November 19, 2006

So It Wasn't A Cup of Sugar

My next door neighbor often sends one of her little ones over when she wishes to borrow something. Normally it is garlic or catsup or an onion. Things go back and forth between us fairly regularly.

So today we get a tiny knock on the door; and then another one so we could be sure someone was there.

The Monkey opens it up and there's Neighbor Kid. I bend down to see what she seeks.

"What sweetie?"
"Your lice comb."

Nu, why not?

I pulled out the hairs sticking in them and handed it over.

I say: Only in Israel!
I can't imagine borrowing a lice comb in Brooklyn NY.

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November 13, 2006

Oh the Trials of a 7 Year old

The Monkey was at a friends house playing. The time for return home had come and gone and I was just about to send the Artist out to get her when in she bursts, tears running down her face, sobbing so loudly we could hear her before the door opened.

Of course I jumped up, my anger gone (lucky her) quite fearful that she had been injured in some way.

Nope; a fast glance showed no bleeding and she wasn't holding anything and complaining of pain.

What happend?

Apparently it was time for 20 questions as there was no response only more tears and sobs.

Did you fall?
She shook her head no.

Did you get in a fight with your friend?
Did the mother kick you out?
Were you afraid that I would be angry with you?
Are you afraid? Angry? Sad?
Finally a yes.
She was sad.

And, finally, she choked out her despair.

"Friend S said she was going to walk me home but then she didn't and she said she never said she would!"

I tried to be very sympathetic!

G-d willing this will be her greatest sorrow!

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Maybe the Spammer is just wacky

But I'm not sure what s/he is trying to prove with all those weird comments. I mean the url didn't lead me anywhere, the comments are just stupid and unrelated to anything as far as I can see. Someone figure it out for me!

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November 08, 2006


I'm back, as in computer back, thanks to my parents! The ole computer fried and died and I cried and my parents offered to get me a new one. Well, it does help to pay the bills....

So we are shiny new computer happy today!
Just thought I'd let everyone know.

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November 05, 2006

Just in Case You were Wondering

Pen ink isn't poisonous.
Why I know this is a big secret.
But it took me 2hrs to find.
At least now I know the number for poison control in Israel.

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November 01, 2006

I Think I Must Have a Virus

Or something. I just can't wake up. I rest and sleep all day and I'm still tired. Not very condusive to cleaning house, doing work and all that. I mean, if you are falling asleep at the keyboard .....

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