June 29, 2005

(coment party)Oh I'm A Leaving

Oh I'm a leaving (on a bus) to meet my family (who are arriving on a jet plane). Won't know if I'll be able to write (from the hotel). Hope I can (cause I'm addicted) but if I can't feel free to write your heart out in the comments below. Oh!!! 8 days with the family and my daughter who I haven't seen in a whole year. I miss her so.

So I'm a leaving (on a bus) to meet my family (who are arriving on a jet plane). Hope I can fill you in on my week as I go.

Alright, alright, told you all I couldn't sing!

take care

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June 28, 2005

When They Invent One that will Clean House

then I'll applaud. But hey, this is pretty cool. Jetsons here we come!

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Rice Invites the Foxes To Guard The Chickens

via Battilion of Deborah (and when you go scroll down the left side to some wonderful orange pics.

Rice wants four to become seven, and have the Saudis, the Egyptians and occasionally the Jordanians join the quartet to decide issues relating to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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Road Block Wednesday

Well, we shall be in Tel Aviv picking up my daughter and the rest of the gang for our family reunion when this happens. Which means family et al may be enjoying the airport for several hours.

Yes, I'll be wearing orange to the airport. I wonder if the tour guide will also? I hope so.

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Muslim Humor

Go on over to Esther's blog and read 10 Reasons To Love Palestine by comic Goffaq Yussef.

Okay, I suspect that there is no such character, but the jokes strike home. This is the life of many Palestinians.

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We Can't Do It!

The police, by their own admission, aren't able to block the protest campaign Wednesday. They are throwing their hands up in defeat.

Now add the fiasco with destroying uninhabited buildings, the protest of one soldier on the scene, and the announcement by 12 others that they were decieved and won't take part in further such activities, the refusal of other soldiers to take part in the uprooting of Israeli citizens from their home,not to mention the thousands of people who are moving into the area, and what does that tell you boys and girls about how efficiently and safely the attempt at disengagement is going to proceede?

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"Stop A Moment And Think"

The images below, via Arutz Sheva, shows the results of the "Stop a Moment and Think" campaign, instituted by the Council of Judea, Samaria. and Gaza. The campaign called for all vehicles to stop and stand outside their cars for 15 minutes last night. I wish I was in Jerusalem to have seen this.

According to reports more than 40,000 vehicles pulled over and 200,000 people stood outside in protest of the governments plan to expel Jews from the homes they have lived in, some for more than 30 years.

(The linked images within the article are live camera shots. Please do read the article itself.)



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June 27, 2005

Israeli Time

Schools ends this week; Friday to be exact, only my girls are going to miss it as we are off to vacation in Israel with parents and family. Luckily, so I thought, as tonight was the tekes (program) celebrating the end of school, and saying au revoir to the principal of the school; a job the principal had held for 10 years.

Good. The Artist would get to dance and do her bit in the proceedings. She wouldn't have to miss a thing.

"We have to get there at 7:30. We can't be late! They have hungry lions at the gate and if we are late we get eaten up!" (okay I lied about that last part.) The program itself was to actually begin at about 7:45.

So, I, being quite gullible, harass everyone to get their derrieres in gear and out the door and to the teckes on time. "Maybe" I had high hopes "things will begin on time."

The hungry lions were still meandering into place at 8:00. At that hour there was a flicker of a hint that something might be starting. At 8:10 someone actually said something into the microphone and things began to start to begin. At 8:30 they really started to begin. At about 8:45 the program really started. Once started we had the energy bunny of programs; it kept going and going and going. It didn't end until 11:10!!!

Yes folks, there is school tomorrow. The Monkey was begging to go home, poor thing, and if I hadn't gotten a ride down the hill we probably would probably have met my dh coming home from work.

Its gonna be a FUN morning. I'll need firecrackers to get everyone up!

So, I, being quite gullible, harass everyone to get their derrieres in gear and out the door and to the teckes on time. "Maybe" I had high hopes "things will begin on time."

The hungry lions were still meandering into place at 8:00. At that hour there was a flicker of a hint that something might be starting. At 8:10 someone actually said something into the microphone and things began to start to begin. At 8:30 they really started to begin. At about 8:45 the program really started. Once started we had the energy bunny of programs; it kept going and going and going. It didn't end until 11:10!!!

Yes folks, there is school tomorrow. The Monkey was begging to go home, poor thing, and if I hadn't gotten a ride down the hill we probably would probably have met my dh coming home from work.

Its gonna be a FUN morning. I'll need firecrackers to get everyone up!

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Have Fun Checking Little Boxes

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

via The Cheese Stands Alone

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I'm Not Rachel Ann Go

THIS is Rachelle Ann Go. She actually spells her name with two Ls and an E at the end which would make her Ruh shell not Ray chul, but the names are all related.

Notice that she has her beautiful self up on her site. Notice I don't. If I looked like she looks then I wouldn't hestitate to put my pic on my blog. But I don't, never did, poor me, so I won't.

She also has a video blog, but you have to download it to your video player (so I can't link it here.) Wish I could have heard what she was saying, but there was a lot of noise, but here and "there". Hope you can hear it better than I could. You can of course, now that your here, feel free to tour this blog as well. I love the company, even though I don't sing well at all (can I blame Rachelle Ann Go for stealing all my vocal chords?). Rachelle Ann Go is more than welcome to come visit my site as well, but somehow I don't think she knows I exist. Go tell her for me okay?

Anyway, those that have made the detour here, I hope you enjoyed your stay. For those who didn't, sorry for the inconvience, hope the link works and you find yourself visiting your favorite singer. Bye now!

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So Who's Been Following This?

Any astronomers out there?

My family and I watched the comets falling years ago...it was cool, standing outside in the dark of the night with people you didn't know, all pushed into silence of wonder at G-d's sky-show.

Truthfully, though I'll make a point of trying to find the planets and point out the event to my children, I don't find the sight of the three planets converging as exciting as examining the close up images that one can link to through the site, and reading about all the doings of the planets in our solar system. And the mysteries there in, the puzzles still waiting a solution; what is happening to Mercury? Are the lobate scraps indicative of the shrinkage of Mercury? What will it look like in a million years? What is that bright cloud on Titan's surface?

I love the names given to some of the pictures (and to the different physical structures as well): Rhea's Memory, Pandora's Flock. Very poetic. I guess astronomers must be romantics at heart.

What a glorious way to start a morning, with these imgaes bouncing in my head.

