October 17, 2005

Oh And In A Further Bid

To prove our insanity, we have taken on, for the duration of Succot, a lovable, old (14 years) small, white dog named Shiney. She is the dog of our Rabbi and wife, who are going away for this holiday season.

Caesar, who is fairly indifferent to anything except food, wagged his tail, sniffed him, and promptly took his nap.

Chamomile was a bit more put out. She approached him from the back, her eyes wary, her tail bottled up and ready for anything the dog might do. Shiney, didn't seem to notice. She came up closer, approaching the face. This is where I became a bit weary; I did not want to have to call a vet for an emergency eye problem! She sniffed, Shiney trembled. Really, all these cowardly dogs! She sniffed, Shiney wagged her tail; a new friend perhaps? She sniffed, made feints toward her, hurried back, went into the attic, mewled at us for our audacity to bring this interloper into the house. Wasn't she Mistress now? Did we ask her permission? Came back, came close and decided Shiney just wasn't worth the bother.

She is still not thrilled but has returned to one of her favorite nesting places in the attic, showing us that she is no longer too disturbed by our lack of good sense.

But what can one expect from a human?

Fewer kids, more animals.

My son the Wit has decided that I'm destined to become one of those "crazy old ladies with 14 cats. And do you know what happens to those ladies? They die, and no one knows it, and the cats eat them after a few days...."

I'm glad he has told me this; now I can start complaining that he never calls even while he still does!

Roast is in the oven, meatballs are done, borscht actually came out good (yeah me!!!) Just need a salad and we are all happy.

Chag Sameach everyone

Posted by Rachel Ann at October 17, 2005 11:25 AM | TrackBack

Bless you...everyone needs a good friend who will care for their beloved pet when they need to be gone!!

Hubby is off and we are enjoying this holiday much! Last night we slept outdoors (about 50 degrees here) in the tent, but with flap open so we could see the sky. Our first time in a "sukkah" of sorts...maybe someday a real one! Today we hope to get some decorations for it...one thing at a time!

Posted by: Elizabeth Embree at October 19, 2005 04:02 PM
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