November 09, 2005

Confession Time


I have a confession to make. I probably should not have posted that last post. I was extremely upset by Nick's post and my mom worries kicked in.

I should have done what I finally did and I should have written to her directly without making a post on the subject of my own.. (she did answer).

Everyone engages to some degree in risky behaviour; we'd all be living in plastic-meteor proof bubbles if we wanted to avoid risk entrirely.

I still feel the way I felt before about her behavior but I should have told her privately instead here and on the blog and I apologize to her for that. It was rude of me.

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 9, 2005 07:26 PM | TrackBack

Sorry, I don't agree. You have every right to air your feelings and let people know that such stupidity goes on. Of course the soldier would have been at fault if he hadn't stopped, but what Nick did was far more than asking for was sending out an engraved invitation. Too many people don't believe there is consequence to their actions, and it behooves us to be reminded of that.

Posted by: dh at November 9, 2005 11:18 PM

dh is right on the money. And you have every right to post it. If she didn't want people discussing it, she shouldn't have aired it on a public blog. Would it have been better if you had written her privately? If you have a friendship and you want to maintain it, sure. If you don't know her at all and you just occasionally comment there... I don't know...sounds fair to me.

I know people are like that... it's just so far removed from how I've lived my life that I just found myself shaking my head.

Posted by: esther at November 12, 2005 06:08 AM

I agree too, you should not feel bad. Her behaviour was stupid. She put it up for public knowledge, it was open to comment and I am fine saying she is behaving in a terribly wanton way and there will be consequences for it. Does not necessarily make her evil, after all I have never met her face to face, but her bahaviour is stupid! And sometimes the truth stings a little bit, and that is also, just a part of life.

Posted by: Blair at November 12, 2005 05:50 PM


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