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June 26, 2005

How Many

How many dead Jews does it take to realize the policy of making concessions to murders, making nice-nice to those who want to destroy us JUST DOESN'T WORK!!!!

Sometimes I think the answer is "all of them." And then the world can be sad that we aren't here anymore.

Meryl did this wonderfully here, as she concluded in her recent post on The Jewish View.

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June 24, 2005

Laugh or Cry (otherwise known as empty threats)

Islamic Jihad threatens to break the cease fire.

To which I say "WHAT CEASE FIRE?"

I don't remember there being one, do you?

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Spoke too Soon

She came home from school teary eyed. She just couldn't do it; couldn't leave us for Shabbat.

Oh well.

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1. Yes that is post-worthy. You all don't know how long it has been.

2. Yes I know that is pathetic. I don't have the homemaker genes. I think they are connected to the singing genes.

3. Yes, I'm sticking to that.

4. No you can not see a picture of the mess. I'm not that willing to show you how sloppy I am. I have some pride.

5. Ah go read this
and tell me your favorite housecleaning "tip" (or joke).

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The Monkey's Hebrew speaking ability is begining to surpass her English speaking ability. Not only does she lapse into Hebrew in the midst of speaking, but she stumbles less and has less trouble finding the words she needs to speak. I sometimes ask her to speak in Hebrew to end the "um, uhing".

Amazing! at least to me.


The Artist will have a wonderful time this Shabbat. She is, after saying NO NO NO and worrying and tearing up about it, going to spend the Shabbat with her Hebrew teacher. WeeHAW!!! Same story as the overnight trip. She wants me to push; after making various promises etc. and gaining her reluctant agreement---never actually stated (If I go I won't have to do this ever again) she ends up thrilled about it and looking forward to the outing.

G-d; a handbook. PLEASE!!!!!


At least some of my kids will live close enough to me in terms of distance and love, that I can see my grandkids often. They are all growing up so fast and I'm missing them already. So G-d, why did you have to make it so hard?

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June 23, 2005

Please Don't Sing

Women, according to Jewish law, are constrained (depending on the cirucumstances) from singing before men. This is a blanket statement which, like most laws is dependent upon whom one asks for the actual parameters of when and under what circumstances and before which men and well, suffice it to say, everything depends. This law is referred to as KOL ISHA (kol--voice, isha---woman.)

We are more lenient, the we meaning my dh and I and family, restricting the "not listening to" to times of Shema/davening and love songs in general. (And dh says I shouldn't be listening to the love songs of a man either.)

But that isn't what this post is about. See, the thing is:

I sing like a crow. I've no vocal abilities whatsoever. I am probably one of the few women in the world who is told by her children when they are as young as age 2 "Don't sing Ima." More of a plea. A desperate plea.

Probably a good idea to comply. Singing much past that time is likely to do irreprabable damage to their ear drums if harm wasn't done already.

I can not carry a tune. I can't even find the tune to pick it up in the first place.
But I love to sing--I think a requirement of us crows...why those two genes would go together I've no idea---, and I'm apt to break out into song at a moments notice, simply in response to a single word.

"THAT'S NOT A SONG!!!" The Wit shouts. Poor child. Most of the time it is at best a corruption of a half remembered song whose tune is questionably related to the one I'm trying to belt out. I have subjected this chld to such torture with my vocal chords that I am fairly certain that one of the criterions for his future wife will be that she is mute; or at the very least will take an oath that she will never sing. What have I done to the child!!!

However, my sister R. sings beautifully. She is in fact an opera singer (and a pianist par excellance) and insists with the proper training I too could actually produce something approaching a melody.

She's a nice sister to lie like that.

Oh well. Aside from poor singing I'm absolutely pirfict.

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More on Pals and Peace

At the very least they could stop showing programs like this on television.
via Arutz Sheva.

PA Television Continues to Teach Children to Become 'Martyrs'
20:10 Jun 22, '05 / 15 Sivan 5765

The Palestinian Authority continues to promote “martyrdom” in its state-produced children’s television programs according to a report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

According to the report, released Wednesday, “Shahada, or death for Allah, has been the backbone of the Palestinian Authority's messages to its children since the start of the terror war in September 2000. Although the number of these messages has been reduced in recent months, the promotion and glorification of child Shahada continues nonetheless, as seen this week on PA TV.”

The report cites a broadcast of a PA TV series named “The Palestinian Diaspora.” The series is presented daily as a factual portrayal of history. Though throughout the series, Israel's creation and ongoing existence has been presented as injustices that must be fought, this past week’s episode honed in on the issue of child martyrdom.

Click here to view the clip from the show

This week’s episode, set in 1956, shows Arabs mourning Israel's existence. A 12-year-old refugee is shown reading his uncle a story he wrote.

“The scene has two explicit messages,” write PMW’s Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook. “[They are:] A child should be willing and anxious to fight and die in order to destroy Israel, [and that] Arab 'refugees' can never resettle, but must 'return' to Israel.”

An excerpt from the clip, broadcast on PA TV on June 16:

[The scene opens with the 12-year-old boy's friend writing, "I shall return" over a map he drew of “Palestine,” covering all of Israel]

12-year-old Arab Boy: "His mother cried and said, 'My son! Swear to me! Don't leave me alone…! I'm afraid you will be killed.'

"Her son said to her, 'Don't cry, my mother! Let me go and fight for the sake of the homeland. The enemy stole our beautiful land… We all must fight in order to redeem the lost paradise… We lived in joy and happiness, until the foreign enemy [Israel] came and expelled us from our land, and we became refugees in tents. But we will return, by Allah's will!'

"His mother told him, 'Farewell, my son. Allah be with you.' He kissed her and left to fight, and fought until he became a Shahid [martyr for Allah]."

The Boy’s Uncle: "...Let me ask you, if they come and tell you, ‘we will give you a very big house, a car, land and money, just resettle!’ Would you agree?"

Boy: "No!"

Uncle: "...the homeland is greater than individual possessions."

Click here for our free Daily News Report from Israel

Published: 20:03 June 22, 2005
Last Update: 20:10 June 22, 2005

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Look Mom No Tank!

My jaw dropped open when I read this one.

via Arutz 7 (isn't this just so cool? I want one!)

Israeli Invention Enables Diving Without Oxygen Tank 16:27 Jun 16, '05 / 9 Sivan 5765

Israeli inventor Alon Bodner has found a way to use the small amounts of air already in the water to provide oxygen to divers and even to submarines.

