October 22, 2006

Monkey's Got Us

Well we did get to the zoo after all. The Monkey protested when it was time to go and I offered to let her remain with the Monkey's overnight. She opted for the pizza and (shhh, don't even tell the Artist) special treat. Three meringues for about 3 shekels, that is a treat we could afford. Me. I got a salad and the Artist got whatever at her local NESTO meeting.

Special Monkey and Mommy time, and The Artist got a bit of socializing under her belt...nice to have a group she enjoys meeting with, though I don't know how much she is really talking to anyone else. Give it time.

I've got a new cleaning job, that will. hopefully, be weekly. The woman is in her 80's and she could use the help. Washing the floors making the bathrooms smell nice, well it is a tovah as well as getting me about 60 shek. I still need something else, from home, for a couple of hours a week, and maybe then we can break a bit less unevenly then we do now.

(sigh) I must have been wealthy in a former life.

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