment to my survey as well. At least I think it was Shawn. I saw it a minute before it went bye bye. Just thought there was a bunch from the same group and got delete happy, or unhappy I should say. SO if I haven't made you too mad go back and post to my survey again, and I won't erase you this time.

Spammers have a special place in hell.

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October 23, 2006

So Why DID The Kids Put Jam on the Cat

Hanging around the computer and playing games on Neopets or Club Penguin is one of my kids fave activities. The Artist, being a much better player than the Monkey at some of the games, often, with the Monkey's consent, takes over and plays for her. Watching is as good as doing I guess. So today, as the evening was wearing down the kiddos were playing on the computer, and The Artist was playing a game for the Monkey when she got the hiccups.

Hic SHOOT up ROLL kind of takes your concentration off your action.

IMA, can you bring me a spoonful of sugar; our best remedy (and most beloved) for the hiccups.

No, I couldn't. I was sweeping up litter and cleaning the bathroom, but the Monkey, for whom the game was being played, could.

And she wanted her up spoonful of sugar absent the hiccups.

Okay. A spoonful now and then isn't going to kill her. So fine.

Come into the kitchen and she is standing there looking guilty, and wants me out.

I figure, she's eating a bit more than a spoonful, but okay. I don't believe every "offense" is a high crime. Let it go.

Well now...come to the kitchen later, and doing last minute clean-up and I decide to treat myself to a little something. NOT sugar, but in almost. Chocolate spread. That ubiquitous plastic container of dark brown goodness that almost every Israeli has to spread upon bread. Just a spoonful; not much different than a bit of chocolate candy really.

And as I scoop it out, I see something in there. Bread? Did someone get peanut butter in my chocolate?


Guess what the Monkey was doing in the kitchen.

Putting SUGAR in the chocolate.

She's asleep, so no I can't ask WHY.

I'm not sure I want to know.

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October 22, 2006

Monkey's Got Us

Well we did get to the zoo after all. The Monkey protested when it was time to go and I offered to let her remain with the Monkey's overnight. She opted for the pizza and (shhh, don't even tell the Artist) special treat. Three meringues for about 3 shekels, that is a treat we could afford. Me. I got a salad and the Artist got whatever at her local NESTO meeting.

Special Monkey and Mommy time, and The Artist got a bit of socializing under her belt...nice to have a group she enjoys meeting with, though I don't know how much she is really talking to anyone else. Give it time.

I've got a new cleaning job, that will. hopefully, be weekly. The woman is in her 80's and she could use the help. Washing the floors making the bathrooms smell nice, well it is a tovah as well as getting me about 60 shek. I still need something else, from home, for a couple of hours a week, and maybe then we can break a bit less unevenly then we do now.

(sigh) I must have been wealthy in a former life.

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October 16, 2006

Guess the Monkeys will Have to Get Along Without US

It's raining, it's pouring, right on cue. (We say prayers for rain during this period). More rain expected tomorrow and tomorrow is zoo day. But there is no place to be if it rains, no place that is large and comfortable and can host my own little monkey, not without my aging twenty years. Sometimes, apparently, the zoo will open up a room for us, but it is a small room, and not always and so most people just don't show when it pours.

So mama bear decided we aren't going to show either. Schlepping two hours by bus and finding out you are the only idiot family that doesn't have sense to come in and out of the rain isn't my idea of a jolly day.

Instead, my motely crew and I are going SHOPPING!!!!

That's right, the girls, dh and I are going to go out and buy (drumroll please!)

Underwear and stockings and socks.

Whew, let me get a hold of myself now...I'm just so charged up by the excitement! However will I sleep tonight.

Yes I know it is something we should have bought in the beginning of the year, but we are procrastinators, and we are good at it. So why spoil a good thing?

If the money holds we may even get a skirt or two for The Artist. The Monkey, poor darling, being her sister's little sister, gets to inherit most of her clothes. Yeah she just adores being baby.

Anyway, that's the big docket plans for tomorrow.


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October 12, 2006

So How Was The Magician?

GREAT!!! He chopped off someone's head!

My baby, the Monkey, who isn't a baby but 7 going on 32, came home after spending almost the whole day outside with her friends celebrating the ending of "Chofesh" the holidays. School resumes on Monday. She played, went to a party, and then saw a magician, coming back home close to 6pm. TIt is still so weird to me that she could disappear for hours somewhere on the Yishuv and I can't just call her home again; can't see her, can't hear her. Out of sight but not out of mind and just having a blast with her gang of friends (who btw, range in age from 3-14).

I can't get over the fact that my almost 13 year old is taking buses in the city, at night, not one bus but two, to go back and forth between her youth group meetings and home.

I can't get over how much freedom my kids have here, as opposed to what they would have in the States.

They have more freedom, and also more responsiblity. They have more rights, and more obligations. I think, in the end, it is a much better life for them.

Oh, btw, while the Monkey loved the magician, she knew exactly what happened in the beheading trick. Don't worry, she assured me. He just scooched down, his head really wasn't disconnected from his body.

Phew. Now you know the secret too...but don't tell anyone!

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PLEASE satisfy my curiousity.

This is a real easy survey, it requires the answer to only two questions:

Your favorite music genre
Your favorite book genre

That's it. I want to see if there is a connection.

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October 10, 2006

Podding Around

I love podiobook. They give my mind something to do while my hands and eyes are busy elsewhere. I've found some great stories, some that I share with my younger children, some that I keep to myself.

But one book, well it is a bit weird. There is a storyline... but most of the book is music; like a musical only without the pictures. The music is the story in a way.

Dang good music. Music that makes me move and dance as I'm sitting and typing or folding or washing dishes. Music that gets into my heart and soul.

And I shared this one with one son (and want to share it with the other)
They have been teasing me about my new listening hobby, and neither was that enthusiastic about hearing what I've been hearing, but this morning, as the Wit was getting ready for leaving to go back to the army, I put it on for him.

He liked.

The podcast is called Dismay, and if you want to find all the podcasts you'll need to go to his website. http://dismay.blogmatrix.com/

You can listen to it for the story, but there isn't a whole lot of that. Mostly listen to it for the music-lift your imagination and dream.

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October 01, 2006

G'mar Tov

To all those who celebrate Yom Kippur...
G'mar tov. May we all be inscribed for a good year, of joy, health and happiness...

be well,
Rachel Ann

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