June 19, 2005

F in Failure redux

First I want to thank everyone who wrote me in regards to my prior post. I really do appreciate the support.

Secondly I feel I should explain my distress in my teaching a bit better.
Several have told me that my expectations for myself have been unreasonably high, and maybe that is true and maybe not. I know that one of the mothers has said that her daughter is reading better, and for this I am very happy. But I also must acknowlege my limitations, understand where I failed, and try and move on bettering myself with the knowledge. I know my previous post was a bit depressive, and I apologize for that. I was feeling quite down. However, even though my mood has lifted, I must come to the same conclusion as before; I am not teacher material. What I am, well, I don't know. Sounds pathetic in an almost 50 year old woman, but for so many years my priority has been my own children. (I wish I could say the house, but you should see the state of my house). I have had few jobs, and most of them really weren't "me" jobs, but necessary to pay the bills work. What am I good at? That's the direction of my ponderings. Where can I do the most good for the world?

I don't need anything named after me, I don't need tributes to mark my passing or such. That isn't what I mean. I need to know that one person benefited from my existence, and that I left the world just a bit better, just a bit sweeter, just for one human being.

Posted by Rachel Ann at June 19, 2005 07:16 AM

It is never to late to change course if what you are doing is unfulfilling or you just feel you'd be happier and better at something else. Don't sell yourself short though --you _do_ make the world a better place already!

Posted by: katie-yael at June 19, 2005 07:34 AM
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