October 23, 2006

So Why DID The Kids Put Jam on the Cat

Hanging around the computer and playing games on Neopets or Club Penguin is one of my kids fave activities. The Artist, being a much better player than the Monkey at some of the games, often, with the Monkey's consent, takes over and plays for her. Watching is as good as doing I guess. So today, as the evening was wearing down the kiddos were playing on the computer, and The Artist was playing a game for the Monkey when she got the hiccups.

Hic SHOOT up ROLL kind of takes your concentration off your action.

IMA, can you bring me a spoonful of sugar; our best remedy (and most beloved) for the hiccups.

No, I couldn't. I was sweeping up litter and cleaning the bathroom, but the Monkey, for whom the game was being played, could.

And she wanted her up spoonful of sugar absent the hiccups.

Okay. A spoonful now and then isn't going to kill her. So fine.

Come into the kitchen and she is standing there looking guilty, and wants me out.

I figure, she's eating a bit more than a spoonful, but okay. I don't believe every "offense" is a high crime. Let it go.

Well now...come to the kitchen later, and doing last minute clean-up and I decide to treat myself to a little something. NOT sugar, but in almost. Chocolate spread. That ubiquitous plastic container of dark brown goodness that almost every Israeli has to spread upon bread. Just a spoonful; not much different than a bit of chocolate candy really.

And as I scoop it out, I see something in there. Bread? Did someone get peanut butter in my chocolate?


Guess what the Monkey was doing in the kitchen.

Putting SUGAR in the chocolate.

She's asleep, so no I can't ask WHY.

I'm not sure I want to know.

Posted by Rachel Ann at October 23, 2006 09:27 PM | TrackBack

I have to stop reading your posts in class - especially the one about the beloved Monkey. I almost starting laughing out loud; it took all my self-control not to make a fool of myself in class. But I'm sure the professor noticed the huge smile on my face - and I'm sure he knows it was directed at him. It's a boring class.

Posted by: Eldest at October 24, 2006 04:01 PM

Ooops....second to last sentence I meant to write "and i'm sure he knows it is not directed at him" Hmm probably shouldn't comment during class either.

Posted by: Eldest at October 24, 2006 04:03 PM

LOL!!!! NO on both counts eldest. Pay attention. Or at least pretend to. Sorry the class is boring. He probably thinks he is brilliat though.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at October 24, 2006 04:14 PM

Actually he is brilliant, however it is the brilliant ones have the least effective teaching styles and are soooooooooo boring.

Posted by: Eldest at October 24, 2006 10:17 PM

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