Bodner's device has the potential to overcome limitations imposed on divers by oxygen tanks. The tanks limit not only the amount of time a diver can remain under water, but also affect the diver's buoyancy and they empty out over the course of a dive. Divers carefully monitor their buoyancy - the tendency to either float up toward the surface or to sink - and actually wear weight belts to be able to keep it at zero. This enables them to concern themselves only with swimming in the direction they want, without having to fight against a potentially increasing tendency to float up or sink. In addition, of course, tanks must be brought to refueling facilities to be reused.

Nuclear submarines and the international space station have long used systems that generate oxygen from water by performing 'Electrolysis' – the separation of oxygen from hydrogen. However, these systems require too much energy for standard submarines, let alone divers, to use.

Bodner told IsraCast that he got the idea for his invention from fish, who do not perform chemical separation of oxygen from water. Instead, they use the dissolved air that exists in the water in order to breathe.

The system uses a physics principle known as "Henry's Law," which states that the amount of gas that can be dissolved in a liquid body is proportional to the pressure on the liquid body.

Using a rapidly rotating centrifuge to create increased pressure inside a small sealed chamber containing sea water, Bodner was able to extract enough oxygen from the water for a human being to breathe.

A laboratory model of the system has already been built and tested. It runs on rechargeable batteries, and can be worn in the form of a vest.

Bodner is now building a full-sized prototype, has already received a patent for the invention in Europe, and is expecting to receive one in the US as well.

Just don't forget to charge the batteries before you go down!!!

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June 22, 2005

Train Wreck

My prayers for all those who have been injured and for those who have lost family and friends.

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Mmmmmmmm Milk Flavored

Is there really such a candy somewhere in the world?

Anyway..via Owlish Mutterings

what flavor pocky are you?

[c] sugardew

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Druze Don't Expell Jews

Via World Net Daily

(the title is from Arutz Sheva radio)

It isn't just us "nuts" who are anti-disengagment.

Gaza withdrawal 'victory for terrorism'
Arab politician blasts evacuation plan as strategic mistake
Posted: April 13, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2005 WorldNetDaily.com

Ayoob Kara

JERUSALEM – Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to evacuate Jewish communities from Gaza and parts of the West Bank this summer is seen by Palestinians as a victory for terrorism and will result in further withdrawals from other Israeli cities, including Jerusalem, Arab Knesset member Ayoob Kara told WorldNetDaily yesterday in an exclusive interview.

"The withdrawal is going to be terrible for Israeli security. Hamas is going to become dominant as soon as Israel leaves Gaza, and they will use the land to stage more attacks against Israel," said Kara, a Druze Arab member of Sharon's Likud party.

You think the guy might know what he is talking about?

Kara, the first non-Jewish Likud Knesset member, has become a vocal opponent of the Gaza disengagement the past few months, lobbying other Israeli politicians against the plan, explaining he thinks it is a strategic mistake on many levels.

"Aside from Hamas taking over, there are so many other problems with the disengagement," said Kara. "Like what about a final settlement with the Palestinians? Why would they ever want to reach a peace agreement when we are just giving them the land for nothing? There wont be much left to bargain about."

Remember the old phrase: who would buy the cow if the milk is free? Only here, not only do they get the milk, but they demand the calf and the horse as well..

Kara agreed with the assessments of most critics of the Gaza evacuation that Palestinian groups will view the Israeli retreat as a vindication for terror tactics.

"Hamas is already telling their supporters that Israel leaving Gaza is because of their terrorism, so they are thinking terrorism works," said Kara.

A confidential Hamas memo written by Dr. Mahmoud al-Zahar, Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, and obtained last summer by WorldNetDaily, stated the terror group views Sharon's unilateral withdrawal as a capitulation to terror and is planning to continue its "armed struggle" against the Jewish state until "all territories" are in Palestinian hands.

"The withdrawal, if it is implemented, is an important achievement by the Palestinian people, its intifada and armed struggle, its determination and great sacrifice, and confirms the willingness, correctness and usefulness of employing an armed struggle and its ability to attain political objectives," writes al-Zohar.

"We will emphasize our people's right to resist the occupation [outside the Gaza Strip] so long as the occupation of the land and the aggression continue, with the understanding that withdrawal from Gaza is not the end of the story and occupation is still present in the rest of the lands and that not all rights and holy sites have been returned yet," the memo stated.

ie, They want everything, to concede nothing. Well, maybe they won't kill all of us.

Kara says the Gaza disengagement is motivated by "the pathological need for Israelis to have everything right away. They tried Oslo. They tried Camp David. They tried intense negotiations. Instead, the Palestinians started a terror war. Israelis just want to live in peace, so now they are moving to the next quick fix, the next supposed solution to everything, the Gaza withdrawal."

It is hard. We want peace, a normal desire. We don't want to worry about going out for groceries, or driving down the road, or sending our children off to school. But you can't make someone else peaceful by paying them for their violence. They must know that acts of violence will be met with GREATER force.

The Druze politician says he has held many private meetings with Sharon in which he attempted to convince the prime minister to see things differently.

"He won't listen. Sharon has surrounded himself with all the leftist politicians, and they are controlling things. They are the ones pushing this through."

He thinks they are going to protect his derriere. He must know they will toss him aside as soon as he is no longer of value to their cause.

Marking a departure from most Israeli Arab thought, Kara says the best course would be for "Israel to talk to Jordan. It's a Palestinian state anyway. Most of its residents are Palestinians. Jordan needs to become the ruling authority for Palestinian Arabs."

A Palestinian population transfer to Jordan has always been a controversial topic in Israel. Many politicians who advocated such a move have been effectively sidelined.

Kara says "everyone is afraid to recognize the obvious. But this is what needs to be done."

I knew that Jordan had a large Palestinian population. They are the Arab Palestinian state. But how are they treated in what was to be their own country?(via Elder of Ziyon)

In spite of Israeli statements to the contrary, Kara warned the Gaza withdrawal will result in further evacuations.

"This is just the beginning. If Sharon is still in power, there will be withdrawals from everything the Palestinians want – Jerusalem, the West Bank ... I don't believe Sharon when he says Gaza is the last stop."

There have been talks of further evacuations, although Sharon distanced himself from the claims.

In June, Israeli Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, whose statements are considered closely aligned with Sharon's policy, told the Jerusalem Post he is willing to cede Israeli control over at least six Arab neighborhoods that lie on the periphery of Jerusalem. He named Isawiya – adjacent to the city's French Hill neighborhood – the nearby Shuafat refugee camp, Anata, the northern village of Kfar Akab, and Sur Bahir and Umm Tuba, on the city's southeastern rim.

