April 10, 2005

Looking to Purchase

Some self-confidence. I certainly don't have enough of my own. Must come in a significant quantity to help me recover from teaching/parenting failures.

Ugh; teaching does not suit me. I am not what one may call a leader. I have some good ideas on how to teach but trying to put it into action. I am dishwater fun. Yeah, that exciting.

I had this great idea for my English class. The girls. The supposedly easier (as in better behaved) kiddos. I presented my idea to a fellow English teacher. SHE GAVE IT THUMBS UP!!!! Simple idea, easy to put into play, portable game that could be used by those who were on different levels. What was this oh so exciting and fun (this woman imagined) game?

I wrote words on tongue popsicle sticks. Lots of different words. Elephant and blue and run and what not. We would build sentences with the words! I would put a sentence out and the girls would each take five sticks from the bag and make their own sentences from the words that were there. They could put the words on top of existing words or build down or what have you. If they could not make a sentence they had to take another stick. First one out won.

Yeah, they loved it. HAHAHAHAHA. The only thing more fun would have been boiling them in oil.


After a very quarter-hearted attempt at this spirited game we played our version of mother-may-on, where before they can take a whatever step forward they must spell a word or tell me which word is the adjective or what the past tense of I GIVE UP IS. (Okay, that wasn't one of the words but maybe it should have been.)

Oh well, at least I know what I'm not qualified at doing.

Posted by Rachel Ann at April 10, 2005 06:42 PM

Even the best teachers have those "don't remind me" lessons.

Posted by: muse at April 12, 2005 04:55 AM

oh yeah, been there, burned out on that! also, different groups on diff. days work out differently.... try comparing obedient chinese to unruly israelis HAHAHAHAHAHA :( .... which is why I finally quit teaching ...
seriously, loved the idea, but next time maybe put some ice cream on the sticks first to get their attention ;)

Posted by: squarepeg at April 12, 2005 01:01 PM
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