November 19, 2006

So It Wasn't A Cup of Sugar

My next door neighbor often sends one of her little ones over when she wishes to borrow something. Normally it is garlic or catsup or an onion. Things go back and forth between us fairly regularly.

So today we get a tiny knock on the door; and then another one so we could be sure someone was there.

The Monkey opens it up and there's Neighbor Kid. I bend down to see what she seeks.

"What sweetie?"
"Your lice comb."

Nu, why not?

I pulled out the hairs sticking in them and handed it over.

I say: Only in Israel!
I can't imagine borrowing a lice comb in Brooklyn NY.

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September 27, 2006

I Forgot

How many questions a three year old can ask...and how great their curiosity.

I was babysitting for the 3 MONTH old of a friend; she was feeling ill, and wanted a rest...and when her three year old came bounding into our house asking for tea.

Yep tea. Not quite the request I would think of from a three year old, but I made it for him, and had him stay as well.

For 1 1/2 hours that child talked non-stop. Don't tell me girls are more verbal than boys; this child could have out talked a myna bird.

What is this? What's that? Why do you? Is? When? Who? Where?

He would have been great in a journalism class; what are the questions every good reporter should ask? Watch a three year old for ten minutes and you'll know.

Anyway...the baby was pretty cute; spent about 20 minutes in my arms and then went into the stroller so I could make tea and find stuff for his big brother.

Not to mention answer questions (okay, to be fair I could and did do that with the baby in my arms.)

An then the dad came home, trailing the other two with him (yep, four kids, all under four btw). y house is quieter...

but a whole lot messier.


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August 04, 2006

Something Beautiful

While all the ugliness is around article about the giving and loving spirit of Israel and her people.
I was weeping by the time I was through....

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July 27, 2006

Another Way to Send Support to the Israeli Troops

You send a message, they send chocolates.
It does do so much for these soldiers to hear that someone cares and is praying for them. Please send a hug to the soldiers today, and ask your friends and family to send a hug along as well.

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June 14, 2006

What is a True Friend?

What is the criterion for being a true friend? What do you, dear reader, see as your obligation, and what is a friends obligation to you? What is forgiveable? What can you overlook and what is the one thing a friend could do that you would not tolerate, no matter what? What would you do for your friend and what would be too much to ask?

Just curious...respond as you like, or just think about it for yourself....

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November 27, 2005

Refuah Shelamah

via Jawa Report
To Jennifer's little one. May she have a complete healing.

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Mazel Tov

To Nick Kiddle. She had her baby, Andrea Elspeth last Wednesday. A hearty Mazel Tov to her.

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Refuah Shelamah

To Robin of CCJellybeans.
who had a rough couple of weeks healthwise. Go wish her good healt.

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November 17, 2005

He's Home!!!!!!

The little boy who suffered the burns is home. His parents found a different treatment option that is less invasive; a combination of creams and anti-biotics. At least five people who saw them in the hospital stopped them and recommened this woman from personal expierence.

Whoo hoo!!

I am so glad.

Surgery on a little one is soemthing one wants to avoid if one can.

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November 16, 2005

Update on My Friend's Son

Baruch Hashem he continues to do better and better, becoming more like his old self. His burns are healing, though it looks like he will be in for some surgery on Monday to help the burns heal faster. G-d willing he'll be home sometime next week.

He's a bit bored but enjoying making his parents take him for rides in the elevator.

I passed on well wishes to the mom.

Thank you to all who are keeping him in mind.

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November 13, 2005

Friday Afternoon

Friday afternoon and I'm in my usual place; the kitchen. Shabbat cooking. Suddenly I hear a crash from the house next door and a blood curdling scream.

I have never heard such a scream before. My neighbor kept going "Oh NO OH NO!!!! Or something like that.

I threw on my scarf, raced out down the steps, up the steps to my neighbors house, banged on the door and the opened it and yelled in.

If my neighbor hadn't stepped to the top of the stairs I would have gone up.

But she did, and it seemed everything was under control, though things were not okay. Their son was screaming, but my friend's husband is a doctor and he was home. I left, came back when I heard the little one screaming outside.

He had gotten burned, all down his chest, on his face, down his arm. Burns of types.

They had been cooking beans in a pressure cooker, and they had just turned it off, one of them had removed it from the stove, the other objected to the place and so the first parent put it back on the stove.

Somehow it fell, right on top of their 2.5 year old, spilling all the hot water and beans down upon him.

He went to the hospital that night and he is still there for at least a couple of days.

Poor baby.

They just need to watch at this point and G-d willing the wounds will heal on their own.

But you never know, you never know.

They have two other children besides; a three or four year old and a baby.
It is going to be a difficult week on everyone.

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October 17, 2005

Oh And In A Further Bid

To prove our insanity, we have taken on, for the duration of Succot, a lovable, old (14 years) small, white dog named Shiney. She is the dog of our Rabbi and wife, who are going away for this holiday season.

Caesar, who is fairly indifferent to anything except food, wagged his tail, sniffed him, and promptly took his nap.

Chamomile was a bit more put out. She approached him from the back, her eyes wary, her tail bottled up and ready for anything the dog might do. Shiney, didn't seem to notice. She came up closer, approaching the face. This is where I became a bit weary; I did not want to have to call a vet for an emergency eye problem! She sniffed, Shiney trembled. Really, all these cowardly dogs! She sniffed, Shiney wagged her tail; a new friend perhaps? She sniffed, made feints toward her, hurried back, went into the attic, mewled at us for our audacity to bring this interloper into the house. Wasn't she Mistress now? Did we ask her permission? Came back, came close and decided Shiney just wasn't worth the bother.

She is still not thrilled but has returned to one of her favorite nesting places in the attic, showing us that she is no longer too disturbed by our lack of good sense.

But what can one expect from a human?

Fewer kids, more animals.

My son the Wit has decided that I'm destined to become one of those "crazy old ladies with 14 cats. And do you know what happens to those ladies? They die, and no one knows it, and the cats eat them after a few days...."

I'm glad he has told me this; now I can start complaining that he never calls even while he still does!

Roast is in the oven, meatballs are done, borscht actually came out good (yeah me!!!) Just need a salad and we are all happy.

Chag Sameach everyone

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September 12, 2005

The Artist Is You--INTRO

Everyone has that spark in them, that creative side they might hide. Something they do or make, that comes from deep within them.

If you have something you do, quilting, ATCs, painting, writing..anything really-- either give me a link or download the pics and send me what you got. Maybe it isn't a talent that you can "show". So tell! Tell about the award you won, or how you taught a class and they "got the message" or a case you won by a brilliant summary. I want to blog about you.

I'll post the pics of those without blogs, put a link into those with blogs.

The talent can be anything you do; and don't worry about how well. If you are happy with it, show me, show all! If you want to be annoymous that is fine as well. However you want me to handle it.

But I want the post to be about you--all of you, all my friends and readers out there in the cyber-world.

The post will be about you. A show and tell for grownups.

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June 19, 2005

She's Published!!

Hey, go read what a good friend's 14 year old daughter wrote. She's published! Well, in a Harry Potter fanfiction site. Great going Star!

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