September 19, 2006

In Honor of the Yom Tovim (Holidays)

The Monkey's teacher sent home a little booklet of "mitzvahs". A smiley face was to go on each page when she did the mitzvah. Things like
Didn't fight with my siblings. (does ten minutes count? )
Listened to my teacher (um, how would I know?)
Obeyed school rules (see above)
Took out the garbage.
Today we earned a smiley face for that.
And I do mean we.
As in: I put the two bags that were going out together.
I tied the knot.
I walked down to the garbage bin with her. (Down the street, we don't get individual pickup).

She did throw carry it (don't drag it...PLEASSSSSSSSSSSE) and toss it in but...

You know, where is my smiley?

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