Again, cow, milk, calf, horse.

"Jerusalem is dear to me, but one must not lose sight of proportions over peripheral areas we do not need," Olmert said.

In Washington yesterday, Sharon solidified American support for the withdrawal. President George W. Bush said he has "confidence" in Sharon's "strong leadership," and pledged America would cooperate with Israel in developing the Negev and Galilee areas, a clear indication there will be some U.S. financial aid for the disengagement plan.


Kara, 49, was born in Israel, and grew up in a small northern Arab community. He boasts a large constituency from Israel's 100,000 Druze residents, but says he has even greater Jewish backing.

"Sometimes I forget I'm not Jewish," says Kara.

There are some 600,000 Druze in the Middle East and another 100,000 in various parts of the world. During Israel's War of Independence, many Druze, including Kara's family, sided with the Jews, embracing Israel and even joining its military. Israeli Arabs are exempt from military duty, but may apply to serve as volunteers.

Kara says he feels a patriotic duty to speak out against the Gaza withdrawal.

"I love my country and don't want to see it make such a horrible mistake."

Thank you my brother.

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June 21, 2005

CNN and Anti-Israel Bias

via Outside the Blogway

Another shocker; CNN is biased. But you want to know how biased they can be? Read this:

On May 27th, 2002 a suicide bomber from Yasser Arafat's organization blew himself up near my 14 months old niece's cart, murdering the little baby SINAI KEINAN and her grandmother RUTHI PELED. My brother and sister in law LIOR and CHEN KEINAN were injured.

As you will shortly see, the CNN perfected its ability to report only one side of the story (the EVIL side), thereby supporting only that side's cause and SHOWING THE WORLD HOW BIASED THE CNN IS.

Last Friday (May 31st), the mourning parents made an indescribable effort to come and give two separate interviews:

The first, a live interview for CNN USA (Friday, 4 PM Israel time) - in which they expressed their pain and anguish, thanked the American people for their support and pleaded with the viewers to continue and support Israel in its fight against terror.

The second, a taped interview for CNN International (that unlike CNN USA can be viewed in Europe and Israel through cable) - in which the mourning parents expressed a small part of their strong feelings about Europe's unbelievable continuous support and "understanding" of the Palestinian's cause and the brutal, immoral and murderous ways they use to achieve the same.

We were told the interview was to be aired that day 6PM Israel time. That Friday, 8 PM Israel time, CNN INTERNATIONAL FINALLY APPROACHED THE ISSUE BY SHOWING A LONG INTERVIEW WITH THE SUICIDE BOMBER'S MOTHER WHO "EXPLAINED" WHY HE DID WHAT HE DID (the family's boutique was damaged and a relative was killed in battle(!!!)) !!! WITHOUT AIRING OR EVEN MENTIONING THE INTERVIEW WITH THE YOUNG COUPLE. The same repeated itself numerous times that evening and the day after.

Only the day after, after editing the American connotation of the live interview to the USA (which of course had an effect on the young couple's choice of words) CNN International cynically aired some short unrelated parts of that interview including the mentioned plea for continuing the support, plus a few seconds of the taped interview (out of a 20 minute interview).

All in all, CNN allocated no less then 16.20 minutes to the murderer's family as opposed to 5.35 minutes to the Keinan/Israeli side. The interview with the murderer's mother was aired 5 times (mostly during prime time) as opposed to the US interview with the young couple which was aired twice (non on prime time).

After being approached by a few government offices, the CNN now bothered to acknowledge "a mistake" and air some additional parts of the interviews, which of course now brings us nowhere.

Putting aside all PR issues, one can only begin to imagine what all this did to the mourning families.

I believe knowing the above will suffice in helping the reader do like I did and DECIDE TO NEVER AGAIN WATCH CNN.


For that cause, I ask you to forward the above story to as many people as you can.

Thank you,

Amit Keinan

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The Kid Next Door

Is playing with some sort of electrical toy. Over and over through the window I keep hearing, in this blankety blank loud obnoxious mechancial voice: GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINE!!!

I hope there is a hell for the designers of these toys; endless tracks of the noise their work has subject us to.

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Can You Help?

MaxedoutMom links to a story of a man trying to save the life of his unborn child. His wife had cancer, collapsed and is now brain dead. They have her hooked up to machines, trying to keep her body going long enough to bring the baby out alive. I can't imagine that type of ordeal, the emotional strain on a loving husband.

He has quit his job to stay with her in the hospital, and the bills are mounting.

Can you help? Here's the link to the fund.

Thanks you all.

I knew I forgot something.
I found the link via Esther of OUTSIDE THE BLOGWAY! I really apologize for not linking her, as I should have. It was careless editing. I am sorry Esther.

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June 20, 2005

Wise Words

This article really states what I believe. Just go read and I hope you come away, as I have, feeling you have touched truth.

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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, a quiz

Sheesh, I've got to crack open those history books and take a look at the world around me.

Thanks Margri. I've got to figure out a way to make you pay for this.

Your IQ Is 115
Your Logical Intelligence is Exceptional Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius Your General Knowledge is Below Average
A Quick and Dirty IQ Test
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Hey Condi

Is this the peaceful efforts on the part of the PA you were referring to?

I guess you meant RIP, huh?

Don't worry, despite this(via ynet-news updates)

Islamic Jihad claims responsibility for shooting attack

The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the shooting attack in the northern West Bank that killed one Israeli. The attack was carried out in response to the desecration of a *Quran in an Israeli jail, an announcement by the group said. (AP)


Islamic Jihad: We are still committed to 'calm'

An Islamic Jihad spokesman in the West Bank, said on Monday that a deadly shooting attack against Israelis by terrorists didn't signal the end of the group's cease-fire with Israel. "We are still committed to calm," he said. (AP)

Umhmm. So, Condi, any more words of praise for Abbas? Like to leave a number of how many dead Jews is acceptable to you?

NOTE * REGARDING the Quaran incident--again, via ynet fact vs fiction

Prisoners apologize

The incident, which was compared to reports of Qurans that had allegedly been destroyed at the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, evoked fear of possible prisoner riots.

However, a special investigative committee found the prisoners themselves had torn the Quran copies in an attempt to stir controversy.

According to the Prison Service, prisoner representatives apologized for the incident, saying it was a Hamas-affiliated minority that carried out the act.

