January 27, 2006

The World Is Shocked

Why, I don't know. Did they really believe that a "people" who were
born from the mouth and mind of Arafat, whose sole identity is based on
the destruction of Israel and Judaism, would in fact embrace a party that promises to do just that?

Palestinians are not a nation, or a people. They had no past history,
no national identiy. They were born in the late 60's as part of a
tactic, and apparently a successful one, of driving Jews out of the
land of Israel. Direct war didn't work, so a war of attrition was
proclaimed, as well as a war that could appeal to the left; a pity us

We are deprived of our homeland, boohoohoo. We are innocent. We are the ones who you should help.

the world sucked down their rantings and has equated their longings for
a land they just lived on for the longings of the Jew who had been the
rightful owners of the land, who have prayed for and towards this land
for all our history. And so every shot fired by a "Palestinian" was
condemned but excused.

So Jews were for the killing and Jewish land was for the taking.

the world is surprised when they are forced to see that the
Palestinians have no desire to be friends, or even peaceful enemies?


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January 24, 2006

The Long Arm Of Justice

Has reached out and grabbed this vicious miscreant.

Hevron news, the police were finally able to apprehend,
yesterday, a long-wanted fugitive from justice - the 14-year-old
daughter of a long-time Hevron family. The girl has been wanted in
connection with an egg-throwing incident of about a year ago, yet the
police have not been able to find her - despite several early-morning
violent searches of the family home. Wilder said, "A half year ago,
someone threw eggs at Arabs and did not hit anyone, and she was seen
shortly afterwards coming down the stairs, so they issued a warrant for
her arrest."

This afternoon, she was released from prison. Her father, David
Shir-el, told Arutz-7, "The police claimed that they were looking for
her for six months, when in fact they only began a month ago - and then
they came five times! They came at 6 AM and turned over drawers,
closets, and more - all merely to humiliate us. My children put up
signs all over the house with arrows saying, 'Maybe she is here.' Now,
because of that, a policeman told me privately that they are
considering putting me on trial for interfering with police work..."

The police demanded that that the girl be remanded for five weeks,
until her trial begins. "The police ignored my guarantee to be
responsible that she shows up for the trial," Shir-el said, "but
luckily the judge didn't. The police then demanded that we pay a
deposit, but I refused, and thank G-d, they gave in on that as well."

Phew, I'm so relieved.

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To Esther of OUTSIDE THE BLOGWAY. It was via her blog that I learned about Kushner's response to criticism of his production. I had some trouble logging on and my daughter was bugging me to get on the computer so I figured I'd come back later and update, only I'm still having trouble logging on through moveable type (I'm typing this via performancing.)

I just want to say thanks to Esther for blogging on this topic.  Outside the blogway is one of my fave blogs to read. She is literate and entertaining and informative.

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Maybe If There Were Talking Bats

Munich is on the lips of many these days. The screenwriter of the film, Tony Kushner,  based the film on a book called Vengeance, by George Jonas, is being hailed and panned across the blogsphere, the internet, in the media and maybe in your home. Supposedly it relates the events following the release by Germany of the terrorists who massacared 11 Jewish athletes  in Germany during the Olympics, in which the Mossad hunts down and kills the guilty men.

One of the charges levied against the movie is that the book on which it is based has been discredited. To which Kushner states:

No, I answered, it's based on a book, "Vengeance," that has been challenged but never discredited — these are not the same things. There is no definitive account of what was, after all, a covert operation.

So in other words, the book may or may not be true, but  I'm going to use it anyway.

I don't mind historical fiction, but fictionalizing history is a wrong in my mind. I minded when the animated movie Anastasia came out; but at least that, being a cartoon replete with talking bats and dancing bugs, was obviously fictional. I would hope most movie goers over the age of ten wouldn't count on it for historical fact.

And that is the main problem in my mind with this movie. There is no verification of the truth. Does it accurately depict the emotions of the Mossad team? Did they come to regret their actions? Did it cause an upsurge in terrorism?

