November 10, 2005

Rome(JOE) and Julie(Cham)

Last night, when I let the dog out after his nightly incontinence accident, the cat followed. It was not at all possible for me to give chase; I was dressed for bed, my children were sleeping, there was no one home and I've a sleepwalker.

Well, there it is, I thought, she'll come back pregnant for certain.
But I expected her to come back in an hour or so, or when dh came home or in the morning.

Nope. Nor in the morning.

And mom was worried (yes I call myself the cat's mom).

But dh assured me and the Artist assured me she'd come back.

And the Monkey very prettily explained "I talked to G-d and G-d said we would find her but later."

Guess who was right!? I've got some more questions for the Monkey later...but:
to get to the title of my post.

My dh found said cat with her "boyfriend." This is the same cat that hangs about our house all the time. He is a pretty cat, gold and white, with long hair and (shush, Tzvi don't read this part) I kind of hope he is gonna be a daddy because the two of them should produce some pretty kittens. (I know honey, we can't afford this, and then we have to find homes for them. I still haven't grown up, sorry.)

But to me the odd thing is it is THIS cat that has formed a relationship with my cat. They were together this morning and I'm pretty certain I heard kitten making noises going on outside last night. I'd be willing to lay a bet that she had been with him all night.

And when we took her from him, he began yowling after her!

When we got her home, she yowled for him.

Can cats form partnerships like this? I thought with cats it was pretty much "bye, and thanks for the dip." but this cat seems to be staying around.

He comes to our window, he comes to our door.

I am seriously (yes, I'm insane) thinkning of having the vet give Joe a shot and adopting Joe as well. Then we definitely need to find a way to make it so Chamie has just this one litter, assuming she is pregnant. I feel as if I'm breaking up a love relationship!

Do cats mate for an extended period of time? Could they really "love" each other?

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 10, 2005 09:37 AM | TrackBack

Some cats do work together, but it's mostly hormones.
They can be given shots or pills, though getting them to take the pills isn't always easy. Mine used to like it coated with brewers' yeast.

Posted by: muse at November 11, 2005 04:55 AM

I think one of 'em if not both needs to be spade/neutered. He'll spray if he's not and well....she could always get out and get preggers. But I think it would be wonderful if you adopted him or at least let him in for play-dates (better than letting her out). It sounds so sweet!

Posted by: esther at November 12, 2005 05:50 AM

sometimes... cats are really herd animals and love their little pals even when fixed. Id have them both fixed and keep them in. a second cat helps the first quite a bit by washing the face and other social grooming. We have a male and female cat and they are the love birds, cant separate them for a moment.

Posted by: Hokulea at November 24, 2005 04:24 PM
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