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A Meme for the Intelligent

Or slightly warped. via Jim of the Snooze Button Dreams

The questions:

1) Has your father the cheerfulness which is known you?
Three, and please don't ask me again.

2) It is many the dog and the cat it spreads out how, it has?
Cats yes, dogs yes, and they tend to really make it smell.

3) How many licks it adopts obtains to the tootsie popular music center?
Wait. I'll tell you. Almost there. Just hang on a second. Hey wait, where is everyone going?

4) Which thing fairies for one life?
Green and purple. Swimming is best.

5)You would be disposed to dance with six a frog of the blue of foot
three that has carried the glasses?
As long as he really does carry the glasses. I'm always losing mine.

The gimmicky part:

1) When you post this on your blog get rid of the first question, bump up all the numbers and make a new question for #5. In other words, you are going to be answering your own question #5 and not answering my question #1.

2) You make a new question by writing it in English, translating it to a foreign tongue, and then translating it back to English. Don't tell anybody what the actual original question was.

3) Trackback to this post or return here to make a comment and let me know where you are because I'm keen on seeing what y'all come up with.

4) Make sure to trackback/comment to the person you snagged this from too because they're going to want to see how you answer their question #5. Responses to the Engrish questions are hillarious when you know what the original English was.


1) That means it's the end and there is nothing else.

2) You're done.

3) Pretty pointless, this section.

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Computer, if You Please!

Does everyone remember that scene from the Star Trek/save the whales movie when Scotty tries to talk to the computer?

That's the image that came to mind when I read this:

BGU researchers develop voice-activated web search Maestro integrates data recovery with speech recognition technology to execute Internet searches. Gadi Golan 30 May 05 14:51 A research team at Ben Gurion University of the Negev is developing a voice-activated Internet search interface.

Maestro integrates data recovery with speech recognition technology to execute Internet searches using a microphone and loudspeaker.

The project is intended to be part of a larger experiment about traffic accidents, headed by Dr. Meirav Taieb-Maimon.

Maestro, which was developed to Taieb-Maimon's specifications, in consultation with Dr. Bracha Shapira, is an application installed on an ordinary personal computer that enables spoken queries to taken as free-text dictation.

After the search has been executed, the results may be heard either as a list of websites, or by subject. Using voice commands, the user can navigate to the desired site, and listen to its content.

The project integrates various software components, including Microsoft's speech recognition module.

First read about it in the Jerusalem post, but I can't find the article there.

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June 19, 2005

She's Published!!

Hey, go read what a good friend's 14 year old daughter wrote. She's published! Well, in a Harry Potter fanfiction site. Great going Star!

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Happy Father's Day Dad!

Hope you are having a great time, and can't wait to see you all. Just a few weeks now!

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If and only if you don't speak out against the governments destruction of the communities in Gush Katif. Otherwise, watch out.

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I Just Didn't Know

But apparently I've been walking around with a weapon about my wrist.

I'm trying to find the danger to them, but they don't even hurt if I snap them against my wrist.

Oh, wait! I get it! My opinion! I have one! And it isn't in line with the government.

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Good Idea/Bad Idea

Good Idea:
Eat lots of veggies over the course of the day.

Bad Idea:
Eat tons of veggies over the course of a few hours. Top with two cups of strong coffee, and a late night snack of garbanzo beans. Then wake in the morning nad have another cup of strong coffee.

Bad, idea. Unless of course one really, really, really loves one's bathroom decor.

Which I don't.

Excuse me. BRB

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F in Failure redux

First I want to thank everyone who wrote me in regards to my prior post. I really do appreciate the support.

Secondly I feel I should explain my distress in my teaching a bit better.
Several have told me that my expectations for myself have been unreasonably high, and maybe that is true and maybe not. I know that one of the mothers has said that her daughter is reading better, and for this I am very happy. But I also must acknowlege my limitations, understand where I failed, and try and move on bettering myself with the knowledge. I know my previous post was a bit depressive, and I apologize for that. I was feeling quite down. However, even though my mood has lifted, I must come to the same conclusion as before; I am not teacher material. What I am, well, I don't know. Sounds pathetic in an almost 50 year old woman, but for so many years my priority has been my own children. (I wish I could say the house, but you should see the state of my house). I have had few jobs, and most of them really weren't "me" jobs, but necessary to pay the bills work. What am I good at? That's the direction of my ponderings. Where can I do the most good for the world?

I don't need anything named after me, I don't need tributes to mark my passing or such. That isn't what I mean. I need to know that one person benefited from my existence, and that I left the world just a bit better, just a bit sweeter, just for one human being.

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Indiana Jones Pays Us a Visit

I'm trying to digest and come up with some cogent reaction to the speech last night given by Vendyl Jones. the man who inspired the movie Indian Jones.

He was here over Shabbat at the house of a neighbor, and then remained on the Yishuv to give a slide show presentation his archaeological findings till now, and his aspirations for the future; which is finding the Ark which contains the holy tablets that Moshe (Moses) brought down from the Mt. and other treasures of the Temple.

I wish I could write intelligently on this, but I am floored. He has made several discoveries which are mind boggling in their significance. Is he right in his assumptions about what he found and what he will find? I vacillate between ecstatic hope and
skepticism. I am breathless with anticipation.

I hope and pray he is right. If he is, this is the find of the mankinds history.

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So Arab terrorist fail to carry out an attack on Israel because of the quick actions of the IDF and Condelezza Rice praises the Arabs for their anti-terrorist efforts. Then it turns out that one of the those lovely, promise to be good from now on terrorist who were freed earlier this year was caught making bombs in Jenin, and the lady wants us to not only release more prisonerse, but turn over security in Jenin and Sechem to our pals the Palestinians. She just can't believe that Palestinian mommiess want their babies to grow up to be suicide bomber.

I've an idea. Can we say we are going to leave the Gush and just not do it? That seems to the key to getting praised for something.

I was reading Maria of HATSHEPSUT and came to this blog post which links to this site. Thought it fit into this post about dear Ms. Rice and her assumptions about Palestinian moms. Great post Maria (great blog)

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June 17, 2005

Shalom Gan! (Goodbye kindergarten)

Today was the goodbye misiba (party) for the Monkey's gan. Next year she is in first grade.

