July 16, 2006

Just Trying To

Stay on top of the news and keep up with my boys.

The Agent, who is 19 and in Nahal Charedi, the religous arm of the Israeli army, was woken up early in the morning ON SHABBAT and, together with his unit, moved to a different base. They don't move Nahal Charedi on Shabbat unless great need, but he isn't near any of the fighting yet. The other son, The Wit has been moved up north, but not near the border.

It is odd; I hear nothing and see nothing where I live (close to Jerusalem.) It is all happening somewhere else at the moment and I feel very guilty that my life is continuing as normal and others are suffering so much.Many in the north are living in a shelter or remaining close to home and shelters which makes life extremely difficult, especially during the summer time when children should be able to run free.

Instead we are bottled down in a war that could be over 1, 2, 3. Return our soldiers, stop firing on us, dismantle the terrorist organizations.'

We pull back and out.

End of story.

I am glad that the foreign nationalists are being evacuated. I want as many innocents safe as possible. It also makes it easier for Israel to defeat her enemies. The less innocents that could get in the way, or be used as human sheilds or be deliberately killed in a publicity ploy by the Hizbullah the better.

On the actual homefront, homefront, we are enduring an attack of our own. ANTS. Blasted creatures. We have sprayed but the spray is ineffective. We don't want the heavy duty high powered knock em dead kind of spray (ie having an exterminator come in) because the reports on such measures seem to indicate a need for US to leave the house for at least a week. Three days was not enough to avoid the smell according to one family. And we have the cat and kittens to think about. So we are attacking them in bits and pieces, hoping they'll figure out we aren't going to let them alone. Natural repellent ideas anyone? The kinds that will leave the kitties to grow in peace? Barring that; anyone want to host a family of four to six, depending on when the boys are home, plus four cats?

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June 23, 2006

Work Can Kill

At least if you are working with the those lacking in basic common sense.

Correction fluid for the computer?
That would do me in as well.....

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January 20, 2006

Know What I was Doing on my BD?

Which was Jan. 18th on the English calendar.

Got to talk to G-d about His sense of humour.

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November 20, 2005

Death in Gaza

A Palestinian teenager was killed Saturday when he was caught in the crossfire between two rival gangs and the PA police. It is billed by the AP as the first violet clash since Israel turned over the land to the PAs. Two months to start killing each other.

But where is the picture documenting the tragedy? The flag covered coffin etc. etc.?

Not there. Instead notice the picture. Notice what is written under the picture.

In case something happens to the picture between my posting this and you reading it here's the picture via myway.

What, the AP biased? How absurd!

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September 14, 2005

Procrastination is Going Well

I am doing a great job at avoiding working on my resume. I've done nearly zilch work on it. I've found a resume form place and added a few things, like my name, age, etc. but that is about as far as I got. I just can't seem to write it! I come up to the computer like a dutiful woman, and ARGGGGGGGHHHH....

I don't know. I'm despondent really. Whatever I put down will sound more like the movie version, which is what is wanted, then Rachel Ann.

What have I done? Really? That will get me somewhere without bus fare?

I have a hard time selling myself. I have a hard time entering all those nifty little resume phrases that are really like a good breast job. Everyone knows their fake but they go on pretending anyway.

The place I went to the other day gave me a bit of advice on how to write a resume, sent me some links to which I might apply for jobs, and the recommened
1)I wear black and white
2) get a brimmed black hat
3)wear flats (which I do anyway)

And then she told me the name of a street where there were a lot of job agencies.

I'm not looking for this big deal job, just one that will help with the bills I want to do something Rachel Ann not, not this fake woman who wears a black hat and smiles in a sophisticated manner.

I'm not coporate material!!!!

Okay. Next Sunday, I'm setting a time, and a date and writing the @$%#@ thing and sending it to wherever and hope whoever hires me likes me and not the paper version.

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September 09, 2005


If someone can clue me in to where same-sex marriage is legal I could come in for a lot of money. Just read the e-mail I received via a online penpal service. I mean, WOW!!!! Money AND marriage.

What will scammers think of next?