According to an article in the Jerusalem post by Alan Dershowitz, the answer is a resounding NO. The PLO had been hijacking planes PRIOR to the kidnapping and murder of the athletes; it was precisely because the terrorist had used subsequent hijackings to release those guilty of prior hijackings that allowed a climate where these men felt they could kidnap and get away with it.

Why did Israel feel the need to chase down and kill the murderers?
Maybe beacuse Germany had already released them once, following a subsequent hijacking of the Lufthansa.
(Dershowitz covers this also in his article, which I can't access from the Jpost site.)

Lots of questioin.
Now, I can't really dissect the movie as I haven't seen it, and I'm unlikely to. We have better uses for our limited funds. So I did what I normally do when I don't know something.

I researched. The background. The book the movie was based on.

I had a whole lot of questions myself, that no one seemed to be answering.
Such as:
Who was the author of the book? What did he have to say about his sources? Did he still believe them? What about the movie? What does he have to say for himself?

And I found out.
Go read.
Because, I found
George Jonas response to the movie quite enlightening.
Maybe you will too.
Now I don't agree with everything he has written, and I think, based on my research, that he was most likely "had" by "Avner" the purported leader of the assassination team. But it is does make for informative reading.

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January 23, 2006

Cloud Died

I went upstairs to check on the kittens, and to give cloud some time to nurse on his own. I found him between his mother's paws, face right near her. At first I thought him sleeping; but I picked him up and he was so limp and unresponsive, I knew.

I think Chammomile knew as well. She didn't object to my taking hiim.

I buried him in the backyard; put a rock there to mark it.
The girls are going to be very upset.

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January 22, 2006


Today marks the day of a remarkable achievement, a find so astounding I just had to announce it. And it was discovered RIGHT HERE, in my house.


Yes, amazing but true, the actual bottom of the laundry hamper has been found. It is blue. Same color as the outside of the hamper but it has been so long since I've seen bottom that I just didn't remember it.

Too bad my camera broke or you'd have exclusive rights to the first photos of the event.

As it stands, you'll just have to stand in awe of my achievement.

Of course it won't last long. There's todays laundry coming in.....

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January 20, 2006

Know What I was Doing on my BD?

Which was Jan. 18th on the English calendar.

Got to talk to G-d about His sense of humour.

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You've got older haven't you?'

These were among the first words of a woman, blind for 25 years, who awoke in the hospital after suffering a heart attack and found she could now see.

The world can be such an odd place.

Mazel Tov Mrs. Urch. May you live till 120, with your health, and sight, intact.

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January 19, 2006

The Way I See It

In the past people offered their children up as sacrifice to the gods in the hopes that it would prevent destruction or bring salvation.

Gush Katif was uprooted. Men decided on this action because they felt the sacrifice would bring about peace. There are plans to destroy more communities. The idea is that if we give up enough land, if we kowtow enough, we will have peace.

Haven't we learned?

At what point did it become sensible to placate the violent and cruel? Does it make them less demanding? Should we offer a batter his demands to prevent the wife from further abuse? 

A murderer, those who kill directly or send others to kill, suupporting them emotionally and financially, those who are proud to raise their children up as killers (all murderers in my mind) do not do so because they feel human life is precious. They do it because they do not care about life. How can one make peace with someone who does not care about life? That is not the path of true love. Rewarding someone for murder helps no one. And if a group of people murder we do no nation good by rewarding that group with their demands. It simply breeds more violence.

That G-d has a plan I have no doubt. Gush Katif could not be uprooted without G-d's will. Neither will any other community stand or fall without G-d's agreement.

And this of course is the conundrum of a religous person's life. We have free will, but there is a plan.

Our job is to leave the knowledge in G-d's hands and do what is correct. Giving away the land that G-d gave us to guard and protect is a huge mistake. Neither is it logical to feed the deamnds of those who are bent on evil.

It will not lead to peace. Only true repentence, and caring about each other will do that.

I pray for those who were injured in the recent terrorist bombing in Tel Aviv.

