November 20, 2005

Death in Gaza

A Palestinian teenager was killed Saturday when he was caught in the crossfire between two rival gangs and the PA police. It is billed by the AP as the first violet clash since Israel turned over the land to the PAs. Two months to start killing each other.

But where is the picture documenting the tragedy? The flag covered coffin etc. etc.?

Not there. Instead notice the picture. Notice what is written under the picture.

In case something happens to the picture between my posting this and you reading it here's the picture via myway.

What, the AP biased? How absurd!

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 20, 2005 02:21 PM | TrackBack

Lovely. Just lovely. Sigh.

Posted by: esther at November 21, 2005 02:48 AM

That seems to be typical of North American reporting of anything outside of the US. It's all about policing and terror and ... the bad guys. Either that or the pictures they include are of disfigured corpses and gore.

This report really reminds me of why I don't watch/read the news as much anymore.

Posted by: Oorgo at November 21, 2005 06:06 PM

Hey Oorgo,

I am confused by your comments. Do you not believe what is going on over in Gaza is bad? Do you not believe people are getting shot and killed daily? My best friend has been there three times in the last two years, working on a documentary film. I have seen them! All three films so far. They are terrorizing at best. You have no idea. This is not media scam! This is horror. This is a war, a civil war. All wars are civil, we are all brothers and sisters. Maybe you need to take a trip out there to see how good your life is!

Posted by: Branden at December 1, 2005 08:35 PM

I don't think you quite understood my comment Branden, I was commenting on the fact the story was about a Palestinian teenager being killed but the picture was of a bunch of guys up against a wall.

Posted by: Oorgo at December 16, 2005 10:04 PM

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