Hello My lOVE

I know that this proposal might be a surprise toyou
but do consider it as an emmergency.In nutshell,I am
Miss Grace John 23 years old from the public
of cote d'ivoire in west Africa,now seeking for refuge
in Dakar Senegal under the(UNHCR).
My (late) father Dr. John Kewrell,was the managing
director of Rainbow Gold and Diamond Mine company in
(cote d'ivoire.But he was killed along side with
my mother during the longing civil war and all his
properties was totally destroyed.
However, after their death I managed to escape
with a very important document (DEPOSIT
CERTIFICATE(US$5.9m)Five million nine hundred thousand
U.S Dollars deposited by my late father in in a
foriegn bank.which i am the next of kin.Meanwhile,i am
saddled with the problem of securing a trust worthy
foriegn personality to helpme transfer the money over
to his country and into hispossession pending my
arrival to meet with him.Furthermore,you can contact

the company forconfirmation and i will issue a letter
ofauthorisation on your name,that will enable
thesecurity company to deal with you on my behalf.I
amgiving you this offers as mentioned with every
confidence on your acceptance to assist me or take me
as your wife and manage the money.Conclusively,i wish
you send me a replyimmediately as soon as you recieve
this proposal.Until then,i remain with the best
regards miss grace

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June 21, 2005

The Kid Next Door

Is playing with some sort of electrical toy. Over and over through the window I keep hearing, in this blankety blank loud obnoxious mechancial voice: GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINE!!!

I hope there is a hell for the designers of these toys; endless tracks of the noise their work has subject us to.

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May 11, 2005

Erratically Yours

At least for a little while, as my computer has, I think, bitten the dust. This is my dh's computer, from which I shall have limited access. Seeing as he mostly likely had something to do with my computer biting the dust, he can't be too particular.
In any case, I shall try and stop by my own blog at least a couple times a week, but until my own is resurrected, or like a phoneix, a new one is born from the old, I shall, as I wrote in the title, be erratically yours.

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April 10, 2005

Looking to Purchase

Some self-confidence. I certainly don't have enough of my own. Must come in a significant quantity to help me recover from teaching/parenting failures.

Ugh; teaching does not suit me. I am not what one may call a leader. I have some good ideas on how to teach but trying to put it into action. I am dishwater fun. Yeah, that exciting.

I had this great idea for my English class. The girls. The supposedly easier (as in better behaved) kiddos. I presented my idea to a fellow English teacher. SHE GAVE IT THUMBS UP!!!! Simple idea, easy to put into play, portable game that could be used by those who were on different levels. What was this oh so exciting and fun (this woman imagined) game?

I wrote words on tongue popsicle sticks. Lots of different words. Elephant and blue and run and what not. We would build sentences with the words! I would put a sentence out and the girls would each take five sticks from the bag and make their own sentences from the words that were there. They could put the words on top of existing words or build down or what have you. If they could not make a sentence they had to take another stick. First one out won.

Yeah, they loved it. HAHAHAHAHA. The only thing more fun would have been boiling them in oil.


After a very quarter-hearted attempt at this spirited game we played our version of mother-may-on, where before they can take a whatever step forward they must spell a word or tell me which word is the adjective or what the past tense of I GIVE UP IS. (Okay, that wasn't one of the words but maybe it should have been.)

Oh well, at least I know what I'm not qualified at doing.

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April 05, 2005

If I'm Not Back In Two Hours

I am cleaning out the fridge today, pre-pesach preperations. If I'm not back in two hours call the cops. I'm probably being held hostage by the broccoli-cheese concoction nobody liked the first time.

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March 05, 2005

Ah, the Idiot Box

An EVIL ENTITY has taken over the computer system which runs the city. This EVIL ENTITY is able to access any system run via satellite, computer, telephone wire etc. etc. etc. This EVIL ENTITY is stoppable, most likely, only by you. It also has a deep hate for your wife. Your house happens to have cameras in every single room. Yep, don't ask why, just go with it.

So do you:
1. continue to live in your house and not encourage your wife and child to leave even after their is a threat to their lives, in fact wife and child continue to live their until the house begins to explode around their ears at which point wife calls you on the cordless and you frantically tell her to leave.
2. explain, several times, to various people, inside buildings which have cameras and such, your plans to terminate this EVIL ENTITY.
3. allow your wife and child to remain with you in the building as you begin to terminate the EVIL ENTITY, which allows the EVIL ENTITY to kidnap and hold your young child hostage.
4. all of the above.

