November 08, 2005

I've Entered an Alternate World

Or at least I think I have. Nick, from Alas, a blog writes about her rape story. Actually it was an almost rape story but that is neither here nor there. Please go read the story and then come back here.

Okay, what universe am I on? I agree that Nick would have been raped if the man continued his actions against her will. I still think she behaved stupidly.

In a perfect world a lot of things could be; but this isn't quite a perfect world now, is it? And so people must interject a bit of sense into their everyday lives. This isn't a moral issue, though naturally I have a great deal to say, but I won't, on that aspect of the situation. But really now, I mean... come on people!!!! Is acting like an idiot really the in thing to do?

You have to read the post and the responses to know what I'm talking about.

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 8, 2005 08:28 PM | TrackBack

Yes, stupid! I agree.

Posted by: blair at November 8, 2005 11:24 PM

Beyond stupid! Amazing how many women have absolutely no value of themselves! What a messed up world we live in!!

Posted by: Elizabeth at November 9, 2005 12:58 PM

Not a way I live my life, but if it works for her.... though I must say I agreed with everything you said.

Posted by: esther at November 12, 2005 06:05 AM
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