The girls welcomed us with a beautiful song, telling us how happy they were by our presence. Then they launched into this adorable play about three butterflies, purple and yellow and pink; how happy they were in the sun, dancing together from flowers to flower, laughing and joyous in the warmth. But then, alas, the clouds came out, and the ran poured on the poor butterflies---They were so cold, they were shivering from the cold. What should they, what could they do? Could they find shelter among the flowers? They went to yellow flower. Could we enter? Only the yellow flower could enter, the flower replied. No, the yellow flower said, if my friends can't come, I won't enter. We are one together in joy and sorrow. And the butterflies flitted to the purple and then the pink flower with the same results. Only that color could enter, and they refused. Then, G-d saw what happened and was pleased with their love for one another, and how they supported each other, and sent the sun to dry up the rain.

There were a few more songs, then another little play about a meal fit for a king. BUT the forks were too long, they couldn't get the food to their mouths. Half the people left, sad and hungry. But the ones that stayed sat and thought, how could they eat? Ah! We'll feed each other. And so the ones t hat stayed and helped each other had a delicious, nutritious, feast.
(Achdus, being one, is a big part of Jewish culture, the idea being that we are all one body, of many parts.)

I know too cute. Silly bits of cloth tied about heads, or draped over necks. The teachers standing over the children, showing them what to do, mouthing and saying the words with them. Kids breaking ranks to hug parents, rub their noses, or like my daughter, take an inordinate interest in their knees, so a film would have shown her with her skirt hiked up scratching her leg for a good portion of the event.

No one would have won an emmy.

So nu, why did my eyes keep tearing up especially when she stepped through the arch saying Shalom kitah aleph (Hello first grade?)

My babies are all growing up! I don't remember telling them to do that!

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June 16, 2005

Not Really a Book Meme

But it sort of relates to what is going around. via Owlish Mutterings, via Small Victory.

Here's the rules to the meme

So, what fiction did you read as a teen/young adult that you have re-read as an adult (or would like to)? What pieces of fiction meant something to you? Put up your list, and pass it on to 2-3 people.

But I'm just listing the books that meant something to me somewhere along my life, those books which I either want to get or have and plan on never giving away even if I can't afford bread. I may never open the book again, but somewhere in my heart they have stirred something magical in me, have allowed me to believe there is a greater truth out there, one that is based on beauty, hope and love.

Here's the list. What books have touched you?

Edward Eager's books. I still believe a magic coin can grant me a wish, if I wish it twice.

Fog Magic. I want a grey cat. I will name the cat Fog.

Secret Garden. Ah....I want a secret garden.

I didn't get to read Phantom Tollbooth till I read it to my girls earlier this year. Both loved it. as did their mom. I also liked the movie which was a bit different.

Momo/Neverending Story--but I read them when I was older...still great books. I highly recommend them to anyone of any age.

Hobbit/Lord of the Rings :-). I had the set in a little box.

Watership Down. I really do need to read this one again.

The Last Unicorn.

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F in Failure

Okay, I admit it. I'm failing failure. I am morose, depressed, blue, groaning under the weight of knowing I did not meet my own expectations in terms of teaching.

Failure isn't so bad. Failing is information on what one doesn't know, what one needs to learn. Failure can help direct your life or learning the way it should go.

If you allow it to work for you. If you see where you went wrong, why you went that way and how to avoid that trap in the future.

I had such high hopes when I started. I thought I could really achieve something, help these wonderful children onto the road to reading and writing and speaking.

I didn't really make much progress...a bit, maybe, but I inspired no long lasting love of the language, no drive to master and go further in their learning. A few hits, a lot of misses and what went wrong?

I know part of it is I could have been less than a wimp. I really don't like people being unhappy; I have this great need to please, and sometimes that's not the direction that is the most effective. I have to fight myself not to say "yes" and not to try and make someone happy.

I don't have a high degree of self-confidence. Okay, truth here; my self confidence is approaching zero. You've heard of the guy who could sell ice to an Eskimo? I'd have a hard time selling it to someone living on the Equator during the height of summer, during a heat wave. "Here's some ice. Well, you probably don't really want it. I really do understand, I'm sure you've developed a better way to beat the heat than ice. No, no it's okay. I can't take your money. Here, have it as a gift."

Nah, you definitely don't want me on your sales team. Maybe the other guys sale team, but not yours.

And what is teaching but selling? Selling knowledge, to the highest bidder, not for money, but for effort and determination.

So how do I become a better sales person? How do I either learn to sell what I have, and I think I do have something of myself to give, or to find a place where what I have is wanted, and I can just release myself to the work?

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June 15, 2005

In Memory of Stella

Stella was a penfriend of mine for some time now. I received a letter today telling me of her death May 5th.

To all of her friends and family: I greatly appreciated having had Stella in my life. I will treasure her letters forever. I will miss you Stella.

I pray that her her family and friends are comforted from her loss. She was a sweet and wonderful woman.


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June 14, 2005

Ah, Shut Up!

Most people know by now that our over reliance on anti-biotics have produced super-bacteria, which are harder and harder to kill. Well,bacteria may have met their match, and anti-biotics aren't part of the battle. Rather, a Hebrew University researcher, Adel Jabbour, has synthesized a chemical compound that interrupts the communication system between bacteria. Hey, I didn't even know that bacteria could communicate! But apparently they can and that is what leads to the proliferation of the bacteria.

From the article:

Most human and animal diseases are associated with bacteria that are assembled in "communities" called biofilms that attach themselves to many surfaces, such as live tissues, implants and teeth. Biofilm can also be found on non-biological surfaces such as water pipes or air-conditioning ducts.

Only recently has it been discovered that bacteria that accumulate in biofilms have a communications network between them called "quorum sensing," which controls their collective activity. These sensing signals control the physiology and pathogenicity of the bacteria in the biofilms. A boron-based molecule that is produced by these bacteria, called auto inducer-2, controls the signals in this quorum sensing process.

Jabbour has succeeded in synthesizing modified chemical compounds, resembling the structure of the natural auto inducer-2, that can disrupt the signaling. By altering the molecular structure in these compounds, Jabbour was able to show that one can control the quorum sensing responses and "trick" the bacteria.

The modified compounds distort the signaling that sets off the bacterial changes, making it possible to seriously hamper the bacterial action, or, if so desired, even enhance it (in those cases where the bacteria are beneficial).

Control over quorum sensing provides a promising avenue for future treatment of bacterial pathogenic activity without having to resort to antibiotic drugs and their accompanying disadvantages. On the other hand, enhancing quorum sensing could prove useful in agriculture, biotechnology and the food industry, where increasing bacterial activity could be beneficial.