I have no faith in man. It is only to G-d that I turn. We need to change; we need to forget the minor things and help those who need our help.

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January 16, 2006

My Prayers For

Mad Mikey, who suffered a stroke last night. DaGoddss is in touch with his family and posting regular updates. Please put him in your prayers.

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The Kittens are So Cute!!!

And I can't stop obsessing over them, checking them out, worrying that they are all getting enough milk.

I'm driving my family crazy, and I think the cat too....

Must think of something else.

Ah, but they are so darn cute!!! Why'd I have to break the doggone camera?

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January 13, 2006


We've got kittens.

If they don't latch on correctly is there something that I can do?

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Those Dang Jewish Settlers

Are NOT uprooting Arab olive trees.
Some the IDF pruned prior to uprooting in order to transplant them  because they were in the way of the partition fence.
Some were uprooted by the "Palestinians" themselves.

But blame the settlers anyway! Its the best game in town.

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January 10, 2006

So What Do You Let Your Kids Watch/Hear

Another "we are discussing this on an e-mail list I'd like to know what you all think" question.

A friend's child carpools to school. The parents are fairly strict about what they let their child hear/see in terms of media. For some time now one of the carpool parents routinely listens to a program of the type parent keeps away from the child. I don't want to name the type of show because that is actually irrelevant.

What I want to know from moms and dads out there is:

How do you (or do you) filter information to your children from outside sources? What do you filter out? And what do you do when information comes from sources beyond your control?

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January 09, 2006

In Need of a Good Laugh?

Try here; and look at the other links as well.
You have to tell me your favorites!

I just couldn't stop laughing!

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January 08, 2006

Just a Bit of Randomness

The cat is becoming a real royal pia. She hisses and strikes at the dog and then tries to rub up against him. But I must feel a bit sorry for her; she really doesn't look all that comfortable. She's probably wondering where all the romance went. Darlin' you shouldn't have believed him when he promised you forever.

However, in trying to estimate the day of delivery, well it just might turn out to be on my birthday. Now that would be a kick.

The house is a wreck; I'm working on it, I'm working on it. But I've never been known as a neatnik. Just don't have the genes. If I were the "wealthy you know what" in OVERBOARD, the house wouldn't have sparkled from my womanly touch.

I was listening to talk radio today to help pass the time while I entered data; I forget the channel, but it was one numbskull to another who were spouting liberal ideas mainly by demeaning conservatives. Anyway, one wondered out loud about the "so called" anti-semitism spoutings of Pres. Mahomoud Ahmadinnejad of Iran. Nothing so called about it, but you know, stating that Arabs are anything less than perfect isn't politically correct. Damn Israel, damn the USA,  just don't touch the Arabs. Wish I could remember the station but I was working...the more I work the more I earn and mama wants to buy this house.

NOTHING GOOD TO READ. This is a fate worse then death. I keep picking up and putting down books, dissatified. So what are you all reading?

I want a million dollars, but if you insist I'll take two million. Let it never be said that I would refuse such a kind gesture.

Never say scientist don't have a sense of humor.

Anyway, I suppose I ought to stop playing for now.

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January 04, 2006

My Computer Was Down

Most of the day, and when it wasn't I was doing work, or my son was playing. So it was with shock that I read the news just now; Sharon has a stroke,  12 miners killed, 11 ice skaters killed, a man beheaded in front of his children and wife.

I don't know what to say.

My day was fairly lousy; friend problems for one child, broken glass from the box that held our Menorahs. Lots of other stuff...

I'm going to bed.
The world is turnig upside down and it feels as if we are all falling off.

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January 02, 2006

Info Please

That last piece was suppose to read:
I'm looking for information for a friend of mine who underwent radical mastectomy. She is undergoing chemo and is feeling more than nauseous. Food just doesn't smell good...it smells, according to her like undigested animal fat.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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Info please

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January 01, 2006

Oh What Fun

insert curse words of your choice here...
grumble grumble grumble grumble.

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