(I was doing crossword puzzles and such while this was running in the background. Just too lazy to switch it off. And besides I get a kick out of bad movies sometimes. Oh why, oh why did MST3K need to end?)

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February 06, 2005

Legally Crazy

So how many of you have read this story?

Durango - Two teenage girls decided one summer's evening to skip a dance where there might be cursing and drinking to stay home and bake cookies for their neighbors.

Big mistake.

They were sued, successfully, for an unauthorized cookie drop on one porch.

It turns out that one of the neighbors had an ANXIETY attack, thought she was having a heart attack and THE NEXT DAY went into the hospital.

Look, I'm sorry she had an anxiety attack; sorry she thought it was robbers knocking at her door, or some neighbors who were bothering her. But she called the police who determined nothing was wrong. Get over it!!! What if the person knocking on her door had just gone to the wrong house? Or was someone who was looking for their lost cat and, when they didn't get an answer, left, or whatever. The girls left this lady COOKIES, when they could have been whooping it up and causing trouble. If she was afraid they could have tossed them in the trash.

A suit? And she won it?

The woman, Wanita Renea Young, stated

"....I just hope the girls learned a lesson."

What lesson would that be? Not to do random acts of kindness? To check the anxiety level of someone before knocking on their door?

How about praising the girls for their thoughtfulness, for their obedience to their parents (they baked the cookies after doing their chores) for making the world a little better?

We need some new judges.

(another blog take on this)

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January 20, 2005

So Does Anyone Want to Hear

About my terrible, no good, very bad day?

You don't? Too bad, I'm ranting anyway. I know, I know, you can just mosey along. That's what makes blogging so nice, you can mosey and I can rant and we can all go home happy.

Okay, so here is how it starts.

I'm teaching the two poorer readers, everything is fine. They leave, and I go on a hunt for the better reader; oh where oh where can she be? Finally find her, and we back to the teeny tiny room we are using as a classroom; and...something is missing. Like my notebook with EVERYTHING in it; and I do mean everything for the class. Finally I find the secretary who finds it on the shelf where I suppose she cleared it away for some reason or other. It's English and so she doesn't know what it was.

Okay, so class begins, class ends, I pack up and leave, and get halfway down the road when I realize, I never checked to see if the book I was using to teach the first two girls how to read was actually IN THE NOTEBOOK! And guess what? It wasn't! And the book, ladies and gentlemen, is not mine. Not the schools. No, the book belongs to someone else who will be more than slightly put out if it is missing missing instead of missing we will find it soon don't worry. So I go back to the school.

No secretary. Door to the teeny tiny room is locked. I briefly consider putting shoulder to the door but I'm not that stupid. Check my bags, the notebook once more.

No book.

It's in there, I tell myself. It has to be.

Search, search, search.

Then get the mail. Penpal letters, bill, late notice. WHAT???

Shoot, call dh. How much do we owe? Too much, too much.

Argh...I think I have enough mula to cover it.

Don't worry. Don't worry? I'm too good at worrying not to worry.

Worry, worry, worry. Search, search, search.

Pick up the Monkey from school, return home.

Worry, search, worry, search.

What will I do if I can't find it by next Thursday????

Calm down, it has to be there on the shelf.

Worry, search, worry, search.

Dh calls, and I talk with him a bit, realize my "cartisia" is on the desk, decide to put it where it belongs which is in my teudot zahut (identity papers).

Guess what I can't find? That's right.

Dh had better have it in his things. I can't remember him returning it to me when he took it for some purpose or other but maybe that is just wishful thining.

Worry, search, search,worry, search, search.

It costs $100 shek to replace. $100 shek that we do not have. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Then I get a call from a friend.

"Could that be Caesar down by the garbage cans?"

"No, of course not, Caesar is right....."


Just not my day. Not my day at all.

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January 12, 2005

I love it when

the garbage bag breaks on you halfway to the dumpster and you get to litter, and then clean, the sidewalk of all your trash--chicken bones, tissues, pieces of glass, mushy cereal remains. A ball really; next time I'll send out invites so more than one little kid can watch me embarrass myself.

It's just a little less fun then a root canal maybe.

No, I'm not having a fun day. Why do you ask?

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