Is this a case of the pen being mightier than the sword?

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June 13, 2005

Duckie GO HOME!!!


Rockkchild needs your help in finding Duckie.
Duckie, how could you run away?

At the very least Duckie, you could have written a note.
I'm certain Rockchild will take you on the next outing. Just ask!

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June 12, 2005

Oxymoronic Politics

Double-talk at it's best: via Arutz7

Vice Premier Peres: Disengagement Saving Jews
03:33 Jun 12, '05 / 5 Sivan 5765

(IsraelNN.com) During a visit to the Jezreel Valley region, Vice Premier (Labor) Shimon Peres stated the implementation of the disengagement plan will not result in the expulsion of Jews from their homes, but in actuality, it will “save the Jews” since the move will provide increased security for the citizens of Israel.

Meanwhile, here's the truth:

Negev Residents Instructed to Prepare for Sharon’s “Better Tomorrow”
11:37 Jun 12, '05 / 5 Sivan 5765

(IsraelNN.com) In the shadow of government promises of a “better tomorrow” following the implementation of the Gaza/Shomron Disengagement Plan, the Education Ministry in concert with the IDF’s Homefront Command are preparing for a different reality. Security concerns for schools and public buildings are being addressed, as well as general security guidelines for areas residents.

The intelligence community’s ominous predictions regarding the “day after” the disengagement are compelling officials to prepare for unprecedented terrorism against Negev area communities.

An information pamphlet warns of expected shooting and Kassam rocket attacks into areas bordering northern Gaza following Israel’s leaving the area. Security concerns also include terrorist infiltrations as well as terrorists digging tunnels to enter the Negev from northern Gaza areas.

Some of the instructions in the information pamphlet for the “better tomorrow” advise residents to leave doors and windows locked at all times. Residents with licensed weapons are encouraged to carry their gun at all times.

Some schools in communities including Sderot already have fortified roofs and bullet resistance glass installed, enduring Kassam rockets for a number of years.

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You Have Got to See This

I mean you really have to see this! It is amazing.

(via an e-mail)

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June 10, 2005

Good News For Cancer Sufferers

Medications for the treatment of cancer, while life saving, can, as is so often true of medications, lead to their own problems, among them something called "chemobrain"; the loss of memory and concentration among other difficulties.

Scientist in Cincinnati (my home state) may have found a treatment; a drug called dexmethyphenidate.
Another interesting read via Science Daily

Kudos to Dr. Elyse Lower and her fellow researchers on the team.

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Bored To Death

According to this report on Science Daily: a dull job really could kill you.

Borings jobs a health hazard, study says

LONDON, June 9 (UPI) -- A study by University College of London says boring and repetitive jobs leave workers at a greater risk of heart attacks

The researchers say such jobs rarely provide workers with unexpected challenges and are among the most dangerous in the workplace, compared to a job that is both exciting and varied, reports the Daily Mail.

The study found that those trapped in dead-end jobs are much more susceptible to heart attacks because their hearts find it difficult to adapt when called on to work harder, during exercise or after a sudden shock.

The study's aim was to find out why the levels of heart disease among people with low-paying jobs and low educational achievements are higher than in the general population.

Dr. Harry Hemingway, who led the study, said the research could help reduce heart disease by prompting a change in workplace conditions.

Copyright 2005 by United Press International. All Rights Reserved.

So now I have an excuse NOT to do housework, right? I mean, if you don't have your health, you don't have anything.

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June 09, 2005

Fear These Girls!!!!

Seven 15 year old girls were arrested on Monday for the unbelievable crime of

WRITING SLOGANS IN THE DUST CLINGING TO THE TUNNEL WALL. They--and I know this is difficult to believe of young girls--not only drew pictures but wrote:


I know. I couldn't beleive it myself. How is it that an young girl should speak out aganist the uprooting of families from the homes they have lived in for decades?

They are dangerous. I know I wouldn't want to face them in a dark alley at night; heaven knows what they might do! Talk to me about their beliefs I suppose. Quite scary.

Thank goodness Israel is arresting these perpetrators of evil and releasing those brave Palestinians who have only helped murder Jews.

I'll sleep much better at night now, knowing I'm safe from dusty fingered girls. They have been the source of my nightmares for years.

And perhaps soon the government will continue to protect us by putting this 70 something Rabbi in jail. Yep, he figures in my nightly terrors as well.

I am so satisfed, so thrilled with my governments decisions, and I apparently, am not the only one, which would account for the shift in these numbers.

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June 08, 2005

How To Raise a Terrorist

via Free Thoughts

This interview played on Al-Arabiya TV June 1rst.)

Don't they have any love at all for their children at all?

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I shall be leaving, come June 29th for about 10 days of vacation time, courtsey of mom and dad (thanks mom and dad! We'll see you all soon!!!) Anyway, while my family and I are galivanting about Israel with parents, siblings, their spouses and kids, my cousins and MY DAUGHTER and her boyfriend, I'll need someone to keep my blogs spirits up. To post. write, incite, entertain, for that length of time, my faithful readers.

Any takers? Anyone want to be a Willowteer?

Please let me know if you do, and how often you can post. I'd like at least two or three different writers.

thanks to all who respond!

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June 06, 2005

Go Read

What Ted Belman has to say on Israpundit, here and here.

I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone that I most heartily concur.

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My Mom Taught Me Differently

But apparently, if you sock your brother, you get the cookies. How else to explain the banning of Jews from our holiest site, when it was the Jews who were the vicitms of the attack?

As Fundamentaly Freund concludes on his blog:

The time has come for Israel to take back the Temple Mount, once and for all, and to reassert its control over the area. That is the only way to ensure that Jews, as well as others, are free to visit the site and worship there freely.

It is time we stopped bowing to the world in the hopes that they will toss us a treat. This is our land; lets treat her with the love she deserves: guard her, and honor her, for she is a gift of love to us, from G-d.

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I Confess

Reality shows and me, for the most part, don't mix. They aren't really "reality" and I find people eating bugs or trying to mimic love to gain money, not my cup of tea.

But I'm really enjoying HE'S A LADY.

For those in the US, the truth is now known, and because I went to the site to find out more, I know my fave guy won as well. (Dave and his wife are just so sweet together, and I loved the interaction between Dave, his sone and his step-daughter).

The show is fun, the challenges are humorous, and mostly the spirit is good. It is interesting to watch the progress and how feminine some of the men appear to be and how even the guys who I thought would never look like ladies take on, as the weeks pass, a more feminine demeanor.

