September 12, 2005

The Artist Is You--INTRO

Everyone has that spark in them, that creative side they might hide. Something they do or make, that comes from deep within them.

If you have something you do, quilting, ATCs, painting, writing..anything really-- either give me a link or download the pics and send me what you got. Maybe it isn't a talent that you can "show". So tell! Tell about the award you won, or how you taught a class and they "got the message" or a case you won by a brilliant summary. I want to blog about you.

I'll post the pics of those without blogs, put a link into those with blogs.

The talent can be anything you do; and don't worry about how well. If you are happy with it, show me, show all! If you want to be annoymous that is fine as well. However you want me to handle it.

But I want the post to be about you--all of you, all my friends and readers out there in the cyber-world.

The post will be about you. A show and tell for grownups.

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