November 13, 2005

Friday Afternoon

Friday afternoon and I'm in my usual place; the kitchen. Shabbat cooking. Suddenly I hear a crash from the house next door and a blood curdling scream.

I have never heard such a scream before. My neighbor kept going "Oh NO OH NO!!!! Or something like that.

I threw on my scarf, raced out down the steps, up the steps to my neighbors house, banged on the door and the opened it and yelled in.

If my neighbor hadn't stepped to the top of the stairs I would have gone up.

But she did, and it seemed everything was under control, though things were not okay. Their son was screaming, but my friend's husband is a doctor and he was home. I left, came back when I heard the little one screaming outside.

He had gotten burned, all down his chest, on his face, down his arm. Burns of types.

They had been cooking beans in a pressure cooker, and they had just turned it off, one of them had removed it from the stove, the other objected to the place and so the first parent put it back on the stove.

Somehow it fell, right on top of their 2.5 year old, spilling all the hot water and beans down upon him.

He went to the hospital that night and he is still there for at least a couple of days.

Poor baby.

They just need to watch at this point and G-d willing the wounds will heal on their own.

But you never know, you never know.

They have two other children besides; a three or four year old and a baby.
It is going to be a difficult week on everyone.

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 13, 2005 12:29 PM | TrackBack

They're in my prayers.

Posted by: susan at November 13, 2005 02:57 PM

Mine too. How frightening.

Posted by: esther at November 14, 2005 12:09 AM

Thank you.
I think what makes this so frightening is there was nothing anyone did that was "wrong". The pot just fell, no-one knows why. Maybe I'm wrong but I think someetimes if you can put the blame somewhere it makes situations like this easier to handle. You can learn a lesson, alter your path. But here? She put the food on the stove, well out of reach of the child.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at November 14, 2005 11:08 AM

I have my own thoughts about when unexplainable things happen...sometimes I think the book of Job would be able to answer these questions. I was burned badly on my belly once, as when I was pouring boiling water over tea bags for tea, somehow it ended up on me instead! Never really knew HOW that happened...when I fell and badly injured a knee a couple years ago, my hubby nearby was watching and he too, had no explanation as to HOW or WHY it happened...shortly thereafter he dropped a wheel barrow on his toe, loosing the nail later and breaking the toe. We had prayers in every room of the house after that...and nothing else happened in that house!

Posted by: Elizabeth at November 14, 2005 01:47 PM

refuah shleimah

Posted by: muse at November 14, 2005 09:47 PM

That's frightening stuff, part of my paranoia of letting my 3 year old into the kitchen when I'm cooking. I had a friend in junior high tip over an industrial sized coffee maker onto himself (not sure how). He was burned pretty bad, but not as bad as a pressure cooker burn.

I'm glad after reading your later post that the little guy is back from the hospital.

Posted by: Oorgo at November 21, 2005 06:19 PM
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