During this same period an intense discussion is going on one of my e-mail lists about the differences between men and women, specifically in terms of men's reactions to the female figure (and the laws of modesty). "Men" to paraphrase one writer "Are more strongly visually stimulated than women. Science has proved that"

Me, who is both always ready for a good argument and who dislikes statements without at least some backing said.

"Show me the study!"

Someone showed me a study; (if the URL doesn't work it is the study called Gender and Love. Just back up, go to Science Central to find the article.) however, this study, as its name implies, dealt with how the person's brain reacted to the site of a loved one. It doesn't tell us that men are more strongly stimulated (by a female figure) than women are by a male figure in general, nor does it tell us that men are more stimulated by visual presentations than women are, nor does it tell us if it is the stimuli which evokes the response, and not the viewer: ie, do women and men both react more strongly to a female figure than to a male figure (as one synopsis of a study seemed to imply--however, since the reference wasn't scientific I'm not including the url.) It doesn't show which part of one's brain would react to smell/touch/sound/presence of a loved one.

The study was also quite small, 7 men and ten women, so I'm not sure how definitive it is, and I would have liked to see the brain scans of all the participants, and a map showing the areas of the brain (because it seems to me that the woman is also responding, and quite strongly, in her visual cortex, if I remember my brain map correctly).

And furthermore, while these are responses to visual stimuli. It would seem to indicate that women have more diverse associations with visual stimulation, not that they don't react to visual stimulation, and so while men may look at a picture of a woman and be more visually affected, it doesn't mean that the woman isn't having as strong of a reaction, but, perhaps, that the reaction is more diffused through different area s of her brain. Nor does it indicate if men and women are hard wired for these reactions or if these reactions are socially developed.

All of which leads me to the question of what you all (who have made it through this ramble) think about the nature of the difference between men and women? Does it matter? How do the differences affect our daily life? Do you think that taking on the role of the opposite gender, even for a short time, can deeply change who you are inside? What is hard wired into us, what is not?

What does it mean to be a woman vs a man?

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June 03, 2005

Food Don'ts

Receive two eggplants as a gift.
Decide to make that delicious eggplant side one finds in falafel places.
Search internet.
Fail to come up with recipe.
Decide it can't be too difficult.
Roast the eggplant. Forget that you are roasting the eggplant and do assorted other jobs (not to mention blogging).
Shower. Remember that the eggplants are in the oven. Remove them. Be pleseantly surprised that they are actually properly cooked.
Allow to cool. Slice. Decide one likes the flaovr but frying would make them better.
Realize that you are frying mush and eggplant skins.
Vow next time to find the recipe well in advance of deciding to cook eggplants for Shabbat.

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Quiet; the Artist is Sleeping

She had a great time btw, and hse is glad she went. She didn't come home till 10:30, stayed awake till my dh came home at midnight, and is still sleeping now. The food was great! (Hot dogs and sandwiches--okay, she isn't an epicurian.) Aside from some minor stomach problems (she threw up at one point) the rest of the time was fantastic. Ask her what she did though and she'll tell me "stuff." (sigh). Talkative she is not.

The Monkey missed her tremedously. She is so glad she is back.

So am I . I missed her!

All my babies are growing up!

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June 02, 2005


You've done someone a big favor. Perhaps you have given someone a gift of money, or helped them find a job, or whatever, the important thing for this discussion is that you did them a favor. How important is it that they feel grateful to you? Is their happiness alone of value? Presuming they have said a nice "thank you", is that all that is necessary? Do you feel the right to put some strings on the gift? Or feel that if the gift isn't used in such and such a way that it is a slap in the face to you?

I really want your opinion.

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Anyone Want

A head cold? It's going cheap; in fact, if you are needy enough, if there is just something you've got to get out of, I'll give you it for free.

I know I can't use it--too much to do to be dragging around like I just woke up from the grave.

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June 01, 2005

If The Right Stands for This

If the Right stands for this, then the Right is in the wrong. (via Alas) Forcing a woman to choose between a livlihood and all that entails (food, clothing, shelter) and having a child is abhorrent and should be protested. If the Republicans are supporting the institutions that promote such behaviur they are responsible, indirectly, for the abortions that results. No, they didn't cause the pregnacy, but they are undermining a woman's ability to continue a pregnancy.
I hope this was just lack of knowledge. The laws do need to be changed and those of us who are pro-life need to stand up and demand that those who can change things do.

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Send Celestial Blue To Israel!

Celestial Blue wants to come to Israel on a five months study program! And to help finance her trip she is selling these beautiful blue bracelets. Go help her come!

Here's hoping the five months becomes 120 years!

via Rishon Rishon.

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Shhhhhhhhhhhh; Don't Tell the Kids

via Slashdot

Apparently one can have too much of a good thing. Homework is the latest example. Teachers (such as myself) often give homework because there isn't enough class time to thoroughly cover a subject. But it seems that, for many students, homework is actually counterproductive; those who need it most suffering the greatest harm.

To tell the truth, though I assign homework, and do my best to make it relate to the work we do in class, I'm not certain of the benefit to my students. When homework is graded (in any class) those whose parents can "help them" tend to get the best grades, even when most of the work isn't theirs, but also learn in direct proportion to their effort.

I do dislike the current system of education. I wonder whether it would be improved by spending a few years on a few topic or even 1/2 or 1/4 semester, and then switching. In this way study would be concentrated, one could spend more time on it (most of the day), and of course other subjects would naturally be incorporated within that study. (try to learn science without learning some math or reading for instance.)

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There She Went!

The Artist took off today on her overnight. She won't be back till late, late, late, tomorrow night. Smiling, excited, happy, confident---quite different from last week---she was telling me not to worry! Such an order is hard to obey however; I kept waking last night out of fear that I, the Waker of all but the Agent, would oversleep and she would be late and miss the bus. I'm presuming that tonight will be an uneasy one for me as well; waking every hour or so fearful that I missed her phone call. (She has my cell phone in case she becomes homesick. The potential loss of the cell phone due to the normal inattentiveness of children was vastly outweighed by the potential security benefit to my darling girl.)

By the way, for those who missed it, the Agent introduces himself on my blog with a couple of criticisms. If only he were incorrect in what he said! But truthfully, it makes me smile. I like being defeated by my children. I like how they are turning out; strong, wise and wonderful.

(pssst, Agent, is this better?)

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